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  1. Just a quick update, for now it seems to have cured itself! I have done about a 100 miles since the greabox oil change so am hoping it has cured it and it just took a bit of time to get the lubrication working!
  2. The gearbox error message is coming up again so brought a cheap wifi code reader I have error code it comes up as P0782 2-3 shift malfunction
  3. Hi Peter I have had the fluid and filter changed and it still has the problem, although it is not quite as bad just a slight jump as if you droped a clutch too quickly and no gearbox error message, ive only done a few miles round the houses since it was done so am hoping as the new fluid makes it way round everything it improves! You say the gerbox is one fitted to many makes of car?
  4. Hi all I am new to the forum. I have a S Type 2.5 auto 2005, 100,000 miles and have a slight auto gearbox problem! I get a jerky change every now and again between 2nd and 3rd, it only happens in slow traffic. I get the gerbox error message come up if it dose it more than 3-4 times and turning the car on and off seems to get rid of it. I did read up about it and it was suggested a fluid/filter change may cure it and I have done this but unfortunatly it has not. Is there anything else I can try, suggestions please!