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  1. Thank you so much Trevor - and your reply is very much appreciated! You mention colour of the fluid - if there is an issue with it - and just to say that the previous owner changed the fluid just at the beginning of this year - what colour should it be if there IS an issue? And would changing it again have an impact as to resolving the problem? Also, how would my local mechanic - not a Jaguar specialist - check solenoid to ascertain if that could be issue? So sorry to ask even more questions! Best regards, Stewart
  2. Having just taken ownership of a fabulous old XJ 350 in May this year and loving the driving experience all summer, it all came to a shuddering halt two months ago when the dreaded gearbox fault light came on, and car would not go any further than 1st gear and I had to nurse it home at 20mph. The same day I took the car to a Jaguar specialist who gave me the news that box failure was terminal. Having nursed it home again, there it has sat motionless ever since, as I do not know what to do next - the garage did say they would look for a good second hand box, but as of today, no news yet. It breaks my heart to see it sitting there, as I love the car and want to get it back on the road as soon as possible, however my budget is very limited sadly. ( ie I don't have £2300 to spend on buying a new box, far less fitting it too!) So just today a friend suggested joining a forum, to see if anyone knew of a reliable source for a new gearbox. I have looked at the dreaded eBay, but whilst the boxes are cheap, you just don't know what you are buying - and I am guessing that the labour cost to fit it would be the worst part ( although I don't have a real idea of what that would be either.) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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