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  1. Hi The style of wheel you have is called proteus and you can purchase replacement centre caps from Just Jags although I'm sure the were about £20 each,and they are a different design being flat instead of slightly raised. Also be aware the imitation split rim bolts are plastic which was an issue when I sent my wheels for refurb as they simply melted when dipped. Some have found ways of replacing by buying small stud bolts and self tapping them in but I just left mine without as being kind of recessed you don't rally notice they're missing. Hope this helps. enjoy your X Type they are lovely cars Brian
  2. Hello all Has anybody had any issues with the X type facelift grille working loose ? Not too easy to explain but two of the four bolts have allowed the grille to come loose and it rattles like hell Both on n/s of car one bolt completely loosened but not falling out whilst the other is still tight. My question really is how does the grille attach to the bonnet as it's right on the lip. Not too keen to remove it completely till I have some more detail Any help would be appreciated Thank you Brian
  3. Thank You Jerry I'm actually quite happy with the way they are. Thought about looking on line but concerned about how to fit them and potential damage to re-furb but no harm looking. Thanks again Brian
  4. Hello All This post is something of a cry for help and hopefully a warning to other members. My car has the 18 inch 5 spoke Proteus imitation split rims which I decided required a full refurbishment however when the company started the job they contacted me to advise the imitation allen bolts were plastic and would dissolve in whatever solution he was using. Although now useless he very kindly removed and returned them when I collected the car and I have to say the fact they are missing is not as noticeable as I expected. Don't know if this is an item which could be purchased and not sure how they would have been fitted originally presumably some kind of gun or punch and doubt it would be worth trying to glue them in not least cos there are 60 slots all together. Any members had any similar experience ? Thank you Brian
  5. Thank you Joe I'll have a kook at the link Thanks again Brian
  6. Thanks Joe especially for the diagram Brian
  7. Hello Can anybody advise if the bumper has to be removed when replacing rear X Type parking sensors ? Thank You Brian
  8. Hello Kenny Thanks for responding and I note your comments although maybe I didn't make myself clear with regard to the discs there was no mention of the discs being damaged but they recommended replacing due to wear. Friend is taking the car to a local branch of the company to see what they say about it Thanks again Brian
  9. Hi A friend of mine who also has an X type his being 2009 2.2D Sovereign had two front tyres replaced after hitting a metal object caused a huge bulge in one of the outer walls. Although only one tyre was damaged the tyre centre recommended replacing both front along with brake discs and although suspecting some sharp practice being on a short break some distance from home allowed all the work to be carried out. The next day however the DSC light came on and now remains so after about 10 miles driving. Would this be a result of something the fitters have done during the job and is it an easy fix and perhaps more importantly is it something tyre centres are capable of fixing Thank you Brian
  10. Thanks again guys according to the chart on door post 2.4/2.6 is for 100mph plus if only we could eh ! Strange that nobody mentioned shocks like the tyre centre did think I need to try a different tyre place. Thanks again Brian
  11. Thanks Frank - pretty good at keeping them up to recommended pressure 2.2 bar I suppose my compressor could be out but would this not affect the front tread also Thanks for your reply Brian
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply guys I think the wording on mot is a bit unclear it is the outer edge of both tyres which are rippled or uneven not across the whole tyre but as there is a buckle on one I will replace them just need to find a good refurbed proteus 18 inch first. Any offers Thanks again Brian
  13. Hi all Wonder if anyone can help with this ? My 2009 2.2d X Type Sport Premium was collected from MOT with thankfully a clean bill of health apart from an advisory " n/s and o/s rear tyre tread slightly out of shape" On inspection at a tyre centre I was advised this problem was generally due to worn shocks which should have been an mot fail but the tyre guy said they looked ok. One other issue is the fact that the rear o/s wheel has a slight buckle which I was advised of around a year ago but the tyre guy reckoned this wasn't the cause. The car sits on the 18 inch Proteus wheel with Avon ZZ5 tyres all round ( except they're not all round) Any ideas ? Thanks Brian
  14. Thanks guys Did give the lock a bit of a clean before posting the question it's not a major issue but you don't want to be repeatedly banging the boot lid before it takes hold Thanks again tho Brian
  15. Great stuff Nige - Enjoy your car Brian