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  1. A maximum speed of 255mph, an aerodynamic design honed to perfection and race-winning powertrain technology define the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV – the latest all-electric virtual race car developed for Gran Turismo, and built in the real-world as full-scale design study The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé – the first all-electric Jaguar sports car created for the globally-renowned Gran Turismo series, revealed in October 2019 – has already proved highly successful, attracting gamers with its radical, heritage-inspired design, driver-focused interior, and outstanding ride and handling
  2. The VIN is usually stamped on the bulkhead in the engine bay (also believe there should be a plate there aswell?)
  3. Hi Andy_K .... welcome to the Club Haha, totally understand about the motorbike, same situation here! France is a lovely place to live (done that myself) and blessed with superb driving roads. You certainly have the right car to benefit from these roads as well. Good to have you onboard and stay safe!
  4. Happy New Year to all Jaguar Owners Club members. Let's hope this year will be a good and we can get back to normal and enjoy life and good health once again 🙂
  5. Hi Rich.....welcome to the Club The XF-R is a superb machine and from previous posts in the forums I know that the owners of these fine cars are very passionate about them. Best to trawl through the site (use the search bar at the top right of the screen) and see what info you can find about this particular model. Good to have you onboard!
  6. Hi Rick.....welcome to the Club Big fan of Porsche's but the switch to an XK150 is a great choice (Steve McQueen had both Porsche and Jaguar) This Club, although mainly UK based most definitely welcomes members from the US Good to have you onboard!
  7. Hi Andy......welcome to the Club Sounds like you've picked up a great Jag, feel free to post up some pics, if you wish Good to have you onboard
  8. Premium Members receive a discount of 20% off officially licensed merchandise and many other products in the Richbrook store (with the exception of branded car mats and covers)
  9. Hi Keith.....welcome to the Forum Great looking XF-R and love the colour! Any luck with the headlight issue?
  10. Hi Mike.....welcome to the Forum Any joy with the gearbox issue?
  11. Hi.....welcome to the Forum How are you getting on with the new X-Type?
  12. Hi Stuart....welcome to the Club I hear you have some great driving roads in Bulgaria and certainly have the right Jaguar to tackle them Good to have you onboard
  13. Sitting at the pinnacle of the Jaguar performance SUV range, the new F-PACE SVR is faster than ever and features motorsport-inspired exterior design, a luxurious interior and the latest connected technologies "The original F-PACE SVR was incredibly characterful, well received by our customers and has gone on to become the highest-selling Jaguar SV product ever. The new version builds on this success, by making numerous detailed improvements that combine to raise the bar in the high-performance SUV segment. With a wide range of technological enhancements from our team of expert engineers a
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