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  1. Welcome to the club, Ross. You are quite right. I have had my s type for over six and a half years, and get the same mph as you, near enough. Apart from fuel and tyres, I have only had a water pump replaced, both EGR valves replaced, brake discs and pads, a few bulbs and one rear reversing sensor, which is not bad at all. I am going to keep it for ever! Regards, Peter.
  2. Welcome to the Club, Michael. I delivered a part to a member in Co. Galway a few years ago -- unfortunately I am not visiting Ireland this year, but I can recommend a company in the UK which I have used before. They have a website Just Jags and the name of the company is Myton Automotive, the the telephone number 01926 427315. They were very helpful, and I think they would try their best to get the part for you, Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Mike and welcome to the club. I think that Frank is quite correct. Jaguar batteries should be changed every 5 years. Regards, Peter.
  4. Hi Nick and welcome to the club. On off my sons has a 2006 X type estate with the 2.0 D engine, and with now 140 k on the clock. It is the Sport Model and so does not have leather upholstery. The 2-0 diesel is the Ford model and was requested by owners to be used due to its steady drive and its solid reputation. I have heard of an X Type 2.0d with over 200k on the clock and still going strong. The only thing that I dislike about my son's car is that it is a bit noisy, which I think could be cured with a proper engine cover. [My s type 2.7D] is as quiet as a mouse]. It is a sturdy cat and not expensive to run. Regards, Peter.
  5. Welcome to the club,Nat. Bill Lyons said when launching a new Model [ The Mk 1 - I think] "Grace, Space and Pace" and all Jaguars have all three. My S type has the 2.7 V6 Diesel engine with the J gate manual gear control as well as being an automatic. A Touch of the s button will take the car to 140 mph [only on race tracks] and yet will cruise pleasantly along the country lanes in the utmost comfort. Sometimes the Grace element attracts comments and there are those who ask the question about performance. The twin turbos are commented on by some and fuel consumption [I have had 50.2 on a motorway ] by others Just enjoy the experience, Regards Peter.
  6. Hi Graham and welcome to the club. Luckily, I have never had this problem with a car -- I did have a cable problem with a motor cycle which was easily solved. I think that you have correctly diagnosed the probable solutions and a good mechanic could do that job much cheaper than a main dealer. Regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Gareth, I have used a mobile mechanic for over 18 years to do all the work on my cars. He does a great job and has never let me down. He has a very top class diagnostic system, and good if not better than any main dealer. He is collecting my S Type on Monday morning [7.00 am] to fit a failed parking sensor and he will return it later in the morning, And it is not an easy job and the rear bumper has to come off. Regards, Peter.
  8. Thanks Gareth. That garage is quite close to where I live in Sutton Coldfield. Should the horrible thing happen to me it is only 20 minutes away. I will keep a copy in my file should anyone need to use them. I was quoted £174 + VAT for a Jaguar diagnostic test to locate a faulty parking sensor. My mobile mechanic did it for nothing , although I did give him a tenner for coming out in the evening. Regards, Peter.
  9. Welcome to the club, Gareth. Your post was a great one for a first post, and very useful. The content you have given is a MUST! I have never had an issue with the DPF even though I do a lot of short runs and I guess that the reason for that is to make sure you do a long run -- half an hour with the speed over 45 mph [ use the manual gears to keep the revs up]. I also use Premium Fuel and an additive [Millers Eco+ diesel] on very full tank fill up. Please out on the details of the DPF place you went to. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Roger, The s type and the Lincoln share the same floor pan/chassis. It could be possible that suspension and other chassis parts are common. Regards, Peter.
  11. Hi Russ, Replacing rubbers is something I have done for years [except company cars] and for the last few years the local Auto shop would do them for me! It is a bit of a racket when you have to pay £30 for a set of wipers. Peter.
  12. Hi Russ, Unfortunately the wipers on Suzanna's car are not the wipers that should be on, and that is the problem and the reason for the MOT failure. The wipers on all s types after the 2004 facelift differ from those on the pre facelift model. Peter.
  13. Hi Russ, Changing the rubbers would be OK if the wipers were equipped with the washer. Unfortunately the wipers on the s type 2004 -208 are not on Suzanna's car, as they should be. Peter.
  14. Hi Suzanna, The Bosch Blades on my s type [07 plate]. Halfords quite incorrect. Good luck, Peter.
  15. Hi Suzanna and welcome to the club. Just Jags [Myton Automotive] are good -- 01926 427375. I have used them and they are reliable, Joe has also given you some good leads. Regards, Peter.