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  1. Hi All , got a xk8 which was a police disposal ! , no keys with it so got a auto locksmith out who cut some keys to gain access and fit the ignition which all lights up but wont start , the guy couldn't seem to programme the transponder for what ever reason so at the moment i have a expensive paper weight , i have contacted a jag specialist and they say they can programme the car but i need to purchase 2 genuine keys from a dealer as you need 2 keys to programme ? does this sound right or any help would be great to get it sorted ,i did think of trying to get a second hand key and transponder module from a breaker car but not sure if that would work ?
  2. anyone know if there is a colour code on the car for the leather or apart from a dealer where you can get the info thanks
  3. Thank you for the info ,great help ,for future reference for anyone its behind the drivers air vent bit fiddly to get to but doable ,
  4. First hello to All new to this site , just acquired a xk8 2005 year and does anyone know the location of the immobiliser module please .
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