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  1. Well, I would certainly be able to carry my fishing gear, I have seen some people with these L200 types. What is it you have?
  2. Hoping to part exchange my 2011 Jaguar XF 3.0 D Premium Luxury for a similar condition tow car which must be automatic. I like Shogun's as I already have a manual one (Shogun Sport) but if anybody on here has something I can tow a 1610Kg caravan with I might be interested in other makes!
  3. V6Leaper


    My Jaguar XF 3.0D Premium Luxury. (Claret Red on I believe 19" Caravela Alloys). Perhaps someone could confirm the wheels?
  4. V6Leaper

    Towing with my XF

    So, after resisting a desire to purchase a lovely caravan here I am still pondering. I deliberately missed out on a lovely Bessacarr 625GL even after my low offer was accepted! Something wasn't right and I think it's all down to my (towing) car! I might bite the bullet and grab an end of season caravan bargain (I'm not buying new) as some people will no doubt want to sell having had their holidays and in some cases, to prevent having to pay storage for the caravan! Yes, now is a good time to buy. I would still like to know what my car is actually allowed to tow though, so have attached a picture of the sticker which shows (I think) the towing weight allowed for my vehicle. The sticker is located inside of the nearside door forward post. Can anybody translate the confusing list of weights with an explanation of what each represents please? Regards Graham
  5. V6Leaper

    Towing with my XF

    Cheers everyone, I havn't rushed out and bought a caravan yet. I had seen a couple that I really liked but in the end, I decided the XF isn't really a tow vehicle so have stopped looking at least for the time being!
  6. V6Leaper

    Towing with my XF

    Thank you Peter. I am still confused and even more so due to looking wider at various caravans. How lovely some of them are. Regards Graham
  7. Hi, I am shortly to purchase a caravan. I already have a tow car (Shogun Sport 2.5Tdi) which will do the job, although I would really like to tow with my XF 3.0l Diesel Premium Luxury. I have searched the maximum tow loads and have found at least a couple of confusing specifications. On one site called UKtow.com it stated my car (but a year 2009 (mine is a 2011)), as towing weight of 1678kg. On another site towingcapacity.co.uk it gave unbraked max as 750kg and braked max as 1850kg. Does anyone have anything that can give me positive guides here please? Also, while I am close to choosing the caravan, has anyone had a towbar fitted to an XF? I wouldn't mind a pointer to where I should go. I do have someone who could fit one at my workshop although I won't let them loose on the wiring and as I would require split charging this might be challenging with the XF's electrics? Regards Graham
  8. V6Leaper

    If there's a cure for this I don't want it

    Surely that picture of the lady wearing a red top isn't your Mum as you stated she is 83yrs old? Anyhow, nice to read how she became a Jaguar owner. Moving on, the XF is such an amazing car. Luxury travel and every drive is a treat! I used to own an X type which is a totally different car. I can't comment on the S type as I havn't owned one of those, although I am told they are also very comfortable. I love my XF 3.0D Premium Luxury (2011) but if I where looking for a replacement I would have a look at a Portfolio S. Regards Graham
  9. V6Leaper

    Glove compartment button

    I will keep an eye on it. I am sure it was lit when lights are. Unless I have turned it off when messing around when I examined the Valet mode maybe?
  10. Jaguar XF 3.0D Premium Luxury Electronic button that opens the glove box - is this usually illuminated when the vehicle lights are on? (The actual light inside the glove box works. I am just referring to the button that opens the glove compartment). I feel sure it always used to be lit when the vehicle running lights are on. Is this correct? Next question, is it easy to get at to replace the bulb? Regards Graham
  11. V6Leaper

    Flat Battery (Again)!!!

    Interesting that one. Thanks Joe. How on earth would anyone think of that one until you mention the multimeter!
  12. V6Leaper

    Flat Battery (Again)!!!

    Thanks Joe and Ron. I now have my Ctek MXS 7.0 and have it hooked up to the Jag so I feel confident for the time being until that switch has been checked out or until the fault is eventually traced! Service is due in March but hoping to get this electrical glitch sorted before then. Anyhow for now at least, I shouldn't have battery drain at home! Joe, I do have a multimeter but I would need a dummy's list to know how to use it for this task which is why I paid for the car to be looked at professionally by the guy's called "Jagutech of Hessle, Hull"! The two guys there have umpteen years experience working for Hatfield Jaguar before forming this company specialising in Jaguar's so I do feel confident with them. This is a 2011Jaguar XF 3.0D so no key/flap operation. Everything is electronic I am afraid! Also, Jagutech have already given the car a good going over and performed all test's but could not find any fault whatsoever! Therefore, I am wanting that switch examined by experts. I do know of a car electrical company who might just save the day. I will pop in later in the week. I eventually bought the Ctek MXS 7.0 from Halfords (I did spot Amazon's price for the MXS 5.0 as pictured below for the three items I wanted):- Frequently bought together + + Amazon total price: £87.87 However, in Halfords new year sale, they had reduced the MXS 7.0 to £89.50 thereby already saving greatly before even paying with my J.O.C. discount card (smirk). This is the newer version two notches up from the MXS 5.0 (which itself is well capable of doing the job). However for about the same price, give or take a couple of quid I spotted the MXS 7.0. So I thought, for about the same price, why have Cotton when you can have Silk? Oh, and thank you once again Jaguar Owners Club for this EXTRA 15 per cent discount at Halfords! Halfords Ctek Batt Charger MXS7.0 £89.50 Ctek Comf M8 Direct Conn £ 4.99 Ctek 2.5m Ext Cable £11.99 Total £106.48 Coupons £ 15.96 Halfords Total Price (J.O.C.) £ 90.52 Regards Graham
  13. My other thread named simply, "Flat Battery" has turned into a history lesson (no complaint, just that the page doesn't read as easy) so I have started a new thread seeing as the same problem happened two days ago during -2 degrees below freezing!!! : - Read my first thread to see that I took the car in to get sorted, and thought it had until - - - Outside temperature dropped below -2 degrees and at 2am I was awoken by the car alarm sounding. Not as loud as it should be, but then this may have been sounding for some time and battery was nearly flat? Anyhow, cancelled with my key fob ok. But then no power to unlock the doors so I popped open the boot manually and gave the battery a boost start using the Ring bench charger. It started first attempt easily during freezing temperature! I then gave the battery a full charge on 8 amp charge all day. While I was sat in the car wondering what the hell could be causing this very unusual fault (which DOES NOT record any fault codes on the computer (as confirmed by Jagutech of Hessle)), I heard this faint tick tick noise coming from the front passenger seat. Looking further into this, I found the electronic seat switch slightly out of alignment like someone or something has bashed it. That is where the noise was coming from! It is the long thin switch which moves the seat backward and forward. I moved it in it's various positions and I think I might have found a fault if not THE fault! When I moved the seat forwards, it did not stop it's motor. Simply the seat came to a stop but the motor trying to still go forwards. The same applied to the backwards movement. It was possible (for now) to get a happy medium whereby the motor does behave and this was done by rapidly flicking the direction of the switch in the opposite way that the chair was moving. Then the ticking noise ceased. The switch itself doesn't seem to come apart easily. It might be a very easy fix as it doesn't look damaged, merely that one side has "popped" out might be preventing the isolator being engaged when the seat reaches it's maximum position so maybe just wants reseating? I have just two questions to you Jaguar experts - Is it likely that the faulty power seat switch would have drained the battery since last using the car, probably 12 hours earlier? And assuming this intermittent fault was the cause of my previous flat battery, WHY on earth did this not show on the Jaguar system analysis? I had that carried out by the independent Jaguar garage that I use for servicing? Regards Graham Footnote - - - I have ordered a CTEK MXS7.0 Battery Charger battery charger/conditioner from Halfords although won't be with me until 18th January. That hopefully will at least keep a healthy battery. That is, as long as the power seat switch IS the cause of the problem. Everything appears to be otherwise perfect on the car apart from, I still have a slight suspicion regarding the alarm (when arming) as this usually takes two or three attempts before it locks! And it is not the fob because the same happens if I use the spare fob! Unlocking always responds immediately). Time will tell!
  14. V6Leaper

    Flat battery