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  1. Old Peter

    ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission Gearbox

    Welcome to the Club Martin. The gearbox oil is supposed to be for life, but most drivers change at around 60k to 70k. My s type has 77k on the clock but had a new engine at 28k so I have not had it changed yet, but I will in 3 years time. Regards Peter.
  2. Old Peter

    Automatic dipping of mirrors

    Nor I. My S type is a 2007 model and the Owners manual does not mention that in the Memory details on Page 87. Peter.
  3. Old Peter

    Power Steering Problems

    Welcome to the Club, Michael. Rich has given you a very good answer. You are quite right to make an enquiry about a slight shudder, as small issues can grow into big issues which can not only be dangerous but also expensive. I had a similar problem with a Rover Sterling many years ago -- I thought the steering was getting a bit heavy and as the car was less than 12 months old and still under warranty I took it back to the main dealer and the whole steering rack had to be replaced, and, thankfully, at their expense. Regards Peter.
  4. Old Peter


    Welcome to the club, Chris. Enjoy your car -- Real classic of the future. Regards, Peter. Lanccastrian in exile
  5. Old Peter

    Which oil to use?

    Castrol Magnatec W5 - 30 is a 913b/C1 as recommended in the handbook. Lousy photograph of container. Peter.
  6. Old Peter

    Which oil to use?

    Jaguar in their s type handbook recommends Castrol Magnatec W5 - 30 A1 which has a 20k miles guarantee. I change my oil every two years whatever the mileage - usually about 10k. I have never had a DFP warning light come on, and in my MOT last Tuesday the garage where it was tested could not get any Peter.emissions reading until the tester revved the engine a bit. Peter.
  7. Old Peter

    Collected it yesterday and a few Q`s

    Claws has a nice S Type, Wayne. He is looking to sell it.
  8. Old Peter

    Passenger electric window problems

    Hi Chris, and welcome to the club. Does the one touch function work on the other doors? If so, I would guess that the problem is with the mechanism on the passenger door. If you feel up to it, you will have to remove the door card and then look for a bad electrical connection or some mechanical failure. Otherwise, you should get a good mechanic to do the job for you. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  9. Old Peter

    Glow plug light flashing when starting.

    Hi Stewart, David has given you the solution. Glow plugs not always doing their job usually indicated a bad connection or a plug failure. Regards, Peter.
  10. Old Peter

    Collected it yesterday and a few Q`s

    Welcome to the club, Wayne. Tom has given you a few good suggestions. A quick check on Vehicle Smart tells me the your car is a 2.2 litre model and there is a Diesel Particulate Filter on your car. Blanking off the EGR valve trying to avoid the problem of a sticky valve, which an additive could easily solve. It is certainly a fuel problem and I concur with Tom that it could be the injectors. Sometimes it can be a easier fit of a bit of kit could be loose or damage --and as Tom said loose connector or a damaged hose. Let us know how you get on. Regards Peter.
  11. Welcome to the club, Barry. Has it worked at all since you bought the car? If not, I would suggest taking it back to the dealer from who you bought the car. You could well need a specialist -- hopefully there could be a member with electrical skills. Regards, Peter.
  12. Old Peter

    Xkr lpg conversion

    Welcome to the club, Mark. The XKR is one of the great cars, and a future classic. I would not like to alter it and I would relish the fact that the XK engine is so smoothened quick. You would need to be doing over 30,000 miles a year to get any real advantage. I would just slide into the car and enjoy it. Regards, Peter.
  13. Old Peter


    Hi Ron, So true. My car failed its test twice when owned by the previous owner. Both were due to the tread on the front tyres on successive years - nearside one year and offside the next year. I wonder why he didn't put a new pair on the first failure. Peter.
  14. Old Peter


    My S type was due to take its MOT on or about the 21ist June and the earliest it could be taken was the 21st May, the day after the new MOT rules came in. Not a problem although the tester could not get an emissions reading, and had to rev the car up a bit before he got one. I have never had a problem with the DPF -- premium fuel and a drop of additive once a month seems to work. I would let her -- Morgana -- take me out for a drink tonight except she doesn't like me drinking and driving, however small. Neither does SWMBO! Peter.
  15. Old Peter

    Dave lepp

    Hi Dave, My Battery is also a Platinum, just 18 months old, but they do need a charge if you have only been doing short runs. But nothing to worry about. Peter.