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  1. Old Peter

    S Type, massive failure, any ideas welcomed

    Hi Paul, Sounds very mystifying! It may be that changing the gearbox fluid could be the answer. Some members have done this at 70k and say that the gearbox is smoother. There could be more ideas on the way. Regards, Peter.
  2. Old Peter

    egr blanking plate

    Hi Allan, Removing the DPF is now an automatic MOT failure. I am a bit mystified about the engine you now have, as the original 2.7 D is Ford and Peugeot designed [with some input from other potential users] and is very reliable. I am also a bit mystified with the Registration plate as the DVLA has no records of this car. I would welcome an explanation, Regards Peter,
  3. Old Peter


    Welcome to the club, Stuart. I am sorry I cannot help you with that, but I am sure XF owners will assist. Did your car have a fresh MOT when you bought it? You could use Vehicle Smart, a free app to check its last MOT and see if there were any advisories. Regards, Peter.
  4. Old Peter

    Winter is around the corner

    Hi Dave, The first bad winter motoring I had was when I had a Triumph Herald, quite a light car, equipped with Town and Country Tyres on the rear wheels. I was still living in Lancashire and working in North Wales and managed the snow quite well. Never lost a day's work. When I moved to Derbyshire right on the edge of the peak district I had a company car, a Ford Escort, and while living quite high up and doing at least 500 miles a week I carried a shovel in the boot in winter and used it, together with a piece of carpet. It kept me going. When the snow got too heavy I stayed at home and worked from there. I now live in the Midlands where people use chains on their Range Rovers when there is an inch of snow!! Regards, Peter.
  5. Old Peter

    Winter is around the corner

    Deep snow can see off many 4x4s and there are times when lorries have to be dug out. I lived in North Wales and Derbyshire for quite a few years and had to abandon my car several times, thankfully not far from home. My solution to big drifts and deep snow was simple. I would stay home! Peter.
  6. Old Peter

    S Type Sat Nav Instructions

    Welcome to the cub, Timothy. The instructions for the S Type Sat Nav etc are in the owners set of manuals. If you look at my post some years ago you will see how to get it. It is possible to download the one in question. Just Google -- NAS Touchscreen and Jaguar Voice-- It worked 3 years ago. There are 117 pages, Regards, Peter,
  7. Old Peter

    New to Jaguars

    Hi Tony and Welcome to the club. Jaguars don't really get old, It's the drivers who do. I have aged 5 years since I bought my last Jaguar, but Morgana still looks good as new. Just keep her clean and shine, feed her with premium fuel, and give her a long run once a month, both to show her off and also to regenerate the Diesel Particulate filter. Then enjoy. Regafrds Peter.
  8. Old Peter

    Whats your location ?

    Welcome to the Club, Stephen. I will look out for you Regards, Peter.
  9. Old Peter

    1st Jag

    Hi Frank, I had driven 200 miles the day before and it is still shiny! Peter.
  10. Old Peter

    1st Jag

    Welcome to the club, Greg and Eunice, I have the precursor of the Xf the S type which I find really fantastic and I hear that the XF is better than that. That takes some doing. Eunice, you will love the Jaguar experience and you will drive with a smile on your face! Regards, Peter.
  11. Old Peter

    Hi All :)

    Welcome t the club, Jeff. I wanted an S Type for quite a few years, and when my X type was stolen SWMBO said "Turn a disaster into an opportunity" and look for the car you want as long as it is not too expensive. I found an S Type that suited me in Dumfries at a Stratstone dealership and asked the local dealer if they could bring it down to the midlands for me to look at. They said they could, but they had one in their storage garage that they had not advertised that was better than the one I had asked to them to bring down. Bought at first sight and never regretted - totally reliable and other than tyres, fuel and servicing only £135 spent on a water pump. Great car! Regards, Peter.
  12. Old Peter

    Towing with my XF

    Hi Graham, We started caravanning on a whim. It had been raining and SWMBO suggested that we get out for a drive when the sun came out, and we visited a caravan showroom, and when we got home we realised we had bought a caravan, a Bessacarr. Over 20 years we had three caravans, the Bessies and a White Arches Special edition of a Swift. Each one got better. Thoroughly enjoyable time, but the Boss thought that when I was 78 it was getting too much for me! Regards, Peter.
  13. Old Peter

    Intro and question

    Hi Dominic, I am on my third battery too, replaced in February 2017. I have a exterior plug outside the garage [which houses SWMBO.s Yaris Hybrid] where I plus in the CTEK charger when I have had no longs runs in a week or so. Regards, Peter.
  14. Old Peter

    key fob

    Hi Stuart, I changed the batteries on my Rover Sterling three or 4 times over 11 years, with never a problem. I have not had reason to change the batteries on the fobs for my s type, but the handbook gives good instructions on how to do it, and it does not seem too tricky. I have changed the fob front part of the fob when the figures were getting worn, and that was very easy Regards, Peter.
  15. Old Peter

    Intro and question

    Welcome to the club, Peter. Doing a small mileage I would guess that your battery needs a charge. Jaguars have so many electrical bits on them that a battery only lasts about 5 or 6 years and I think that it should get a charge every couple of weeks. Regards, Peter.