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  1. It can be done and streched on of course, alot of people do it for the look alone! But probably would reduce your grip which kinda defeats the object in putting them on in the first place.
  2. The spring loaded ones will pass a UK MOT and thus are legal. You may have to advise your insurance company. We sell them at £76.59 + vat for an OE version. (Look great) !
  3. Personally i'd go for these.. http://www.sngbarratt.com/catalogue/parts/show.asp?id=17208&keys=JLM20801B&modelfamilyid=&categoryid=&stype=1&pagepos=0&back=n And these pads http://www.sngbarratt.com/catalogue/parts/show.asp?id=18574&keys=c2c23786&modelfamilyid=&categoryid=&stype=1&pagepos=0&back=n These are both for the 300mm disc, your chassis number is on a change point where it could be either but as its a non supercharged its unlikely to be the 320mm but you might want to get the tape measure out :D
  4. Hello, You probably have the 300mm discs, if you send me your chassis number ill double check for you :)
  5. Hello, Welcome to the Forums, look forward to seeing some pics of the X-Type :)
  6. Not too sure on your problem I'm afraid however we do sell the genuine fluid (Esso LT71141) for £20 +vat per litre. Exactly the same as the Jaguar stuff but in an Esso Bottle... Part Number: JLM202373 Regards William Wigglesworth Sales Department SNG Barratt Group Limited Telephone: 01746 765432 Email: william.wigglesworth@sngbarratt.com Web: www.sngbarratt.com
  7. http://www.sngbarratt.com/catalogue/parts/show.asp?id=7829&keys=EBC11580&modelfamilyid=&categoryid=&stype=1&pagepos=0&back=y&next=y
  8. Did you disconnect the module near the spare wheel? Is there any beeping when you turn the ignition to pos 1/2 ?
  9. Jaguar list a genuine one part no C2S42585XXX (if its a saloon?) Comes primer painted and would be available via any authorised parts dealer.
  10. If the last 6 digits of the chassis number are between 500001 -> 667828 this would be an 'XJ40' which still of course is an XJ6 (6 cylinder XJ)
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