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  1. Welcome to the forum The air con on the X Type is not the best but if it needs a re gas that means there is proberbly a leak get is checked out properly as some garages will just re gas and that is a waste of money. Sorry I cannot help with recommend garage as I am in Warwickshire but do a search I am sure I have seen it somewhere. Dell
  2. Hi all I am about to go to France and I am thinking of getting a Liber-T-Tag but I am not sure if it will get the signal out of the glass, My X Type 03 2.5 has heated front screen but not sure if it has heat reflective glass as the signal will not go through if it has. This is the reply I got from Sanef tolling The mottled / shaded area behind the rear view mirror will be free of elements and any heat reflective coating. The tag should go in that area so the signal to it is not blocked by the elements in the glass or heat reflective coating on the glass. As you have no mottled / shaded area behind the rear view mirror you need to ask your vehicle manufacturer if you have a heat reflective screen fitted or not. If you have no heat reflective screen you can position the Liber-t tag on to clear glass. Thanks in advance Dell
  3. welcome to the club glyn I also have an X Type and love it ,In 3 weeks I am off to south of France in it same as last year. Dell
  4. I had the same problem last year and it turned out to be overheating due to the silly earth spring clip. I had to cut of the connectors. See this link Dell
  5. I just thought I would share my day with you all, I drive a coach (but today it was a minibus) and I went to Jaguar at Castle vale with a group of firemen from Q8 they and me had to put on disposable overalls and went to the paint shop this was very fascinating as I was a painter in my previous life unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures as the flash or a spark would set the very sensitive fire system off and the resulting shut down would cost £25000 per hour. Then we moved on to the dips in all eight full body dips going from cleaning to rust protection to etch primer. We then moved on to the aluminium shop then the building plant and finally we had lunch on Jaguar before going to see the finished product XF. F type inc the RS. The firemen were there to see the specialist fire equipment but like me they were more interested in the cars. All in all a good day at work and the best thing is I was getting paid
  6. Dell

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    From the album: Day at Jaguar

    Rolling road
  7. If it was a whine i would say wheel bearings but a rumble sounds more diff/transfer box. This could get confusing I am dell also. Dell
  8. Hi petextype the wheel nuts i used are toyota but not genuine and they have gone rusty (crap chrome) if you have a look at this link i have replaced them with them and they are genuine Toyota Hope this helps Dell