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  1. Greetings From Suffolk

    Hi Richard, and welcome to the club. You will enjoy your s type -- great cars. A good polish will keep the Indigo Blue paint gleaming. Regards, Peter.
  2. A point of view... I suppose

    It is something that I also find laughable and not political either. It is a but like wanting to change the score after the game is over. As I often say, there is always one! Peter.
  3. new owner member intro

    I was doing some work for NATO at the time and the heat in August was tremendous,. I asked if there was a small boat I could borrow to doodle around in the Creek, and this sloop was borrowed with a small crew of three, It belonged to the Kennedy family since the death of JFK and was being restored to it original beauty by the National Union of Seafarers. Enjoyable. I think you will enjoy your Jaguar just as much. Peter.
  4. Just had test drive XKR

    Hi Dave, It does not sound too good to me either. There comes a time when I would be thinking of giving the dealer an ultimatum. The Sale of Goods Act does provide some legislation concerning an item being fit for purpose and it does appear to me that it seems a bit dubious as to how it got and MOT. It might be that you could suggest that the dealer either gets the car fixed ASAP and that you get it fully inspected by someone like AA, and if it is not been corrected, the amount you paid for the car plus other costs you have incurred be refunded to you. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  5. 18" or 16" Wheels??

    Hi John, Jaguar seem to have this peculiar habit of different wheels for different cars. When I had my 18" wheels refurbished -- they were badly kerbed [not by me] and the cost for all 5 was just under £500, -- the Allow wheels specialist told me that he had a full set of wheels the same size for £400 to fit an X type but not an s type. My son bought them following a loan from Bank of Dad when two of his wheels were potholed. I would be inclined to get a check from a main dealer. Regards, Peter.
  6. new owner member intro

    Welcome to the club, Clayton. That is a great car you have and I guess you are looking forward to the Summer! I had a great weekend in Souther Maryland in August 1985, with the pleasure of being at the helm of a 64' racing sloop with full sails being filled by the wind down what was called "the Creek" by the owner! Regards, Peter.
  7. STR engine codes

    Hi Ted, You can have bad luck with any car. I had a brand new Ford Escort in 1972 with 5 dents in it when it was delivered, and very dodgy electrics such as light not working. My S Type which came off the production line on the 13th March 2007 has been a dream. Two owners from new and a small spell in Jaguar ownership during which time an oil pump failed and Jaguar put in a new engine. Since I have had the car only one issue - Water pump had to be replaced. May you have the same luck! Regards, Peter.
  8. STR engine codes

    Welcome to the club, Ted. I have an humble s type with the 2.7 diesel engine and don't get similar rattle, just a rumble of the big diesel. There are several members with the s type R who will assist when they read this post. Manufacturers used to put a loose nut inside a space to cause a rattle [so they say] which would get the dealer some money when the car was taken in to find the cause of the rattle. That was in the fifties, though. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  9. Jaguar owner to be, hopefully.

    Welcome to the Club, E, I don't understand the bit "your car is in the country" in a reply. I thought we made Jaguars in this country, unless they think that Yorkshire is foreign. I would be inclined to do a bit of subterfuge, and call in at a dealership and ask the question "If I ordered an E-Pace today, how long would it take to get it delivered?" You might get an interesting answer. My daughter in law ordered a Yaris Hybrid two weeks ago and picked it up on Sunday. That's efficient! Regards, Peter,
  10. XF S modifications

    Hi Gary, Quietly unobtrusive, which does suit the Jaguar. Peter.
  11. Smell of diesel in cabin

    Hi Gareth, The s type has an auxiliary heater which assists the warm up of the cabin, giving a slight smell of diesel on start up. It should not last more than 30 seconds or so. I don't know about when stationary though. I never get that. Regards, Peter.
  12. Selecting the right battery

    Hi Peter, An s type battery usually needs changing every 5 years or so. I have a Platinum Battery 90ah recommended for diesel cars -- a neighbour owns an Auto Accessory shop -- and it has not let me down. There are many good batteries around but don't get anything less than 90ah. Regards, Peter.
  13. Jag XF as a first car?

    Hi Jennifer, I have the predecessor of the XF, an S Type 2.7 diesel, and my repair costs are negligible, probably due to the fact that I have used a mobile mechanic for the last 16 years, whose charges are less than 50% of a main dealer. He is not a specialist in any model of car but he knows a lot about cars. I suggest that your find a good independent garage to do the servicing. There is a topic on the site of reccommended garages -- I have heard of a good one in Preston, but I can't think of the name. There are also several recommended garages in Manchester, too. While I have wanted a Jaguar for the last 55 years and love the brand, the parts can be obtained no dearer than many of the parts for other cars. My car is 11 years old and other than tyres , a new battery, and fuel, my only expenditure in the 5 years I have owned it was a new water pump [£135] Just use the premium fuel, and make sure you take your car on a longish run - the M6 is good for that on a quiet day. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi james, Millers Eco Max is advertised more or less as a general additive, which improves emissions [cleans up the fuel system] adds cetane [improves the fuel] and similar. I do know that it got rid of the messagecoe involving sticky EGR valves, and in spite of a lot of short runs seems to keep the DPF clean. My little code reader cost £20, my mechanics code reader cost over £2000, so you can see that there is a big difference in code readers. Most reasonable good garages will be able to give you a code, and you don't really need a specialist, as the ZF gearbox is well used in automatic cars, and EGR valves exist in all diesel engines. It's worth having a go at an additive. Regards, Peter.
  15. That I do not know, Steve. It is an automatic function. I do get a bit annoyed with predictive text thought, -- is also doesn't know the difference between whisky and whiskey, the latter being either Irish or Bourbon, plus Tennessee Sour Mash which goes under the name of Jack Daniels.