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  1. Jim, thank you for your content and for welcoming me. I should probably explain more in detail. My jaguar which is a 2000 S-type 4.0, has a problem with bent valve(s). I am looking to purchase a 2000 Lincoln LS, that has a 3.9 Engine. The Lincoln is damaged all around. I was hoping to purchase this Lincoln, and just use the entire Engine and transmission. This is why I presented my question. I was hoping that someone had done this before and the transmission plug-in, etc. would just drop right in. I may be just wishful thinking. Maybe someone out there could provide me with some wishful GOOD NEWS!!! Thanks in advance. Freddie aka Servant

  2. Hello, my name is Freddie and I am new to this forum. I am hoping to receive information that will help me go forward in making a decision about my 2000 Jaguar s_type 4.0. My first question is if I can replace my 4.0 engine and transmission, with the 3.9 engine and transmission? I found out about the recall much to late, with regards to those plastic tensioners. If I am able to make such a swap, I will just take the entire engine and transmission from a 2000 Lincoln LS, and replace all of the plastic tensioners, and have this entire unit placed into the Jaguar that I own. So, if there is anyon
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