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  1. braincrush

    Sebs X-Type

    Quick 3 Photos of my first Jag.
  2. I have had a good drive around last night (motorway) where i could recreate the situation in which my cat was all jiggery, and ... nothing ! all nice and smooth ! i have to admit, that's a first, normally i would share your opinion Trevor (sods law and all) that's why i am so excited still :) i will replace the rear row when i get a moment, but since the problem is gone i can sort rear discs and pads next (probably this weekend) wish me luck :)
  3. hi i am in the middle of replacing coilpacks on my motor, all the tutorials i've seen however show a different type of manifold (mine have round pipes) and im stuck ... i hve 6 bolts taken out but something is holding manifold at the top-right corner, i can feel the bracket at the back but im not sure if i can get to the bolt (extremely tight) could someone tell me if this is the bolt i should attack or is it something else holding it ? [uPDATE] Had to throw in the towel, there is no chance for me to stick my troll hands into that tiny gap, there is a 3/4" wiring loom obscuring the access also, i will try next weekend when i acquire longer ratchet extension... i have replaced the front coil packs, 1 was different then all the rest, and two had split rubber seal on the tip...
  4. Righ, well my theory was it's made by the piston pulled down by crankshaft without the ignition, but I am probably wrong if your engine is working properly...
  5. i can hear exactly the same noise, noise i've heard before, i used to play with RC planes with little nitro motors, and when you simply spin the propeller by hand, that was the noise the cylinder was making sucking the air. Is your motor misfiring by any chance ?
  6. yup , that's exactly what I've done, i should have used some wood to put between the metal but when I've realised that it was time to start. The job went surprisingly well, though while replacing the track rod ends I've noticed that anti-roll bar links are in poor shape and i have to go in there again this weekend (if the order will be delivered in time)
  7. I'am ready to do some work on my car tomorrow (if the weather allows it) and have a question. Some time ago I've lifted the front of the car and removed the wheel to inspect the outer track rod ends (that's the first thing i will replace) and i used my halfords 2ton trolley jack, i did used similar jack on my previous cars the heaviest probably BMW 528 or 735 both (in-line 6) and they went up no problem, in the x-types case i was literally afraid i will snap the handle because i had to apply so much force to lift it, i maybe overreact a little because other cars were so easy to lift, but i would feel much better if someone would say its ok to lift it with the 2 ton jack high enough to put it on axle stands. PS. I've used points designated in the service manual.
  8. No cover, if it will rain though I will have to move it till next weekend when I will be able to sort a garage for a day, I've bought a set of Delphi track rod ends, they cost me £24 in my local part shop, should be fun (if the weather won't ruin it, it feels like a nice spring day today in my area)
  9. i thought all X-types share platform with mondeo ? i think i will do those tie rod ends and then after code reading, i take on the sensor wiring :) Seb
  10. cheers, was there some major change between 2001 and 2002 onward models ? quite few manuals etc. I've found on the web are 2002 onward ?
  11. ok thanks, i will see what the computer say after new year and will have bit more data on what's going on under the bonnet... Seb
  12. It's 2.1l petrol and I believe it's FWD. Seb
  13. 1. Fuel economy : is ≈ 21.5 what i should expect (light foot driving trained on many large engine automatics) or is it too much ? i have to add that one of the lambdas is gone (i will go code reading after new year to diagnose some issues) 2. Uphill (when going light on acceleration) the box is acting like it doesn't know whether to shift up or not, which causes a bit of jerk, no issue on flat/ down hill or when put a bit more weight on acceleration pedal. 3. Before I've bought the car, previous owner replaced the bearing on passenger side rear wheel, and apparently the sensor wire broke (the mechanic soldered it but the ABS light is on) he mentioned that its an abs sensor that is fitted with the bearing but the wire is a separate part (detachable) question is : is that true ? And can i replace mentioned wire ? Seb
  14. wow , that i a good price ! i think i will purchase a set and replace it asap, thanks for the suggestions. Seb