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  1. You may want to note that this Garden meeting was the first for quite a few months. I would have been there if my daughter was visiting us for the first time in months due to Lockdown. Peter.
  2. Hi Ismael, The EGR Valve [Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve] is a usually a valve in the Diesel engine, but I understand that more modern cars all have that piece of kit. At a guess your car will not have an EGR valve. Regards, Peter.
  3. Welcome to the club, Duncan. You will need an OBD2 reader that will tell you what the Code number is and that will tell you the problem is the problem is. If you are a Member of the AA or RAC they will tell you and likely to fix it. If not, a good garage should have the OBD2 equipment. Regards, Peter.
  4. Welcome to the Club,Carl. I also wanted a Jaguar for many years and I got my first when I was 78 — finances were better than when I wanted a Mk2 Jaguar in my 20's. I think you will enjoy your XF as much as I enjoy my S Type. Just remember what Sir William Lyons said - "Grace, Space, and Pace" Regards, Peter.
  5. Welcome to the club, Tony. I hope you get everything sorted out. I spent about ten years campaigning for the UK to join Europe and was somewhat annoyed when the worst PM since Lord North had not the courage to tell people like Farage/Johnson/Cummings etc that Brexit was a bad thing. At least, your thoughts will be concerning the Spanish government and fixing a Jaguar. Enjoy! Regards, Peter.
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