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  1. Welcome to the club, Roy. If a battery is disconnected certain electrics need resetting. Windows, Volume, radio etc -- you need the radio code to get things going. The doors not working properly seems to me that it is not the battery but possibly a dose of WD40 might solve the problem. Try that first before getting your wallet out! Regards, Peter.
  2. Welcome to the Club, Nigel. I have always been a little curious about extended warranties. I retired in June 1999 after 29 years of company cars and after buying my company car [Toyota Avensis] and later used it in a part exchange for a Rover Sterling only 8 months old with the remainder of a 2 year warranty I noticed that the warranty would only remain valid if I had the Rover serviced my the main dealer from whom I bought it. The cost of a full service in 2001 was £325 +VAT. A week later I found a flyer on my car advertising a mobile mechanic trained by Rover and who had worked at the main dealer from whom I bought the car. The cost of a full service was £70. I am from Lancashire like you and I quote "In the spirit the made Lancashire what she is, I'd rather be drownded than done" I had my service done by the mobile mechanic and who for the last 19 years has serviced my cars. The AA does the breakdown service, but I have only used them twice because the cars have never failed me. I reckon I have saved about £8,000 over 19 years. My current car for the last 7 years is Jaguar 2 type. Any repairs that have needed correcting -- One sensor, 2 EGR valves and a water pump in the last 7 years have all been Jaguar parts much cheaper than would be charged by a main dealer, diagnostics charged by Jaguar are £164 -- my mechanic £20.! So, that is my position. I cannot advise you how you should go, but finding a good mechanic who loves cars is a good move. Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Trinity, and Welcome to the club. I have come across the fix and go kits, found that they really could only fix one tyre, so I have always ben keen on the spare wheel. I have one on my s type which fits in neatly and anything that doesn't fit in the boot goes on to the back seat. Personally, I would stick with the spare wheel, and bags can go in the space behind the from seats. Regards Peter,
  4. Hi Derek, and welcome to the club. Can we see what the badge looks like? I didn't know that there were club badges in the Jaguar Owners Club. Regards, Peter.