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  1. Just had my 2007 S type MOT'ed and passed ok except for report of "dropped off-side headlight beam low". Kindly mechanic adjusted beam to be in legal limits but am wondering if anyone has any ideas why the headlight seems to have "dropped"? There has not been any work done to the front lights since I've had the car, about 3 years. Many thanks
  2. Thank you all once again for your expertise.
  3. Hi everybody I'm in need of advice about changing the battery on my 2007 S type. It would seem, despite seemingly full of power, it is causing problems with a lot of the electronics on the car, under volt error codes - currently EPB and gearbox fault message ( which disappears when turning off and then restarting ). The current battery is Jaguar branded, 90ah, 800 amps ( SAE ), 4R83-10655-BA. Looking online with this "part number", all the batteries recommended are 100ah and 900amps. Would this be a good battery type to fit or cause more problems? Many thanks
  4. Hi I have a 2007 S type 2.7D auto. Recently had "gearbox error" warning light. Took it to my friendly ( brother!) mechanic who checked diagnostics, cleared all errors and gearbox now works better than ever. Downside is I've been left with a "cannot apply parking brake" warning light but this doesn't show as an error on another diagnostics check. Any ideas how I an clear this warning? I think I can hear a relay "clicking" somewhere around the centre console when I move the gear lever when in park. Any help would be most appreciated.
  5. Hi N/S has fallen off and I'm having the devil's own job finding one on the internet. Do I have to go to a main dealer? Any recomendations? Really need it painted not in primer. Many thanks
  6. Thanks for your replies. Must have had brain fade earlier as re-searched internet and found them straight away - wiperblades.co.uk.
  7. Hi everyone Need to replace both wiper blades on my 2007 S type but having problem finding replacements from the usual places. Mine have the spray bar fitting and normal fittings are not wide enough. Any pointers would be appreciated. many thanks
  8. Just like to say thanks to Old Peter and mindofitsown for the great help. Purchased a 2011/12 nav CD from internet and uploaded ok - although a bit nervous when the climate control numbers kept changing! Also down loaded the nav owners manual - great help. On another matter, my S type sometimes does a "double-bleep" when I lock it - any ideas why?
  9. I recently bought a 2007 S type with same year nav cd. I'm thinking it works like a Tom Tom but now realise it doesn't! Once you have located your destination, can you save it by name i.e. Mill Green Golf Club, or The Golf Hotel, to save me carrying round scraps of paper with the post code on! Also, what's a way point? Used it last Friday to nav from Welwyn to Chigwell Golf Club and it told me I had 797 miles to go!! Would appreciate any help or link to nav manual as only have the quick start. thanks