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  1. Hi Russ, Replacing rubbers is something I have done for years [except company cars] and for the last few years the local Auto shop would do them for me! It is a bit of a racket when you have to pay £30 for a set of wipers. Peter.
  2. Hi Russ, Unfortunately the wipers on Suzanna's car are not the wipers that should be on, and that is the problem and the reason for the MOT failure. The wipers on all s types after the 2004 facelift differ from those on the pre facelift model. Peter.
  3. Hi Russ, Changing the rubbers would be OK if the wipers were equipped with the washer. Unfortunately the wipers on the s type 2004 -208 are not on Suzanna's car, as they should be. Peter.
  4. Hi Suzanna, The Bosch Blades on my s type [07 plate]. Halfords quite incorrect. Good luck, Peter.
  5. Hi Suzanna and welcome to the club. Just Jags [Myton Automotive] are good -- 01926 427375. I have used them and they are reliable, Joe has also given you some good leads. Regards, Peter.
  6. Hi Robert and welcome to the club. It is possible that it is a software glitch. I would check the battery just in case it is getting low in this cold weather though Regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Mike. welcome to the club. Getting the codes read is the first step as Joe has said. Once that has been done Joe has also said what it could be. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Jane, Carl' number is 07866 986243. He is on holiday at the moment, but you can leave a message on his phone. Regards, Peter.
  9. Welcome to the Club, Paul. The Jaguar experience is quite unique and the saying of Bill Lyons who was the co-founder of the company "Grace, Pace and Space" is true. Enjoy. Regards, Peter.
  10. Welcome to the club, Jim. When I saw a friend renovating a Mark 1 in 1963 I wanted one. After 29 years of company cars and 15 years of various models I got my first Jaguar. I am now enjoying my second. Enjoy. Regards, Peter.
  11. Hi Jon, Have a look at the Website --- Transporterama -- which is an online bookstore. There is a very good book coming out very soon titled Jaguar - its Cars and its People. It is worth reading and although I am biased, I still think so, as I wrote it! Regards, Peter.
  12. Welcome to the club, Mark. The Type was manufactured in the Ford era, and as Tom said, some Mondeo parts will fit. Those are usually the engine parts. Genuine Jaguar parts can be easily obtained and contrary to some opinions are not that expensive. My first Jaguar was an X Type [2.5 AWD] and I was very impressed with its comfort and roadholding. Enjoy the experience. Regards, Peter.
  13. Hi Andy, Glad all OK now. I stick a label on my battery with the date it was bought as a reminder. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi Nigel, I have found that it is not the speed of a car that controls the mpg of a car, it is the smoothness of the driving. Acceleration with a big engine needs not to push the pedal to the metal but the but to bring the car up to the required speed and feel the gear changes on the automatic gearbox [if on your car]. A steady and smooth drive without using the brakes too much will give a better mpg than those drivers who give the pedal too much and then have to brake hard at every bend and road junction. You can be quick and smooth. Regards, Peter.
  15. Welcome to the Club, Mike. That seems to be a very difficult fact to assess, as we don't seem to have that problem in the UK, with quite a lot of Jaguars with the V6 engines are getting mileages over 100k miles. It will be interesting to hear from other members. I do now that my S Type --- all models have the V6 and V8 engines --- is the best car I have ever had and I have been driving fo almost 60 years. Let us hope we do see some feed back. Regards, Peter.