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  1. My car at the moment ;-}

  2. Thanks for the video again, it was a big help. Was not to hard, just not to happy with the fit(cheap ebay item) apart from that I'm happy. Added a couple of other bits i can't live without. ;)
  3. thanks for that trevor, off work tomorrow going to give it go. cheers
  4. swapping stereo for single din head unit. Does any one know a link for the removal.
  5. I have 235/35/19 on them at the moment.
  6. thanks mick I will do all that, I will repost if any of them cure it. cheers
  7. ok thanks mick. when I am doing 50mph the cars acceleration seems abit jerky, sort of holding back a little? but as soon as you accelerate its fine.
  8. Just thought I would say hello to all, first time jag owner. very happy with my car. there is one question, when cruising it gets a bit jerky? any ideas.
  9. Hello there newbies first post. Was wondering if i would need to fit a certain width tire? with this size of wheel.
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