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Programming keyfob


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Wonder if anyone can help, just got new fob for my x type 05 reg and cannot program it to car. Followed all videos on YouTube saying turn key 4 times form position 2 to 3 four times. Done it and do get the chimes the first time but it is supposed to chime a second time when you take key out and press any button, but dont get the second chime and fob still doesn't work.


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Hi Noel I have just programmed two of these fobs . Have you taken the transponder out of the old fob ? If you have not the car will not recognise the fob because the transponder operates the immobiliser. The transponder is located in the upper half of the fob it is a thin tube about approx 1 inch long  it has its own little recess. You have to take the top half of the fob to pieces very carefully to get at it. You then have to do the same with your new fob and swap the transponders over. The alternative is to find a auto shop that can reprogrammed it for you . Don't know the cost . My wife being the clever person she is did the swap . We then carried out the programming as per u tube and thankfully it worked ..so I now have two brand new fobs. 

Hope this helps 

regards Mike

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