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  1. I have now fitted a new OE heater control valve and hot air is now flowing through the vents.....superb. It was a pig of a job due to poor access but well worth it.
  2. I'm unsure if the engines are exactly the same. If thay are then the bleed valve is built into the top radiator hose on the hard plastic section, it has a screwdriver slot in it.But the 3ltr X-type may only share the same block and head averything else may be configured differently.Your best bet is to post a thread on the X-type forum. Sorry i can't help any further.
  3. After running the car with the heater control valve disconnected electrically there is still no heat, so i'm assuming that the valve is stuck shut. Is this a part that i can clean up and get working or would it be better to replace. Any thoughts please.
  4. Sorry i ment disconnect the control valve electricaly by pulling the multi connector off, which will put the pump into hot setting.(if what i read is correct). Whot do rou think.
  5. I've just bled the system as suggested and made no difference.Should i know disconnect the heater control valve. I've read that if its disconnecter it should pump out hot air.
  6. I replaced the top hose a few days ago due to leakage trom the plastic section. The valve you described isn't on the top hose but attatched to a narrow aluminium pipe, one end travells along the " V " section of the engine towards the bulkhead and the other end travells along the inner near side wing and down towards the bulk head. There is however what looks like a valve on the plastic section of the top hose, it has a slotted section in the middle probably for a screwdriver and in very small lettering says "service only" and is positioned directly below the large pipe from the air filter.
  7. Could anybody confirm that the bleed valve is built into the plastic section of the top coolant hose.I don't want to go forcing things open when they are not ment to be opened. Thanks.
  8. Had my jag (2001 s type 3ltr) a few months now and needed the heating on a few days ago, so i set the temp to high and waited for the hot air. some miles later still cold. Any guidance would be great.
  9. Going to add cat clean to the fuel first and take it from there
  10. After discussing the EML with a friend who owns the garage that reset the EML.He thought the EML would appear again under hard acceleration,so i spent a day or so driving around normally to prove the light would stay out and then i gave it the beans and up popped the EML. The fault reader stated fault on Cat Converter bank A. Perhaps its something you could try.
  11. Well, plugged the Jag into a fault reader and found one of the cat converters isn't working to Jag spec. Going to use cat clean once i've used up the tank of fuel....which shouldn't take to long! I'll post an update on my findings. :)
  12. Hello all, I'm a first time Jag owner (S Type 3.0 V6) picked it up today and drove it home 200mls and it didn't miss a beat.I had a smile on my face all the way home!!!! Now the engine management light is on,the Jag still pulls well.I hope to get it plugged in to a fault reader within the next few days. Is there anything i should be looking out for. Any assistance would be most welcome.