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  1. I hear ya KENNY. You know us Yank's we all have that "I Want it Now Syndrome". I am actually looking to buy a red or black . Thanks for the understanding, my quest continues. Only this time with a little more patients Danny
  2. KEN33Y I respect your opinion very much & thank you very much for being honest with me please continue. I understand & I am passing on the car waiting for a later year. My biggest problem is controlling myself . It's just that I want to get into an XJ. I just have to cool my pits & wait for the right one. Thanks KEN33Y Danny
  3. Hi KEN33Y, I lost the Carbon Fiber Body, however a guy just posted in the area where I live ( about 3 miles away) a 2001 XJ8 with 67,000 mi's on it. He says mech. in great condition (Yea Right) we'll see, but needs a little cosmetics on the seats. He is asking $10,500 US. I know the first thing I will ask is about the Timing Belt Change & service records & if he is the original owner. Should I buy a XJ8 with 67,000 miles in good shape & have the entire timing system changed, if it has not already been or just stay away from it. What else should I look for or listen for. I plan
  4. HI KEN33Y, I found a XK8 that I am waiting for the owner to get back to me. It is a 2005 4.2 ltr Carbon Fiber Body Edition. It has 55,200 miles on it from a lease, one owner & all the service records, with what looks to be a clean carfax. Thing is I don,t know anything about a Carbon Fiber Edition. I want to make arraignments to look at it & test drive it. Can you give me a Heads Up on what I should be looking for & what questions I should be asking? Thanks Danny
  5. My Man KEN33Y; What an unbelievable amount of critical information ( in a concise, to the point article ) that every Jaguar owner should have,especially if you are looking to buy a used one! It's forums like this & members like KEN33Y that make a forum like this worth while. So, correct me if I'm wrong but for the extra couple of grand it is definitely worth it to either have the timing chain work done on a pre 2002 if it has not already or look for a later model XK8 or XKR to buy. Thanks KEN33Y Danny
  6. I am new to the Jaguar forum & have already been welcomed by Old Peter & Ken33y just thought I would say hello over here in the forum I am interested in. I am interested in buying a XK8 but Ken33y said I should look at the XKR's also. Very similar to the XK8 & just as beautiful, I like it. This actually broadens my search. A couple of questions if I may. I have never owned a Jag but hope to very soon. Is there any inherent problems with the XK models from 2000 to 2006 that I should be aware of? In my reading about the different drive trains it seems the 4.2 engine is favored
  7. My name is Danny Mark & I just joined the forum. I live across the Pond in The Land Of Sunshine & No Basements. I don't own a Jaguar Yet but I am looking for an XK8, I really love the lines & look of it & I NEED a convertible. I just missed a 2002 with only 17,000 miles or so on it,it was a beauty. I am looking at between years 2000 & 2004 that is about all that I can afford right now. I,m sure when I find what I want I will be reaching out for help. Thanks Again Danny
  8. Thanks For the Welcome Steve

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      I am not a Jaguar owner yet but plan on being one soon. I live Across the Pond in the Land of Sunshine & No Basements. I am looking at a XJ8

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