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  1. Hi Rod, Would appreciate any info you can provide. Regards Dave
  2. Thanks guys. I'm already running with dipetane fuel additive to clean out the system and reduce particulates but that clearly isn't helping. My mechanic suggested the coolant temperature sensor for the fuel injection - which is on order - but there are a lot of other sensors, valves and bits & pieces in the injection system
  3. The problem: On starting from cold the car runs unbelieveably rich, has no power and throws out black smoke. The tailpipes have heavy deposits of soot. After a few minutes the problem clears and the car drives normally. There is no mis-firing apparent. The car: 1981 Daimler Sov. VP 4.2L (XJ6) auto, air-con, fuel injected. Can anyone point to what may be broken or need changing - the fuel injection system is very complex and my regular mechanic has no experience of the XJ6. Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this.