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  1. Old Peter

    DPF full

    Welcome to the club, Kamil. The diesel engine in your car does need a long run about once a month -- about 20 minutes keeping over 45 mpg, or putting the car into third gear to keep the Revs higher. You should also use premium fuel and you can also give the engine an additive [I use Millers Eco plus Diesel] every time you fill up. I have never had a problem with my S type with the V6 2.7 diesel. Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Terry, and welcome to the club. Main dealers were charging about £350 [Special Offer] about 5 years ago, so at a guess they might quote you about £450. The best way to find out is to ring a main dealer and ask. Try several garages to see how the ind is blowing. Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Pete and Pauline, and welcome to the club. You will soon get the Jaguar feeling in your bones. Just relax and enjoy, Regards, Peter. This sticker i use when I enter God's own county -- The County Palatine of Lancashire.
  4. Hi Mike, I have been getting several messages similar to yours, even when the car has just been serviced. It disappears when the engine has been going for a minute. Peter.
  5. Hi Darren, and welcome to the club. The s type is a great car to drive, holds the road well and is still a head turner. You car is similar to mine and you should always treat it to premium diesel fuel and you will get a very good fuel consumption. Regards, Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, Stephen, It's a pity there wasn't a car attached to it! At a guess, I would place it in the early sixties, and again at a guess, I think you are right about the Sovereign . You might get some one who would like it. Regards, Peter. !7th March whatever year you want!
  7. Hi Rob and welcome to the club. We live on the Staffordshire border so I will look out for you. My S Type is Indigo Blue with Dove Grey interior - the same as Ivory with a different name. The JOC is a friendly club, and you will get some useful information, and we hope you share your experience with other members. Enjoy! Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Randy, and welcome to the club. My best suggestion would be to contact the company that replaced the windscreen. I don't think that normal part suppliers would be able to do so. Regards, Peter.
  9. Hi Paul, I have not had the airbag issue, but I have a had a gearbox one which took some finding out, but the mechanic i have used for 17 years resolved it when the AA man could not. The "Restricted Performance" light came on and the OBD2 code reader just gave gearbox fault. I am currently doing an Advanced Motorists Course, and have been using the manual gears to give me some "drag" in urban areas, and the ECU didn't like it. The ECU thought that when I used 3rd gear I should have gone into 4th gear instead of into Drive in Auto. So the ECU gave me a telling off. The ECU seems to keep hold of faults and let you know that you have had one a month ago just to keep you lively as restricted performance came on last week. I took charge and using my £20 OBD2 reader I erased it to show it who was the boss. It never came back. Regards, Peter. Lancastrian in Exile.
  10. Welcome to the club, Rob. The X Type estate is a great workhorse as well as a comfortable car to drive. [One of my sons has one]. What model is it? I had a saloon with the 2.5 V6 engine with all wheel drive - a bit thirsty if you drove it hard, but if you gave it a steady run 35 mpg was not uncommon. Enjoy the experience, Regards, Peter.
  11. Hi Andrew and welcome to the club. I don't know the XF gearbox system, but I do know that the gearbox can be fiddled with, -- a bit like pressing the button on the s type which holds the car in lower gears giving you extra speed when accelerating. Just a guess. Regards, Peter.
  12. Welcome to the Club, Bern. I think you are a master of the understatement! You will be a great asset to the club members, and particularly those who have classic Jaguars. Regards, Peter,
  13. Nice to see you back. My S Type is still going well and was in Kent last week! Enjoy your F Pace. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi Ian, My s type had the water problem over 6 year s ago when I first bought it. It had been sitting in a dry garage for a few months. Cleaning the water seals resolved the problem. My s type on an 2007 plate has a proper spare wheel in the boot which cost the first owner about £400 as an optional extra. It came out of Castle Bromwich with it in the boot. My wife has a Toyota Yaris which came with the tyre gunge and a tyre inflater. A look around on eBay got a matching rim in good condition and the appropriate tyre was fitted. Regards, Peter.
  15. Hi, I had the shaped one on an X type and a rectangular on on my S type. Neither bothered me. Peter.