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  1. I would look at NextBase camera range, reliable and cost effective cameras
  2. Hi Derek....welcome to the Club Fine looking F-Type, they seem to look great from any angle Good to have you onboard!
  3. Owners of electrified Jaguar and Land Rover models will be able to charge their vehicles at home with unrivalled style thanks to a new agreement with fellow British company Andersen EV Owners of electrified Jaguar and Land Rover models will be able to charge their vehicles at home with unrivalled style thanks to a new agreement with fellow British company Andersen EV. London-based Andersen EV is a manufacturer and supplier of customisable, high-end vehicle charge points for the most discerning of customers, and a perfect partner for Jaguar Land Rover as its future electrification plans, announced as a part of the Reimagine strategy revealed last year, gather momentum. Andersen EV’s A2 home charger, which comes with 7 or 22kW power options, will be available to all customers and is compatible with the full range of electrified Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Where it differs from many chargers, though, is with Andersen EV’s unmatched focus on aesthetics. The A2 features a unique hidden compartment that ensures the charging cable and plug cannot be seen when not in use, and the look can be tailored to specific tastes, with a huge choice of 96 diverse colour and finish combinations available, including precision-engineered metal or sustainably sourced Accoya® wood. Each charging point is made to order in Andersen EV’s UK factory using materials of the highest quality. The partnership will see the home chargers installed at Jaguar Land Rover showrooms, where customers will be able to try them out and place an order at the same time as reserving their vehicle. Andersen EV will then provide a dedicated, tailored service, with an on-site survey followed by having the wall box installed by a qualified and professional Andersen EV electrician. Once operational, the A2 will allow owners to keep track of energy use and costs from their Apple or Android smartphone via Andersen EV’s Konnect+ app. The charging point can also be kept secure thanks to a smart remote software locking feature. Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy was revealed in February 2021, with a focus on modern luxury, unique customer experiences and positive societal impact. As part of this, Jaguar will be reimagined as an all-electric luxury brand by 2025, while all Land Rover nameplates will be available in pure electric form by the end of the decade. The transformation to full electrification at Jaguar is already under way, with the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE SUV accompanied by the Jaguar E-PACE and the Jaguar F-PACE plug-in electric hybrids. Land Rover is embracing the strategy too, with a battery-electric Range Rover set to premiere in 2024. The New Range Rover is already available with an extended range plug-in electric hybrid, producing CO2 emissions as low as 18g/km and providing up to 70 miles of EV range. The recently revealed, dynamic New Range Rover Sport will also offer pure electric propulsion from 2024, with two extended-range plug-in electric hybrid vehicles available from launch. Plug-in electric hybrid versions of the Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Land Rover Defender are also already available. "Our new strategy set out how Jaguar Land Rover would reimagine the future of modern luxury by design, and our new partnership with Andersen EV reflects that. We are on a mission to create the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles and services for the most discerning of customers, and so it is absolutely fitting that we are able to offer intelligent, stylish equipment that sets a new standard for home charging devices and installations that perfectly complements the dramatic beauty of our vehicles." RAWDON GLOVER - JAGUAR LAND ROVER UK MD "We are delighted to partner with two world-renowned brands Jaguar and Land Rover and be part of their respective electrified futures – collectively we share a passion for pioneering, intelligent technology and service excellence. I’m sure Jaguar and Land Rover drivers love their homes as much as their vehicles, and now they have the chance to have installed a great-looking charger that fits with the design of their home, built with genuine craftsmanship, that is unlike anything else on the market." ROB MOUSER - ANDERSEN EV EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN
  4. Hi...welcome to the Club ....and the wonderful world of Jaguar! David Manners or other Jaguar specialists should be able to help with new lenses otherwise eBay for secondhand ones
  5. Hi Phil....welcome to the Club ....and the wonderful world of Jaguar!
  6. I have been in this situation before and I have managed to buy secondhand ones but tried one on first to see fitment and then bought as suitable fit
  7. To be fair, last time I looked the price difference between a branded fuel and supermarket fuel was virtually the same and in some places even cheaper!
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