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  1. Cheers for that joe. Getting it sorted on Saturday. .
  2. Hi Gents Im looking for a bit of advice. My 05 plate s type had been going through a lot of engine coolant the past while. I had just recently put it through its MOT so thought while it was in the garage I would have them look in to this as well. The garage said they had pressure tested it and also checked the oil and couldn't find any problem . Last night on my way home from work the coolant low light came on, this was strange as I had just topped it up. I stopped at a service station to fill it with water, while doing this I felt my foot getting wet and discovered the water was spraying
  3. Pretty sure it does. Has a button for phone on centre console.
  4. Hi New on here as I have just got my 05 plate S Type. I am having trouble connecting my mobile to the Bluetooth, is this a common problem . If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
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