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  1. i will be speaking to the dealer on monday morning and also shooting the warranty company and email with all the faults that have been found. if i wasnt given the list i wouldn't have know about any of the issues as the car drives faultlessly as i cant hear for feel any knocking, squeaks or rattles. but the list will get sorted now i know about the issues Cheers again all 😁😁
  2. Thank you all for the welcome, i had a bit of a nightmare yesterday, took the XF in for a service to north wales jag centre and had a bit of a nasty list of work to get sorted 🙈, so hopefully i can come to agreement with the warranty company and the dealer who sold it to me to get works sorted as ive only had it a month and driven less than 1k miles in it
  3. Hi everyone Im Dom ive got myself a 2010 XF-S 3.0d portfolio only has the motor a month and im enjoying driving better than most cars ive owned
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