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  1. UPDATE - well it’s good news, the dealer has just contacted me to tell me that my Sportbrake was actually built yesterday. So I should be driving it in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps LRJ need to review their admin.
  2. I ordered my new XF P250 Sportbrake last August and eventually was given a build date if the 22nd April, this was then put back by 2 weeks to the 6th of May and today I find out it didn’t get built and is now scheduled for the 27th May. Who is doing the build scheduling at Jaguar - Noddy perhaps. I know there are issues with obtaining parts but they are supposed to be a “just in time” build operation and I find it hard to believe that it takes them 5 days to let me know the couldn’t build the car on the 6th.
  3. Not quite a Jaguar owner but will be at some point. I placed my order for an XF SE P250 Sportbreak at the end of August with an expect delivery of sometime in the next 12 months. My last 3 cars have all been Landrover Discovery’s so it will be a bit of a change, which is what I am after as it makes no financial sense to change as I’m quite a low mileage driver covering only around 5k per year. This will be my first Jaguar, I’ve been close a few times in the past but never quite made it. However, the current XF seems head and shoulders above the competition both on price, specification and looks. 12 months seems a long time to wait, but I’m sure it will be worth it.
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