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  1. Thanks a lot guys, I did wonder what the yellow plastic tool was for, now I know. Didn't have this issue with my previous 09 XF and the new car wasn't supplied with a handbook. [Now obtained from good old Ebay]. I have to say, this low mileage 13 plate 3. 0 S diesel Portfolio is a superb car in every way, except for the out of date sat nav but I can live with the smart phone alternatives, particularly Waze. Having said that, I would prefer to utilise the built in system but resent paying something like £150 for an upgrade. Shame on you Jaguar, the replacement discs for the previous generation were superior in every way, easier to use and around £28 on Ebay for an updated disc.
  2. Recently acquired my 2nd xf [2013] but find that refuelling takes forever as garage pumps constantly cut out as if the tank is nearing full. Any experience or solution for this? Secondly, the info/media display always reads once the ignition is on that the battery is low and the system will shut down after 3 minutes unless the engine is started, which indeed it does. had both batteries checked and they are fine. Can this be programmed out ? Thanks from a new member.
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