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  1. Hi again Jim, Again I already came across this one - part no - MNA 7390 AA - it does look similar, but there are a couple of differences - the "fly-away" pipe is on the wrong side of the core, and the small diameter pipe on the other side does not extend across the top of the core, as per the pattern one - the OE number I require is MNA 7390 BA, and it's hard to believe that just one digit difference can make it the wrong part! However, I do appreciate your replies, and I've had a couple of replies from breaker searches (one of which is a new component) which look promising - can't check them until Monday though. Thanks again, Brian
  2. Thanks Jim - already checked this and although it does list this part as for the 6.0 V12, it is not the right part - the pipe connections are different for the 3.2, 4.0. Thanks for the reply, Brian
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get an air con condenser for My Daimler Double Six (X300, 6.0) Everywhere I've tried are out of stock, or it's not the right one. Perhaps any independent specialists in the Midlands? Any help/suggestions gratefully received, Thanks
  4. So I've replaced the Inalfa control module (twice, with different modules, one of which I know for certain works in another XJ perfectly). The problem is that the sunroof will not park in its closed position - it travels past this position and then tilts, dropping back down to slide and proceeds to slide to its end open point. Sometimes the one touch operation will work, but more often than not, it requires manual holding in of the switch, in either direction - in any event the self park still doesn't kick in. Apart from the control module, I note that there is a PCB inside the roof console - is this prone to malfunction and cause the problems I have? Most people I have spoken to are certain it's the control module, but I have effectively ruled this out by substitution with a known working one. Any ideas anyone?
  5. Had a very light front bump in my Super 8, no airbags deployed but have an airbag warning light on. I have a code reader, but will I be able to re-set this light, or is it a main dealer job?
  6. Hi, just acquired a superb Daimler Super 8 (X350), and I am getting P codes reading P171 and P174 - lean mixture on both banks. What might be the possible cause of this lean mixture - is this a known occurrence with the supercharged 4.2 unit? Any suggestions gratefully received - thanks, Brian
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