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  1. I think it's this part see attached, I am not 100% but know there is a loom under panel on boot lid sure some one here will know more. Sorry can't help more.
  2. Hi Billy, I am sure I read that XF no fuse it's a loom.
  3. Just been told try this - wd40 all locks...it worked
  4. I did have Jeep that had same problem, turned out they had to reprogram it's computer, some sort of software fault.
  5. Mine was playing up changed battery,is yours ok?
  6. Good Afternoon David, I have only recently got my self an x type have been without a Jag about 5 years. a fiat 500 is just not the same. And definitely not as comfortable on long journeys. Your looks stunning. I hope you and your wife enjoy driving it. My husband is a Land rover man, still trying to convert him to the enjoyment of Jaguars. Kind regards, Julie.
  7. I have gone with Adrian Flux, seem OK, polite and knowledgeable staff. Avoid Hastings Direct, my neighbour warned me and I found out myself. I do not recommend them.
  8. Forgot to say on here look under guides and review one about x type - attached below Buyers guide - jaguar x-type (2).pdf
  9. Mine too. My s type was auto. Auto is relaxing so easy to drive, but in bad weather feel more in control with a manual. Enjoy your x type🙂
  10. one tip I had just keep on top of regular oil and filter changes and may be look at rust proofing treatment otherwise a reliable car. parts interchangeable with Ford. Just need looking after as other Diesels do. is yours a manual?
  11. Hi There, I have just bought one, sounds like mine. Is it the very pale silvery blue? Been told good car, common fault actuator on turbo- just getting mine done. Nice to drive, comfortable. Did have S type in past - love Jags- not quite sure about F pace still- nice car-but not for me.
  12. That's fair enough of the dealer, my mistake thought they had sold you the car. Good idea to get the service plan, takes a little worry off your mind. Glad your still happy with the car🙂
  13. She's still a real head turner, don't let it spoil your enjoyment, it should not have happened but the dealer must put it right for you.
  14. Oh no, that,s annoying for you. I know how you feel. My keys will not work, garage said they have been water logged,it was not the batteries as seller said. Had to buy new battery, replace air con pump and turbo actuator just on a grand to fix😒 Believe that actuator is a common fault. I could not mislead any one about problems with a car I was selling, some people have no honor. Well I will be back in Aubrey by the weekend. Hope yours is ok soon. To be honest the old Jag I had was very reliable, so hopefully both our cars will be in the future.
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