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  1. Thanks for the welcome all! The XK is already up on the sales area… and here are some photos of the other ones I’ve got out and looking to start advertising soon. I’ll take some more photos of the others when I’m at my dad’s next. Thanks again
  2. Jaguar XK 4.2 V8 Convertible By far the best example around. Absolutely immaculate condition, pretty much as it came out of the factory in November 2006. Just 2 previous owners, 61395 miles. Full service history, 9 stamps, last of which only 150 miles ago in October 2021 along with new battery and new Pirelli tyres. Maintained meticulously and cherished by current owner of 7 years. Brand new 12 month mot with no advisories so ready to be enjoyed for the summer. Feel free to look at the rest then come see the best! Absolute steal at £19,950, located in Cardiff.
  3. Hi all. New UK member here. I’ve never personally owned a Jaguar previously but very much a car enthusiast with many cars of my own over the years, mainly of the German and Italian variety. Unfortunately my father passed away suddenly just before Christmas. He’s been a huge Jaguar/Daimler fanatic for all of his life. I don’t think there was a model he hasn’t owned and at one point had a collection of almost 50. He passed away leaving 10 Jaguars which although I’m not the main beneficiary of the Will, are now my responsibility to move on for the family. They range from a 1958 MK1, 1962 Daimler 250, 1975 XJ Coupe, three XJS’s from the early 1990’s, a 1996 xk8, 1999 stype and the newest being a 2006 XK 4.2. He spent thousands maintaining these over his ownership but due to his health over the last few years seldom used them. They were all in his garage looking absolutely immaculate but none apart from the 2006 XK were MOT’d or taxed. It’s my plan to get them all back on the road one by one and find other enthusiasts who will cherish them as he did. I’m sure I’ll be quite an active member over the next few years when doing so. I’m sure there’ll be problems with some of the cars (all start just fine from the XJS’s onwards, but I haven’t tried the older ones yet), so I’m hoping this community will be a great resource of information. Thanks all and hope to be a worthwhile member of your group. Jag fans are always the best at car meets I’ve been to with or without my dad over the years, so I’m just glad he wasn’t a Bentley fan instead, despite the sad circumstances.
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