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  1. Old Peter

    Hi all

    Hi Ian, I had 29 years of company cars, and my knowledge of modern cars was negligible as all services and repairs had to go to a main dealer, so buying a Jaguar made me enter into a new experience, with the windscreen wipers coming on when it rained and the lights coming on when it was dark, messages telling you if a door was slightly open, and the dash board lights coming on when something was happening when the ECU didn't like something. The lump hammer was no longer needed in the boot and instead a Code Reader had to be bought. I have had a great time with my S Type, and very little cost with only a water pump needing replacement. The diesel engine in the s type is a very good engine and was developed to a 3.0 litre to meet EU6 requirements for use in the XF and XJ. BUT it does like premium fuel and rewards you with a smooth ride and good mpg for spending an extra 10p a litre. Regards, Peter.
  2. Old Peter

    Hi all

    Welcome to the club, Ian. You will enjoy the Jaguar experience -- much different from other makes of car. The club is about sharing experiences, and I think you will find that very useful. Regards, Peter.
  3. Welcome to the club, Lady R.

    Computers are something you cannot fix with a lump hammer.  Pity!

    I also had the same on my s type, but I managed to delete it with my cheap code reader.





    1. LadyRobben


      Peter, I have deleted til my code reader needed new batteries.  One of my son's is a mechanic and also has a Jag.  He fights with his as well.  

    2. Old Peter

      Old Peter

      That's the trouble with computers.  I have been very lucky with the S Type in just having very rare problems.


  4. Old Peter

    New member:

    Hi Frank, When I was living in Widnes I used to cycle around your area -- a nice day out with fresh air instead of the smell of sulphuric Acts. I use Shell V Power , although BP premium fuel is good. I have a Shell Station just up the road. I also use Millers Eco Plus [Diesel] in the tank once every second or third fill up. I find it gives you a better mpg and it does keep your Diesel Particulate filter clean, and stops the EGR valves getting sticky, as well giving you a smooth ride. Going down to Dorset last month I got 44.5mpg on the way down and 44.4 mpg on the way back mostly at between 60 and 70 mph. Regards, Peter.
  5. Old Peter

    New member:

    Hi Frank, If your car is a diesel, make sure you use premium fuel -- a class car deserves top fuel! What part of Lancashire do you live? I was born and lived for 33 years in Widnes before seeking fame and fortune elsewhere. Regards, Peter.
  6. Old Peter

    New member:

    Welcome to the Club, Frank. Your XJ is the Jaguar Flagship car, and rightly so. The Jaguar experience is quite unique and you can feel that when you drive. I hope you also enjoy the club and share experiences. Regards Peter. [There were two of us, also]
  7. Old Peter

    2000 3.0 V6 - New member..going to take a look

    Welcome to the Club, Carl. Like you, I have always wanted a Jaguar since I saw a friend restoring a Mk 1 in 1963. It took a long time but I have now had my s type for just over 5 years and have really enjoyed the drive, and the comfort. Joe has given you some good advice, and yes, they can rust, but a bit of good news [for me] is mine are OK! Regards, Peter.
  8. Old Peter

    Dead car

    Hi Jim, Sound as if either your battery connections need attention or that you battery needs fully charging or needs replacing. Peter.
  9. Old Peter

    Rear parking sensors on my Jaguar

    I think that those who walk a few dogs together would have a a lead no longer than 6 feet. I have seen the same in my road, where these "elasticated" leads allow dogs to be nowhere near their owners. Peter.
  10. Old Peter

    Age of Battery?

    I changed my battery in December 2016, when it was just 5 years old. We have a small accessory shop very close to where we Iive which I always use. I got a Platinum Battery fitted for £102. They are heavy things to lift! Peter.
  11. Old Peter

    MOT - Time

    Hi David, I always book my S Type in for MOT quite early. This year, and for the first time I got a fail, but there is a twist in the tail. I had two headlamp bulbs fitted by Halfords -- just 20% better front lighting. The failure was due to the fact that the setting was way out from the correct one. Luckily, the tester readjusted the setting and retested at no extra cost. Guess the moral of the story! Regards, Peter.
  12. Old Peter

    I have made it!

    Welcome to the club, Stuart. Not a good start, but I am sure that when it gets fixed you will certainly enjoy the S Type. I have a similar model to yours and the 2.7 diesel is a great engine, quite quick and very economical, with bags of room inside. I think that the touch screen unit is possible and there are several knowledgeable members who can advise. When Paul [Raistlin] spots this post I am sure he will give you some very expert advice. Regards, Peter.
  13. Old Peter

    Windscreen reflections

    Hi Ronnie and welcome to the club, I have not come across windscreen refection , but that is possibly due to the fact I am just 5' 6", and find the s type seating rather good. I think Joe has suggested something that could work. Regards, Peter.
  14. Old Peter

    Hi to all - new XF owner signing up

    Welcome to the club, J. I had an x type that colour, with barley leather interior. The interior on your car looks great. The roadholding on the XF is inherited from the S Type and you will enjoy the drive on the XF. Regards, Peter.
  15. Old Peter

    Redex & other fuel additives

    Hi Seamus and welcome to the Club. What engine does you car have? If it is a diesel engine, I would recommend Millers Eco Plus [diesel] which I use and which keeps the fuel system clean. Since starting to use it a couple of years ago I have never had the engine amber warning light come on telling me the EGR valves needed cleaning. I also recommend you use Premium Fuel as it does give a better mpg and a smoother ride. Regards, Peter.