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  1. Overheating, think maybe airlock ???, help

    Hi Colin I would first check the coolant pressure cap as if this goes faulty and allows the system to lose pressure then the boiling point of the coolant will be lowered which leads to overheating. Also, it can in certain circumstances allow air to enter the system, again leading to overheating and also poor circulation of the coolant Also, its the cheapest and easiest part to replace, so I would definitely start there. Let us know what you find Cheers . Trevor
  2. xj12 not starting any ideas

    I wonder if it is drawing up stale fuel into the engine. Maybe worth trying some EasyStart to stir it into action and then listen out for the fuel pumps priming. Generally, the V12 is quite reliable with the ignition and fuel systems.
  3. New project anyone?

    I like a project or two for a rainy day but think maybe this one is a little bit too much to tackle :-)