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  1. im gonna try some archoil 600 as well, spoke to a few mechanics & read up on the product write ups & reviews etc! it helps clean injectors, d.p.f. filter etc! iv always put it in previous diesel cars iv owned in the past & they seem to run smoother on it, unless thats just me ? the terraclean sounds good, let me know how the car runs after it its done, i might consider it for mine.
  2. here we go again, more problems on the x type.. the passenger power fold mirror motor has expired on me, i know thers's 2 motors.. 1 motor to move the mirror glass itself, jag charge £54 for this & 1 that actually folds the wing mirror body into the car door & the cheapest iv been quoted is £190 + v.a.t. looks like il be going on e.bay for a 2nd hand one to strip down for the motor. 2nd thing the car lost power the other day and the glow plug light was flashing on & off so i pulled over switched off & re started the car & everything was fine again, 2 weeks later & the same thing has happened again, this is with the special d.p.f. filter additive iv added to the fuel tank & i use redex every other tank full & thrash the daylights out of it on a regular basis to give it a good clear out etc! what i am considering is having the d.p.f. filter removed professionally because they seem to be a pain in the butt. So after 8 months of ownership i aint to impressed with the car at the moment, bearing in mind my car before this was a nissan 350z g.t 2006 model, that i never put a spanner on..
  3. my parking sensors were not working, so i had 2 rear sensors changed "2 brand new ones from jaguar" and everything was fine for about a week & now they'v stopped working again, all sensors seem to be making the ticking noise when you put your ear by them, but when i select reverse gear im still getting the long loud 3 second beep to say, there's a fault on the system? im baffled by it now, any ideas please ?
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