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  1. After having a flat battery my driving lights only come on when my headlights are on can anyone help ? thanks.
  2. Many thanks for the information I will look into this, Cheers !!
  3. On my 2014 2000 xf the eco does not work also my miles per gallon does not work even after resetting. Will a computer reset bring these back to life ? Cheers Keith
  4. Is it possible to have a rear wiper fitted on my 2014 XF, If so how much would it cost. Many thanks, Waggy.
  5. Thanks Peter, could you give me a more detailed description of the steel version and also the space saver version that I should look for, I believe my ursa wheels are 17" if that's any help. Cheers, Keith.
  6. I cant find a reasonable priced 17" URSA spare wheel so have decided to go for a space saver wheel instead, can any one tell me the correct wheel to look for as i don't trust the blow up kit provided. Many thanks, Waggy
  7. Waggy

    Spare wheel

    Ok Peter will take your advice and look for a "proper" spare. Thanks again, Regards, Keith.
  8. Waggy

    Spare wheel

    Hi Peter, I have only one of those blow up kits, no spare supplied from new, so was going to keep the space saver as an emergency backup. Cheers, Keith.
  9. Waggy

    Spare wheel

    Hi Peter, It is only one of those "get you home wheels" so I didn't know wether to keep it or not when I sell my S Type. As I have used it twice on the S Type and found it very handy. Cheers, Keith.
  10. Waggy

    Spare wheel

    Cheers Peter, but nearest dealer is a 60 mile round trip so I thought I might seek advice first. Thanks ! Keith.
  11. Will a spare wheel from a 2006 s type 2.7d fit a 2014 xf 2.2d luxury ?
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