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  1. Hello Steve, Welcome to Jaguar owners Club. Stylish looking X350. Best Regards, Julie.
  2. Yes it was an American Video
  3. A Harley cool I Had a Suzuki 125 and a Kawasaki 250 triple But not ridden a bike for a long time.
  4. That is beautiful, Will definitely turn heads😍
  5. Hi Lee, You could try Company’s registered office address: Polybush Clywedog Road South Wrexham Industrial Estate Wrexham LL13 9XS Tel: 01978 664316 Fax: 01978 661190 Email: sales@polybush.co.uk
  6. Aubrey

    My new XF

    I am a Little more cautious in snowy conditions since a few years ago went off road in my Renault sports🤣
  7. Aubrey

    My new XF

    Hi Darren, Yes, I bet that was fun😄
  8. Aubrey

    My new XF

    Thanks Joe, Jon and John. I will try the all weather. As you say Jon it's only really bad for a short while each year usually. John Snow Socks? interesting. I Have seen snow chains will have a look at those. If it look like we are in for another 2010 Winter Joe will certainly look at the Winter tyres as I live on a steep slope. Thank you. Kind Regards, Julie.
  9. Hi, I went looking to replace my S type, Taken by garage to Repair key and locking problem, never to return, only had it 2 weeks! but did get my money back. Saw a 2011 3.0 XF had a drive and loved it. Need to clean up the seats, but over all its ok. Can you tell me please, would you recommend putting on all season or winter tyres being rear wheel drive? Thanks, Julie
  10. Hi Jace, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. I have just bought a (2011) 3L XF as well. Was actually after an S type but saw the XF, had a drive, and had to have it. Not sure best way to remove engine but sure one of the members will know. Kind Regards, Julie.
  11. Good Morning Rae😃Bore Da Good to have you in Jaguar Owners Club welcome. I see you are from beautiful Wales as well. Kind Regards, Julie.
  12. Hello Graham, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. All Jag Owners are welcome😃 I used to have an X type myself! enjoyed driving it. Kind Regards, Jule.
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