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  1. Join the Club, Brian, You would guess that I use premium fuel for the 2.7litre Diesel engine on my S type which I have had for just over 7 years. I used ordinary fuel for about a year and found that I was having to clean the EGR valves quite frequently. I was told by a mechanic that premium fuel would assist both the EGR Valves and the DPF to be clean, as well as giving me a slightly better mpg. The best mpg I have had was 50.2 mpg which I got when driving for Sutton Coldfield to Sheffield using the A38 and the M1, with the latter having a 50 mph speed limit due to road works. The return journey using the M1 and the M42 was 46.4 mpg, [I did put the result into my Diary]. It did seem to work and the quietness of the engine and the smoothness of the drive has been great, so it could be the fuel, which is why I recommend it. Regards, Peter.
  2. Welcome to the club, Toni. The XF is a very good car and has been around since 2008 and is still selling well. It succeeded the s type, one of the last ones is in my possession and has never cause me any problems. Just check service records of the car you want, look at its interior and if all is well I think you will enjoy your car, Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Paul, My 13 year old S type has a speed warning which does not work while I am alone in the car. It only works when my wife is in the car. Regards, Peter.
  4. I have a Ctek battery charger which is connected to my s type's battery. Due to the current situation my s type is used less that my wife's Toyota Yaris. I also have an external electric socket outside the garage and I charge my battery every 5/6 days. The last battery I disconnected to charge it was on my BSA in 1962. Peter
  5. Hi Rob, I'm glad about that, I have used Rimmers before and have found them reliable, Regards, Peter.
  6. Hi Rob, and welcome to the club. Try Rimmer Bros or S.G Barrett. jaguarparts247.co.uk Regards, Peter.
  7. I have had my s type SE [2.7D.] for just over seven years and with 85k miles done mostly by me. Exterior - Indigo Blue. Interior - Dove Grey, I was able to get and price the optional extras which came to £11,094 and which don't include Jaguar Voice and a TV, neither of which I would have chosen Peter. 419A26EB-33A1-4C2D-8D7C-768E8FD6A446.heic
  8. It is the same on the s type, David. Just to the left. I have used it frequently!! Peter.
  9. Thanks, Frank. Brian will be pleased. I couldn't find anything this afternoon, and I was going to look back on my emails to see if I could find my source, Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Brian, I got my leaper from a company I found one the internet. I will look around to see if it is still there. Regards, Peter. Photo taken in 1934
  11. Hi Pete, and Welcome to the club. I hope you get your door fixed OK. My S type is 13 years old a goes like a dream - I hope yours goes similarly. I am not an exert in taking cars to bits, but I am sure there is someone who is and who will help. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  12. I had a Rover 825 Sterling for 11 years and found the seats very comfortable. When I changed it for an X Type 2.5 AWD SE I found the seats more comfortable. Peter.
  13. HI Paul and welcome to the club. My s type [2007] will give me a message when a bulb fails, so I would guess it is a fuse that has blown. Regards, Peter
  14. Welcome to the club, Mike. I have similar feelings about my s type. I wanted one when I saw one of my friends refurbishing an older Mk1 in 1964. Company cars and buying houses delayed my ambitions but 49 years later my s type appeared and I have enjoyed it since! Regards, Peter.