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  1. I would be most grateful for recommendations of the best fuel for my newly purchased 2007 3 litre V6 S-Type. I took it on a nearly 200 mile journey the day after buying and it drove beautifully on the standard unleaded from Costco (no super unleaded). I was wondering if there is any benefit using Shell V-Power
  2. Thank you very much indeed Jim, this is most helpful and very detailed, I am much obliged to you
  3. Thank you very much indeed Peter, I would be grateful if you can send me details of your mechanic, it always helps to have someone who is recommended and who knows the particular car. You car looks lovely, which engine is it? I did want a darker colour myself with a beige or tan interior but i ended up with a grey car with black interior but it has full jaguar service history and is like new inside. I used to have a XJ40 briefly in my younger days but the fuel consumption was too much going from a fully paid company to buying fuel for my own jaguar.
  4. Thank you very much indeed
  5. Does anyone know if there is a Haynes manual available, if not is there an alternative manual available please
  6. Hello everyone, I brought a 2007 S-Type 3.0 V6 petrol model on Sunday and drove from Birmingham (where I live) to Middlesbrough where I am staying this week, I was a lovely smooth quiet ride and averaged 36mpg. I noticed the rear drivers side light lens cover needs replacing and would be grateful for recommendations
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