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  1. I spoke to Jag and they have fixed things at their end. My traffic has reappeared so I suspect this will now be resolved for everyone. Interestingly I spoke to my local Jag dealer and they hadn't been told.....!!
  2. Interesting. I am seeing a few more posts like this so maybe there is a central issue at Jaguar. I'm going to ring my dealer and ask them to flag it up to Jag. In fact I may ring Jaguar direct Good luck!!
  3. Hi. Sadly no fix. I took the car in for the sales team "pivi expert" to look at and he couldn't find anything wrong with my settings etc. For example I can get real time weather on the system so the SIM card is working. He suggested installing the new maps so I did that but no joy - still no traffic info The earliest the dealer can see the car is 2nd Sept!! I think there must be a fault on the car as there don't seem to be that many people reporting the problem. Good luck with yours.
  4. About 2 weeks ago in mid July I noticed there were no traffic delays showing on my 2021 F Pace pivi pro maps. Great I thought, an easy trip, but no such luck. Plenty of traffic in the real world but nothing on the cars satnav. Speaking to the dealership, they said I needed to install the latest map and there was often a week or 2 with problems like this when they changed info on their servers – what!!! Anyway, to humour them I downloaded the new maps for Europe and Russia which was 18GB. This takes an hour to upload in the car and you can’t turn off the ignition. Strangely there is no way to keep the ignition on without running the engine – come on Jaguar, get real……… Anyway, after that trauma, the new maps were installed, but still no traffic info. The earliest the dealer can see the car to look at it is 5 weeks from now!! Luckily I don’t use the car satnav as it’s not really that good, but the traffic info is useful. I use google maps where you can load the destinations before you set off and use them in the car straightaway. Did I mention that you can’t do that with the new pivi pro system like you could on my previous Jags? You couldn’t make it up really LOL
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