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  1. Oh wow! Kawasaki triple, very rare bike nowadays. You should get yourself another bike Julie, such fun but also a lot safer when you get older (just tend to go a lot slower 🙂
  2. Although I do try to avoid having to crawl under any cars nowadays, takes me too long to get up from the floor 🙂
  3. If you would like to start a local event then we would be more than happy to promote it so it hopefully becomes a regular local event.
  4. Congratulations! feel free to pop up some pics of the XK8 Notice that you are in Dorset, we are currently trying to put together a local meeting in the Dorset area so feel free to join us
  5. We sent one out to you a couple of days ago so you should be receiving it shortly
  6. Can't possibly comment about loud exhausts as I ride a Harley 🙂 Apologies to any members who live near me
  7. Not seen anything like this before but imagine it uses a non-slip surface to glide under a car or slide heavy items over. Quite a clever idea but not seen anything over here (imagine it is an American product with the rear of the Camaro in the photo)
  8. Hi Stephen....welcome to the Club Have you tried any other pumps at different stations, just in case it is a high-pressure issue, some other pumps maybe less aggressive in how the fuel comes out?
  9. Hi Carl.....welcome to the Club Congrats on the decision to acquire an F-Pace, curious as to what your weekend toy is though? Good to have you onboard!
  10. What a fantastic car and plenty of provenance with it, especially the bullet hole which is definitely worth keeping there as a talking point. I see the vehicle weight is in excess of 3 tonne, tyre pressures to match it as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us such a great car!
  11. Hi Jason....welcome to the Club I would remove the engine from below complete with the transmission and subframe if working without lifting equipment.
  12. Sounds like a regular local meeting could be forming.
  13. Its a difficult one as its nice to keep a car in perfect condition but if its a daily driver it will gain dents and scratches but if not looking to resell then I don't think its too important to get them repaired....personal choice really
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