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  1. Welcome to the club, Michael, The Austin A40 Farina was my second car and was capable of doing 65mph on the flat. Various company cars followed that and eventually I had two Jaguars, an x type and an S Type - both great cars. I am a Jaguar enthusiast and even wrote a book about Jaguars and those that designer them. Enjoy. Regards, Peter.
  2. Welcome to the club, Shaun. You appear to have correctly got a new battery. Does the park brake message arrive when the park brake is working properly? If so, it just needs removing by an OBD2 code reader. The other slight question is that have you reset your radio, your windows, your other settings etc Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Gary, I have used a Wynns EGR ceaner with some success but for the last five yearsI have used Millers ECO Max Diesel Power which has also proved successful. I also use Shell V Plus. Regars, Peter.
  4. Hi Julie, When I was a Full time Officer of the ISTC Moffatt had to come to out London Office and never looked me in the eye. I had the last laugh, though — he dies when he was 71 with 5 people at his funeral. I iiked the x type with the 2.5 all wheel engine but I wanted the s type from when I saw the Mk2 model at my friends garage in thersixties. I got mine in June 2013 and have been most impressed. Regards, Peter
  5. It Is a small world, Julie. I left there in 1970 having had a "disagreement" with Brian Moffat. I was the Staff Branches Senior official and he was later the Chairman of British Steel. He didn't like me so I decided to take the offer of a job with the IRTC Trade Union. I was there occasionally in the 1990's as the union's Regional Secretary. Peter.
  6. Hi Julie, I look after my s Type and have had the same mechanic for 20 years. He has now retired and told me of another good mechanic who gave it a service and the MOT passed with with honours last week. I used to have an X type 2.5 engine and manual gearbox - a great car that was stolen from me. I managed to give the police a very goo description and all three of them managed to get some free accommodation for 8 years. I lived in Shotton for 8 years while I worked at the Steelworks in the hey day. Regards, Peter.
  7. Welcome to the club, Ben. I think you will find the club and very useful group. I am on my second Jaguar, an s type which I have had for over 8 years, and intend to keep for ever. [I am 87] Regards, Peter.
  8. I was told differently — must have wanted to do the other treatment.
  9. Hi Gary, I have had cars of every colour and the dark ons have been the best. My current S type had a coating which worked well, but not as well at the ceramic coating non my wife's car. Ceramic had not been invented when I had my s type treated, but its dark blue is rather good especially when it is sunny when it seeks to change. My two black Rover's were very good, even though my company did not bother treating them, I am still having thoughts on giving my s type a ceramic coating, bit it does look rather good. I would get your black car a coating. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Tim, A quick answer is "Yes". My locknut is with the spare wheel in the boot. Having a spare wheel is a bit antiquated but very useful and better than a tube of something that works once. Regards, Peter.
  11. Welcome to the club, Ivan. The s type was designed in 1999 and 53,000 were sold in 1999 --- this could mean that the 1999 model could have "overlapped" over the year as often happens. The book below covers the S Type and there was a lot of research done inspite of the 1989 instead of the correct 1999. Otherwise the research was exact and I say that because I wrote the book and spent 2 years doing it. If you want to buy the book look at "Transporterama" Regards Peter.
  12. Hi Tim, This happens now and then. I am also persistent, even though Jaguars are built 8 miles away! Regards, Peter..
  13. Welcome to the club, David. It is nice to see someone from the Isle of Man with a Jaguar. I visited the island quite a few time when I lived in Merseyside. Regards, Peter.
  14. Welcome to the club, Mark. I bought a 2012 disc for my s type in 2014 and it has worked correctly all the time. £25 well spent. There sometimes need a clean like any disc. Regards, Peter.
  15. Welcome to the club, Na. You can get two key fobs without the electronic for about £25. [Palison, 49 Kenly road, London. SW193JJ] Getting the electrical pad is more difficult and you will need a locksmith for that. You need to find a good locksmith in your area. Good Luck Peter.
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