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  1. Old Peter

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Hi Keith, I have tried the Wynns EGR cleaner with some intermittent success, but I was advised to use Millers Diesel Power Eco plus and it has worked a treat as I have had the code P0402 only once, and a quick squirt into the fuel tank did the job and it took just about 5 minutes running the car. Worth a try. Regards, Peter.
  2. Old Peter

    Poor MPG, Lack of power

    Hi Neil, and welcome to the club.. Black smoke is a fuel problem, possibly not enough air getting through. You could try an additive with your fuel. I use Millers Diesel power Eco Plus, but there are other such as Diesel Magic. I would also suggest using premium fuel. I did think that the 2.2 litre Diesel had a DPF -- the 2.0 litre diesel has not got one. A more expensive cure could be injector replacement. Regards, Peter.
  3. Old Peter

    Space saver spare

    HI Karol, Space saver wheels must have improved since my son's 2006 x-type. The "offending wheel" is the one that got itself into a bad pothole on the road from Lichfield to Fradley. Regards, Peter, P.S. I should have said "Welcome to the Club" -- I hope you enjoy the Club as well as your car.
  4. Old Peter

    paddles or auto for fuel economy?

    Hi Karol, That is a very good example of what can be achieved with steady driving, and shows how good the Ingenium engine is. I have a little widget that I plug in to the OBD2 connection and when installed it tells me how good [or otherwise] my driving is. You have to use an App on your mobile phone which tells you your "marks" as it were. Yesterday we went to Burton-on-Trent from Sutton Coldfield, and it told me that my driving was excellent and that over the 18.8 miles on the return journey I was marked at 92.8% Last week my total drive was 92.6%. Regards, Peter.
  5. Old Peter

    Space saver spare

    Hi Karol, One of my sons has a space saver on his x-type estate, which he had to use several times last winter. He was advised not to exceed 30 mph and to get a new type for the offending wheel ASAP. Peter.
  6. Old Peter

    9&1/2 Weeks!

    Hi Stuart, That's a good start. Preventative maintenance is always much easier that fixing something that is broken. When the 2.7 diesel is running well doing is much more enjoyable, Regards, Peter.
  7. Old Peter

    2002 S Type Auto V6

    Hi Stewart, and welcome to the Club. Not being a mechanical expert I would guess that it is a starter motor problem. I don't understand why the steering lock is mentioned other than to being something electrical. Let us know how it goes. Regards, Peter.
  8. Old Peter

    9&1/2 Weeks!

    Hi Stuart, I use Millers Diesel Power Eco Max which cleans the EGR valves and the DPF. I also do quite a few short runs - 0.7 miles yesterday - and have never had a problem with the DPF since I bought the car in 2013. There is a way of getting rid of the previous owners 'phonebook, as mine was clear when I bought it from Stratstone in Solihull, but I have never bothered to find out how to do it. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  9. Old Peter

    Battery XKR 2000

    Welcome to the Club, Paul. Not having an XKR [Wish I had] I cannot give you an exact answer. My s type battery is a Platinum, and the accessory dealer I went to just looked up the best battery for my car via Google to get one that was suitable;. Having said that, you do need a heavy duty battery and there are very many to choose from with a good reputation. Don't stint though. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Julian, and welcome to the club. I also get the diesel whiff on startup from cold. It only lasts a few seconds. As Paul has said, nothing to worry about. Regards Peter.
  11. Old Peter

    Its hello from me

    Welcome to the Club, Martin. Sharing experiences is one of the things that the club is about. Good things as well as annoying ones are all useful. The s type sometimes has water ingress in the boot, and can be easily located - the XF must have also caught it. I just cleaned up the seals and found that it cured the issue. Regards, Peter.
  12. Old Peter

    Down on Power

    Hi Rich, That's good news. I don't get under cars any more, or even mess around with the engine I found that the occasional blast at 2500 revs often clears out the diesel fuel system. Regards, Peter.
  13. Old Peter

    heater light flashing

    Welcome to the club, David, This happened to a member of the club with a similar model. He did take it to a main dealer who said that the glow plugs and injectors needed replacing at the cost of £1200. He checked with his local garage and they told him about Terraclean, which is a cleaning out of the fuel system. He had it done and all was well. It cost about £120. Before you do that I would suggest you try a fuel additive which I use occasionally with my 2.7D s type. Miller oils have an additive call Diesel power Eco plus which keeps the fuel system clean at a cost of about £15. My son also uses it on his 2.0 litre D x type estate. Two other things you should do is to use premium fuel and when you start your car, always make sure the glow plug light has gone out. Regards, Peter.
  14. Old Peter

    Spare Key s type

    Hi John, There are several auto locksmiths who will do this, but I can't fine one in Yorkshire. FAST KEYS in Essex will need the car to be a their premises -- a bit far away. There is an Independent Jaguar Specialist in Doncaster who's name escapes at the moment run by a well respected specialist named Chris Isles who could probably get it done. Try Googling Jaguar specialist in Doncaster . Get back to me if you can't find the garage. I have also heard that there is a car key specialist in Leeds also. The s Type key appears to be a bit more complicated that others. Regards, Peter.
  15. Old Peter

    Jaguar XF 2.2 TD Sport 2013 (63) - Only 47,000 miles!

    Company cars -- I suffered from the tax on them if you didn't drive 18,000 miles a year in the same car, I copped out as my car was changed every other year in August with about 11,000 in that year segmabr and similar in the following years segment, Maning I did 22,000 miles in a year but in a different car! Hard Luck. I had risen to a Rover 600 when owners BMW stopped making it and I finished up with Toyota Avensis! Peter.