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  1. Ok, so it does, but they don’t work…. The bulbs seem ok, but there’s nothing there…..
  2. XK 2006 4.2 - I’m after a trim cover for the rear seat belt stalk on my ivory XK convertible. Also a passenger door trim cover in grey.
  3. Hi, my door card is poorly fitted and has a damaged speaker cover. So what is the correct sequence to remove and refit it please?
  4. Hi, every time it rains I find water in my boot lid that drains into the boot when I open it. There isn’t any obvious route for water ingress, so I wondered if anyone had similar experience and how they fixed it
  5. The door seals (both) are damaged and a bit noisy, so I plan to replace them. I’ve looked on SNG Barrett and there seems to be many to choose from, so I’m unsure what I need. Anyone able to point me to the correct part numbers?
  6. That’s it really, should what appears to be reflectors actually be lights?
  7. Hi, I’d like to fit a quick connector lead to my battery so I can quickly and easily hook up my CTeK charger. Can I use the terminals in the n/s rear wing behind the tail light and the one in the spare wheel well for a permanent attachment? 2006 X150 4.2 Convertible
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