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  1. Hi Guys Thanks Tracharr. A quick update. - My car went for assessment by the supplying main dealer 2 days ago. They could not make it replicate the fault so presume it is intermittent. I've just had a phone call to say they have had discussions with the warrant company. In view of the circs. the warranty company will authorise and pay for a new turbo / actuator to be supplied and fitted. - No idea what that may be but as long as it cures the problem I don't care. - Car goes back to the shop next week. John
  2. Thanks Peter. I really want to know if there is anything I need to be aware of so I can ensure my car is 100% after the dealers warranty check.- I'm naturally cynical and suspicious and I don't want to be 'fobbed off' then later down the line find my warranty has expired and I have an unexpected and expensive bill to pay for repairs. John
  3. Hi, I'm a brand new member with absolutely no mechanical knowledge so I hope another member can advise me. I bought my car 6 weeks ago from a Jaguar main dealer. - A 2008 XType, 2.2 SE Diesel Automatic. I drove my car locally and it was fine. Last Friday I drove from Manchester to London using motorways all the way. As I left the M25 a dashboard warning came on. - A stable amber light with the words 'Gearbox Fault' and a flashing amber coil icon. I immediately found a safe place to park and switched off. Two days later my breakdown service sent a mechanic to assess the car. This mechanic did a
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