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  1. I purchased a 3.0D Luxury Jaguar XF on 26th June, 2016, this was my first Jaguar of any kind, and been wanting the XF for some time, I was looking for Premium Luxury to be honest, but they were often out of my budget and the different are small. In the few days I have been driving it, I need to get a new ball bearing which is going to cost £378 luckily the car dealer is going to pay half towards it. Apart from it is a smooth and responsive car, I was abit disappointed that is does not have a voice commend system, and a DAB radio, but as this is my first one, I am willing to over look all this. I am hoping this is the only problem I will encounter over the next 12 months. Any tips and suggestion welcomed, Joe
  2. Hi guys, I have just purchased a 3.0D Luxury Jaguar XF and I have noticed it only fills up to half way before going slow, and I end up giving up, I have noticed so far, Esso garages can fill in up all the way without issues, if anyone knows of anymore that does, please let us know :)
  3. Hi all, I will be buying my first Jaguar, and I have chosen a Jaguar XF 2.7D Luxury model, 2008 model as I can't afford a brand new one. I wanted the Premium Luxury however I was quite fussy, as alot of the Premium Luxury model didn't have the reversing camera or the colour I wanted. I managed to find a silver metallic on I wanted, with reversing camera and black leather interior as I am not a fan of the beige. However I have to drive from Kent to Blackpool to collect on 25th June, 16. Anything I should be asking before parting my money? Joe