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  1. Hi Bigvic, it was just the whining noise which became louder over a few weeks together with a low oil level warning. When I broke down (following restricted mode) the AA mechanic had an error report of EGR valve failure. He also said there was alot of oil in the engine which may have been the turbo sucking oil into the engine or me over topping up the oil due to the (dangerously low) oil level warning. The garage fitted a new turbo and EGR valve to try and get the engine running. The engine now starts but cuts out when it gets warm, it doesn't sound the same as when I bought it. They said it needs a new engine block because of this.
  2. Bought a 65 plate XF Diesel Portfolio 5 months ago and after 3 months it developed a whining noise followed by an oil level warning. Very long story but after booking it into one garage who couldn't find any problems and subsequently calling a specialist garage who hadn't heard of anything similar to the description, I ended up in restricted mode, breaking down and being flat bedded home. Managed to get booked into specialist garage, they replaced turbo and EGR valve but say it needs a new engine block which are apparently very thin on the ground. I can't afford a new engine block, can anyone offer any advice please?
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