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  1. Welcome to the club, Jon. I like my Jaguars too, but just on my second one. My x type was "borrowed" by three gentlemen who fortunately stayed for 8 years in an HM residence. Unfortunately I never go the Jaguar back. My s type I have had for 7 and a half years and I thoroughly enjoy it. Regards, Peter,
  2. Hi Brian, I have an Indigo Blue s type with silver wheels which I think are ideal. Your silver s type could have a refurbishment and remain silver. I think black is old fashioned, but a charcoal grey could look quite well [until you have a scuff]. Regards, Peter.
  3. Welcome to the club, John. I agree with David. My s type 2.7 D has a Ctek charger connected to the battery and at the moment with a lockdown it is sitting on the Driveway. It does require the battery to be charged every 5 days if I don't do a long drive every now and then. There are so many electrical units in Jaguars that operate when the engine is switched off and the car is idle. Regards, Peter.
  4. Hi Sam, I would agree with David. When the DPF is full the system will try to clear it and will take some diesel oil to boost the attempt. The oil will run into the engine if not used, and it has been known [quite rarely] to keep the engine running even when the ignition is switched off. Regards Peter.
  5. Welcome to the club, Sam. I don't do a big mileage nowadays, but I have never had the DPF full message. I do put in an additive every time I fill up with premium fuel and give my s type 2.7D a good run once a month -- a bit difficult under the covid19 discipline. I think you are quite correct in thinking about the turbos, but another guess is the EGR valves which also might need a clear out. Having an annual service is one of the things you should never miss so good luck! Regards, Peter.
  6. Hi Jim, Yes. Always do that if you can. Regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Jim, I had a pair of stronger bulbs fitted by Halfords in my headlights and a few weeks later my car went in for its MOT and failed due to Headlight setting. My mechanic who was with the car readjusted them and the car passed! Not very good for mechanics. Peter.
  8. Hi Jacko, and welcome to the club. Sorry that there has not been a reply - possibly because members having been getting too wet in the UK weather! A sticky window can sometimes be cured by a spray of WD40. It works with my s type. Regards, Peter.
  9. Hi Jimmy, I spent sometime looking at my touch screen to see if I could find something without success. That's life! Regards, Peter.
  10. Welcome to the club, James. The touch screen is a bit like an engine - they both work on the ignition. Just press the Leaping Jaguar picture, and when you do it out of habit you will forget it. Just enjoy your Jaguar. Regrads Peter.
  11. Welcome to the club, Liam. I am no mechanic, but I think you could be correct about the bearing going. I had an X type 2.5 AWD with a 2005 plate and it was very reliable and quiet, so I would look for a very good mechanic and get him to find out what the problem is. Regards, Peter.
  12. Hi John, Look for an OBD2 code reader. You just plug it in to the socket on the right hand side underneath the dashboard. Regards, Peter.
  13. Hi John, I forgot to ask one question. I should have asked you is the fault giving a problem with the engine -- poor performance etc. Or is there a warning such as "Restricted Performance" ? I don't think disconnecting the battery would help at all. I had an issue with my S type when the Message was "Gearbox Fault" and "Restricted Performance". My mechanic, who has been looking after my cars for 19 years, asked the question about car performance which was still perfect and his thoughts were "if the car was not performing well it looks like a big problem, but if it is performing well if could be that an old issue [I had used the manual gear system too much] is letting the OBD2 reader bring back the codes. The codes just needed erasing. I have a cheap OBD2 code reader which erased the codes. What you have had done seems to be the correct thing to do, but has it been done properly. If they erase the codes for you, the car should not give out the details of an old issue. Regards, Peter.
  14. Welcome to the club, John. It appears that you are having a problem with your EGR valves. A quick solution is a Millers Additive to your engine -- Diesel Power Eco Max. I am assuming that your car is a 3litre Diesel If so, there are two EGR Valves. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  15. HI Anthony and welcome to the club. Try the David Manners Group, Miller Bros, Halfords and umpteen others. Fitting them yourself is not difficult. Regards, Peter.