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  2. ok solved my restriction problem .. it was a dodgy EGR valve ..so no more EGR valves no more problems the old girls runs better too
  3. ahh see us old uns are not used these new fangled computer controlled thingys ..lol
  4. OK so my carsoft scanner says it's high outage on my A bank egr and low voltage on one of the Maf sensors I'll delve into it further and see what turns up
  5. hey mate I have the same problem intermittently ,, ill get back to you when I've solved it just in case its any help
  6. ok so solved ....twas a right hand rear ABS sensor and dirty rings [oeer matron] turned off the DSC light ABS ;ight And the gearbox fault light ........But ,,there always a but with these infernal cars ..its still throwing up a restricted performance issue when i boot it..EGR maybe ? Thanks for the huge amount of info on this site and the very knowledgeable people who offered advice
  7. i think ive cracked it . got a mate to read the codes on the go the other day and amongst other things it said rt hand rear abs sensor bad its was spiking all over the place .be back with the results
  8. Thanks Joe .. I've owned a fair few BL built xj6 s and I was a chauffeur in London so Ive driven even more I'm used to the labour of love these cars inevitably are .. I got this car many cos my old man had a 63 Mk2 and it's the closest I'll ever get to that
  9. The list of things to do on this car is getting longer .. its had a bump at the front but I was given a new bumper skin .. no air con , sticky drivers window , key has oNly to working buttons , fuel flap latch is broken , grubby two tone seats ( I have an entire black interior ) misty headlamps .. all the mechanical stuff I can handle ( I'm a bike mechanic ) but the electrical stuff is a bugger 😬
  10. Cheers Mike.. I can't believe these cars are so sensitive.. my old E class has a supplementary battery..small 12 v battery similar to the battery in my bike . Anyway next step.is to clear the codes and go from.there .. BTW wheni bumped over rhe speed hump.in our lane I dif scrape the undercarriage about halfway don the car so when i get access to our loft I'll have a good look under the car . Ots beginning to look.like I was stiched up with this old girl
  11. at the risk of sounding like a drongo.. whats this thing for ? Jaguar S Type 2004 To 2007 Radiator Auxillary Heater Thermo Top V 4R8318K463AF https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154864440436?hash=item240ea3d474:g:s2kAAOSwv79iFUmy&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAABEAiMcgfq9y25yEHDh4Awo0EfMxVI7L6hpIwyksjOzLj3kWWlwTqXKJsumyi0JRW2AvpBypJQg4GJmLGzlWwIfHE9speIK%2BNH%2Bg77lBXL1goHhBa5uc9qlgA9LR1y9OzR2sOPM%2B37eQyMFrHuPm0Do1y6%2Fl7jjwlvz7DyItj2CwzCuII4VTKiGZnkapgM%2F5fRzcDX29BlWQTn%2FfiHSmDuoxblOJ3srCgZXRTQ1KmZpfmdpm1i2u8yrRCPzNbumDSvSfNEUWSEPzOnIKFnLGqDBd9OzL7N68RjJNNB74STBB8tFdhuEALaRbaWewao1MnYucXY%2Fc%2BqhDDZHWLLDQY7myJPFZjMFp4LApCtPYb3LkXa|tkp%3ABFBMjtyD_sBg
  12. Ta mate did all that plus cleaned the reluctor rings and checked the sensors visually. I have a icarsoft 930 coming ina few days I'll bung that in and see which one of the sensors is in the spritz
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