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  1. It has the 3.0 petrol engine and that should be 140mph rather than 170! She’d try it though.
  2. My cat is definitely a “he” and he’s called Big Willy!
  3. Peter, I thank you for your kind words and wisdom. I will let my mother know that one of her contemporaries shares a passion for adventure! I did warn her against testing the 170mph limit of the S-Type. Her response: You know that I have a heavy foot.
  4. Ok club members, I’m hooked. I brought my first Jaguar, a 2006 S-type and a real beauty (see photo #1). My 83y.o. mother saw photos of it and wanted one for her own. I should add that I’m in London and she’s in Indiana. So being the good (and only) son, I bought her a 2006 S-type. It needed quite a bit of attention and I’ve made sure that is sorted. She loves it! (See photo #2) The interior leathers will get a good clean and conditioning in a fortnight. Now for my dilemma. I am thinking of another purchase. This time a 2010 XF. I haven’t found the right one yet but I’m looking. Have I lost my mind? Clearly there’s no cure.
  5. Welcome Samuel! I hope that you get as much joy from your S-Type as I do. All the best, Gary
  6. I'm happy to report that my new-to-me S-type passed his MOT today with no issues, too. A very good feeling.
  7. Thanks Steve, I think that I'll look elsewhere as I wasn't impressed when I rang them previously. The google reviews certainly reminded me of my initial experience. Ta
  8. Has anyone had any experience using JLC in Herne Hill, southeast London? I'm looking for a dependable service provider for my S-Type.
  9. Peter, I also tried that site. It claims (wrongly) that my VIN is for an X type with 174k miles! Thankfully Joe has helped me and it's all sorted now. Thanks to all for the advice. Gary
  10. Joe, I have actually tried TOPIX without success beyond the basic info, e.g. Year and Model. I will pm you once I figure out how to do so! G