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  1. Sorry it didn’t work for you. Maybe need a diagnostic or ECU checking. However I’m no expert, just had a lot of cars that go wrong
  2. Batteries seem to control lots. Our S-type auto box started refusing to change gear, garage thought box would need replacing but after reading on forum about battery solving lots of problems tried a new battery and low and behold it worked! Now changing gear smoothly again
  3. This is only personal opinion. We bought a second hand diesel and didn’t fully explore reviews and got a problem with dpf almost immediately. No warning lights and engine died requiring new engine. If buying again I would avoid the diesel, as I said this is only my opinion and may have just been unlucky
  4. Just a thought, mechanic changed out bulbs , wonder if the battery wasn’t disconnected then
  5. Thanks a lot. Shame we don’t live nearer I’d try to get you to do them😄
  6. Thank you for the information, much cheaper than new headlights! Photo attached which I think is HID when comparing to pictures on the web but would appreciate confirmation. Next stop YouTube to see if it’s something we can do as our mechanic obviously isn’t aware that the adjusters can be replaced.
  7. Hi, just joined so please accept my apologies if this has already been answered. The headlights on the jag are abysmal in dipped making it dangerous to drive in the dark. My mechanic says the automatic adjusters are seized and so need replacement headlights. I’ve looked on auto spares sites and there are 2 sorts HID and normal. So 2 questions, can the adjusters be replaced without the full assembly and which lights would a 2007 stype diesel saloon have? Thanks
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