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  1. Dave There are that many x types about that parts will be available for years. Besides there are loads of Jaguar breakers out there where you can get cheaper used parts anyway. Jaguar itself runs a classic parts service where you can still get parts for some of the cars now considered classic from years ago. I personally don't think it will be a problem. As long as its got service history with it it should be ok. Bought my 02 x type 2.0 petrol 3 years ago now and had no trouble at all with it. Its now showing 65000 miles.
  2. I think it should be ok. I seem to remember seeing somewhere about it affecting oil seals, but can't be sure. I'm sure if it was that big an issue it would be common knowledge and there would be a warning on the engine.
  3. In my handbook for my 02 x type it says "Jaguar do not recommend the use of Synthetic Oil in the V6 engine". I wrote to Jaguar to enquire about this and they replied saying they don't recommend fully synthetic but semi is ok. Which is just as well as you can't buy much else these days. :)
  4. Dan you know Jaguar don't reccommend fully synthetic oil in the V6 engine don't you?
  5. Ok well since I passed my test in 1987 Fiat 127 Mini Van Nissan Micra Ford Fiesta Ford Escort Bonus 90 Ford Escort 1.4 Ford Escort 1.8 diesel Ford Escort 1.8 turbo diesel Ford Escort 1.6 Finesse (which was wrote off after 3 weeks when someone rammed into it!) Ford Escort 1.6 Finesse Ford Mondeo 1.8 BMW 318i E36 BMW 316ise E46 Jaguar X Type and cars I've had for work VW Polo Ford Escort 1.3 Skoda Felicia I've still got the Jaguar and the Skoda. Am I the only person in the world to own what are two very different cars!
  6. Thanks Steve In the handbook it says that Jaguar does not recommend the use of synthetic oil in the V6 engine. I emailed Jaguar to clarify the situation as non synthetic oils are hard to find these days. They replied by saying that only fully synthetic oil is not recommended. Semi-synthetic is fine to use.
  7. Hi Everyone. I'm wanting to change the oil on my 2.0 V6 petrol X-type. I wondered if any members could recommend a good oil to use. Thanks
  8. I've heard that if the lock dirt flap on the drivers door sticks open it can cause locking problems.
  9. Very nice but I can't help thinking that the rear lights don't look right on the xj
  10. I was wondering apart from the factory tour is there any get togethers arranged for this year
  11. Been into The Works shop in Huddersfield today and picked up a book. It's called Jaguar Marketing the Marque - The history of Jaguar seen through it's advertising, brochures and catalogues by Nigel Thorley. It's a Haynes book and covers cars from Swallow right up to the XK in full colour. Now the best bit it was only £4.99 which is great seeing as the price inside the cover is £25. Check out your local Works to see if they have a copy.
  12. Just thought I'd share this with the other members. My washers stopped working. I could hear the motor buzzing but no water. I know it's been cold but plenty of screen wash in and not frozen. Took o/s (drivers side) front wheel off and then 3 screws from front of plastic wheel arch. If you release it from the bumper you can hold it to one side to get to the washer motor. Unclip the wire/plug and pull off washer pipe. Pull the motor upwards until it comes out. Prise out the rubber seal from the bottle and examine. It is a gauze type filter. Mine was blocked by blue slime so I cleaned it out with a small nailbrush. While all this is apart it might be best to flush the bottle out with clean water as I did letting it drain from the hole where the rubber seal goes. Then rebuild and everything should be fine. As an afterthought maybe this can be done with the wheel on if turned fully left but as I haven't tried it I can't say for sure. The electric plug got wet during this so I dried it out with kitchen towel then sprayed it with WD40 just to be safe.
  13. Got it today well pleased thank you. Pics to follow.
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