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  1. Nick, Always a repair or tweak to Hope when you get round to it you'll comment? Paul, Insurance are fine....receipt for works says remap for economy with benefits of other improvements . Power is up to 250 bhp and torque up 24 percent . If they are happy who am I to argue. Thanks for the input and advice. steve
  2. Hi Nick, got mine done for £185. Average price seems to be £250 or above. After all the work done looking into it I think I made the right choice as remap....test run and tweak was all needed in my case. Comes with 30 day warranty. Guess it all depends on where and who really but glad I've done it. Shop around and talk to a few people. One will talk to you and give you the confidence to get it done. Hope all goes well and you take the plunge......well worth it. steve
  3. Gents, well today came and the remap has been done. Phil a local tuning specialist looked after me and was helpful and informative throughout the process. The remap was car specific and simple enough to do and the moment came to " take it for a spin" and I really didn't know what to expect. My mind was almost immediately put to rest when I felt the improvement in pull and acceleration. The gearbox seemed more responsive like it was in sports mode. I took it for a good drive on various roads and drove it in different ways. Initial thoughts.....a great improvement across the drive range. The 2.7 is no slouch generally but it now feels...sportier and more responsive. Conclusion initially.....very pleased with the outcome but will monitor over the next week or so to see how it is with fuel etc. I hope my experience helps others who are unsure of the remap. steve.
  4. All, Have booked the car for the remap this Friday and am hopeful of a positive outcome despite the usual concerns I think many people have. Will post an update on the process and outcome once it's done and I've put a few miles on the clock to gauge performance etc. Cheers again for the input. steve
  5. Hi paul, info on remap ok. eventualy found amp....wouldn't pay the rip off prices on eBay.....too many iffy ones so waited for a breaker near me. Got it for 45 and he threw in a spare which works so two for one. Managed to get a type r spoiler at the same time so a productive trip. Hope alls well at ur end? steve
  6. Nick, Paul, Thanks for the input....was starting to think I'd touched on a bad subject with no Am still concerned at the affects on the sport button once the remap is done but the principal seems sound. Going ahead seems a good move. How is the fuel economy and emittions though guys? paul....good to hear from you again and thanks again for your help last year with the upgrades. You'd not recognise the car now! Now need rear Hope you've got answer to the above extra question and again guys....thank you for the positive input. It's good to trust people's experience. Be safe. Steve
  7. Recently blocked off and removed the EGR....blessing as it's much better. Now she needs a remap to run at optimum specs and all I hear is more power...more torque! Simply put...has anyone done this? What improvements and more importantly...fuel consumption and emittions after? I look forward to hearing your experiences. Thanks in anticipation everyone. steve
  8. Hey Brian, sorry for late reply. managed to get to the fogs via the front wheel liner....easier than I had thought. Couldn't get them from the front as the screws are at the back and despite trying that approach it seemed a pain. Done anyway so well chuffed. Ordered the new screws for future use should I ever get the tray off. thanks for the advice and happy motoring. steve
  9. Hey Budgie, stuck with the same issue...did you buy the bolts etc as a set or separately on eBay? Will need to order before cutting the old screws out. Appreciate the help.
  10. Thanks Ron, im sure I will solve the's now wheel against
  11. Refurbish all seems overkill considering the slight touch up needed...there must be a colour for them as they are original. Will keep trying and hope for the best.
  12. Gents, At last the sun breaks and like many owners it's polish and tidy the car ready for the new season. That has been relatively simple with most things on the car but one issue is causing a little confusion. The alloys on my 2004 2.7 sport are in great condition apart from a small section where someone repaired some damage and didn't match the touch up colour.....I see it and it happily drives me nuts. It's silver with a very slight look of metallic. Anyone know the colour or where I can source the code for it? They are original to the car and in the original silver. please help an old man get some Any help gratefully appreciated.
  13. Hi joe, welll call me a blind old !Removed!....I've just cleaned it and found the letter M stamped on it! Hi ho...hi ho it's off to the stealers I go. Appreciate the info and have a great weekend. steve
  14. Hi all, just noticed my wheel nut key has broken.....can anyone advise on the best way to replace the key without changing the nuts and the hassle that will cause? Sorry the pics not brill but not easy to get a good one. The nut is domed and the key has four lugs on it 3 close together and one further round. Thanks in anticipation
  15. Ha ha. It's always good to get an opinion from the experts.....the owners and users. The wealth of experience on here is astounding and someone always has experience or answers to those irritating niggles that face us all. last year I was blessed with paul who helped me retrofit a few bits and he was a great wealth of experience on the d2b retrofit and reprogramming and I've still been lucky with silly enquiries through the forum since then. Keep up the good work all........ steve