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  1. Here`s mine in black, personal preference I know but black looks so good when its freshly waxed.
  2. Had a drive over to Boston today, parked up and did a bit of sightseeing etc, but when we returned to the car and tried to start it for some reason it would not select drive. Tried turning it on and off several times but it just wouldnt move out of P. Was just about to call for recovery but gave it one last try, and finally it went into Drive. Its a 2009 3.0d Only had the car a couple of months and absolutely love it, but I dont want this problem to re-occur so is there a fix or does it need to go back to the dealers while its still under warranty ?
  3. I use one of these, seems to do the job.
  4. Thanks Big John, luckily I have managed to pull out the top section back into its original position and added a few drops of super glue here and there, and believe it or not you would never notice. I would take a photo but its tipping it down.🙄
  5. Hi all, new to Jags and this forum. Only had the XF a month or so and absolutely loving it, unfortunately a Pheasant decided to have a head on and it looks like we both lost out ! How hard is it to replace the grill, does the bumper need to be removed ? Also should I replace it with a black grill to make it look a bit more "moody"
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