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  1. Dropped it in to the dealer and the mechanic knew what it was right away. Something to do with the lip of the brake disc thanks for the reply
  2. Hi, recently picked up my 60 plate XF and have already noticed a metallic grinding noise coming from the steering when on full lock and turning left. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've got a warranty so can take it back for a check - just wonder if anyone else has had similar. Cheers
  3. morning guys, just picked up my 60 plate XF If I buy the iPod adapter; a) where is the best place b) Will it charge the iPod Thanks Jamie
  4. Guys - is bluetooth audio playback (playing Spotify through car speakers via my iphone) a standard feature in the Jag XF (60 plate). Or is it dependent on stereo? cheers
  5. Thanks for the replies lads. I feel like a child in a sweet shop at the moment. Jag Tamworth are giving it a service and MOT and should have it late next week - buzzing! Any known issues or common faults I should look out for? I've driven Quattro Audi's and 3l BMW's but never been so excited to get a motor lol
  6. Morning all... new to this forum and new to Jag ownership. Historically been an Audi and then BMW driver but new job has given me a decent allowance each month. Purchased an XF over the weekend and collect it next week. To say im excited is an understatement! went for the 278bhp engine and cant wait to get hold of it. Are the MPG figures realistic? Any suggestions/recommendations in terms of maintaining my new Jag?