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  1. David F

    Love your Jag

    Happy Christmas everyone. Safe travels where ever you are. We drove 12hrs non stop to my wife's parents in France at 95mph and the jag didn't put a wheel out of place.
  2. David F

    Love your Jag

    Yes it is. It's usually a 6hr journey on the motorway, French side. The car always runs well and it clears the engine. Normally the car it just used for short trips at home, do the long journey does it some good with the climate control always on and a motorway speed if 80-85 the mpg is 29. Not bad considering the car has just flipped 90k
  3. David F

    Love your Jag

    Another successful trip down to France. The journey down was in pouring rain, but the car took it all in its stride. Thank god a put 4 new tyres on before we left.
  4. David F

    Love your Jag

    Have a great Christmas everyone. Safe driving.
  5. David F

    South of France

    Amazing. Drive to south of France to my wife's parents. Set the cruise control @90 and didn't touch for 5 hours! Apart from the refuel obviously
  6. David F

    Love your Jag

    I've just purchased from eBay a startac phone with the all important Jaguar software. With a new SIM card it completes the interior nicely. I couldn't be happier!!
  7. David F

    South of France

    Finally had the condenser and low pressure pipe replaced on the aircon. Now when you turn on the climate system it's freezing! Just in time for our trip down to the south of France later this month.
  8. David F

    Auto Headlight Sensor

    Does anyone know where the headlight sensor is located in the car? I believe its by the immobiliser light on the dash, but I've also been told its in the back of the rear view mirror. Also can you adjust it? Thanks David
  9. David F

    Love your Jag

    That's it, I'm polishing the bodywork and putting leather cream on the seats this morning.
  10. David F

    Love your Jag

    We drive down to Bressuire at least 3 times a year. Just set the cruise control and relax on the French auto routes.
  11. David F

    S Type Air Filter

    Does the use of a Green Cotton or K&N replacement air filter element make any difference to the performace of the car over the standard filter?
  12. David F

    Love your Jag

    I wish I could! The MG used to fit, but there's no way you can shoehorn the jag into my garage, it's just not wide enough!!
  13. David F

    Love your Jag

    I had to wait until I was 45, but yes the wait was worth it. Mine is Carnival red with 18" seven spoke wheels. I spent some money having them professionally restored back to looking like new, and now they set the car off a treat.
  14. David F

    Love your Jag

    Yes I know that feeling. My wife is French and her parents live near Angers, a 5 hour drive French side. We used to do this in her 98 Twingo, fine but back breaking. Now in the Jag it's effortless, knocks an hour off the journey and you feel as refreshed as the moment you stepped into the car.
  15. David F

    Love your Jag

    I love my 2001 3.0 S Type sport! I know the main reason for these forums is to find answers to problems. But let's not focus on the negatives. Stand up and be proud. So who else loves their Jag???