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  1. Hi Tony, Your owners manual should tell you what your tickover revs should be, My S type has the V6 2.7 litre diesel engine, and my manual ays that it should be 750 rpm at tickover. And at 70 mph it runs at 2100 rpm. Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Tony, And welcome to the club. I had a 2005 2.5 litre petrol x type with a 5 speed manual gearbox that showed a 1500 rpm at 70 mph which is about right for the smaller engine. I guess that 1300rpm for the 3.0 engine is about right. Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Graham, I will be going with one of my sons who is a Jaguar owner... Look out for my s type. Regards Peter.
  4. Welcome to the Club, Marcus. I am a little surprised that your XF does not have the manual fling mirrors which are standard on my S Type, as also the left and right temperatures which are also standard on the s type. I do not know the dashboard lay out on the XF but I thought that there would not be much difference with a 2007 S type. I will have a look around images of the XF dashboard to see if there is anything you might have missed. Regards, Peter.
  5. Hi Mohammed, and welcome to the club. You car needs about a 30 minute run at least once month to regenerate the DPF. If the amber light comes on that is a warning to regenerate and should never be disregarded. You should now have your car taken to a garage to have it regenerated mechanically. If that doesn't work you will need to have it replaced. ££££. But a warning! Do not have the DPF removed as it is an automatic MOT failure. I have never had a problem with my 2.7 diesel in the six years I have had it, and although i mostly do short runs I make sure I have that longer run once a month. I also use premium fuel, and every fill up I give the car some Millers Diesel Eco plus which does give the fuel system a good clean. Regards, Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, Graham. An XJS is such a good condition and with such a good history should make a very good price, and I would not consider an auction unless it was organised by a classic car club. I would be inclined to take the car to somewhere where Jaguar Owners and enthusiasts attend, such as the monthly breakfast meet at the Gaydon Museum, or some other similar event such as the Coventry Jaguar even on the 29th June. I would not immediately ask for a price, but putting up a car with its history details on the windscreen and a For Sale Card on the windscreen should attract a good price. At a guess, an XJS/Classic Car enthusiast should offer a good price and over the £20k mark. Good luck, Regards, Peter.
  7. Welcome to the club, John. I had the same problem las week, after we had a period of cold weather. The snowflake remained on the dashboard when it was getting quite warm, I had heard that some diesel engines stay warm for a much longer period than petrol engines, so I assumed they would also stay colder longer. As I had not used my car for a couple of days I guessed that it might rectify itself and as I was going on a drive that would take half an hour each way I thought I would do nothing. The snowflake disappeared and the temperature rectified before the half hour on the outward journey was up. It could have been the Webasto Auxiliary heater not coming on that was the problem, and putting the fuse back is worth trying. Regards, Peter.
  8. Welcome to the club, Barry. You can charge your battery in situ. I have a Ctec charger in the boot of my s Type and charge my battery every two weeks if I have not had any long runs. I have an outside electric point outside my garage. Regards, Peter.
  9. Welcome to the Club, Mark. The s type is a great car and well worth spending a few shillings now and then to keep it on top form. I used to live and work in Shotton for some years. I worked in the Steelworks in its boom time. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Jon, I have spent 20 years avoiding Audis. I think the Owners Manual for Audis reads:- 1. Disregard all speed limits. 2. Tailgate whenever possible, especially in built up areas, and motorways. 3. Never use trafficators. 4. Cut corners. 5. And when parking make sure you park on double yellow lines. Peter.
  11. Hi Dominic, My s type is a 2.7 diesel and I always us shell V power -- premium. It seems to suit the diesel engine, especially on a long run where my average performance is circa 46 mpg with a record 50.2 mpg on the M1 when there was a 50 mph speed limit for 45 miles. But a diesel is much different from the petrol engine. 37 mpg for the 3.0 litre engine does sound very good and keeping the fuel system cleaned can save a big bill. I would be inclined to use the premium fuel for a a while a see if you can feel the difference. Regards, Peter.
  12. That's a long trip, Donald. I have visited Scotland quite a lot, from climbing in the Cuillins to drink to many places, and a bit by boat to Iona and Staffa. And when they had Steelworks in Scotland they knew me well. I only found out on my son's wedding that I was known as "The wee Man." Regards, Peter.
  13. Hi Jon, and welcome to the club. This is an old post and you are unlikely to get a reply. Earthing or a fuse are the likely answers. Regards, Peter.
  14. Welcome to the Club, Donald. You will enjoy the Jaguar experience ---- we make good cars in the Midlands! Regards, Peter.
  15. Jaguar entered into the market for Diesel cars very late in time and long after Mercedes and BMW did. They were then under the ownership of Ford who had several diesel engines across their various car models. The then Government were supporting the manufacture and usage of diesel engine as they gave out less CO2. The Government did not consider Nitrogen or any particles that might be expelled through the exhaust system. Jaguar [under Ford] did produce some rather good diesel engines and the cars in which they were installed did sell very well. When TATA bought Jaguar they built an large engine plant near Wolverhampton which made the Ingenium engine in both diesel and petrol versions which are also very good engines. Then both the EU and the Government began to demonise diesels and seemed to disregard those engines in Taxis, lorries, vans etc. My s type with a 2.7 Diesel engine will not now be allowed into Birmingham or London City centres. [I will not drive into either in any case] Joe is quite correct and although Jaguar might regret the move to diesel, I think that their engineers are on the move to build lighter cars with smaller but more powerful engines. The use of aluminium instead of steel does not seem to bother TATA even though they own the Port Talbot Works. Many people do not know that India has the largest [about 71%] of the worlds supply of Bauxite [Aluminium Ore] and Iceland have a large Aluminium producer which can manufacture the product very cheaply due to electric power, much needed in any smelter. I won't be around in 20 years when the all electric cars are whizzing round the world, but the climate will be better. Hopefully]. Peter.