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  1. Steve b22

    Which one should we go for?

    I’ve only just seen the posts, a bit late probably, but I’ve had my xf 2.2d 13 plate sportsbrake for two years now, trouble free, the load space being 2nd only to Dr Who’s Tardis 😊 Enjoy your Jag
  2. Steve b22

    Sportbrake tailgate logo

    On my 2013 sports brake it is 105mm and 145mm respectively, enjoy your Jag😊
  3. Steve b22

    Possible XF owner....

    Hi Adam I don't know if there are any usual troubles, Ive had my sportsbrake for two years and the only problem I had was erg valves and that was when the warranty was active. How ever the on board sat nav seems to take long winded routes so I tend to look at a map first. On the whole quite chuffed😊
  4. Steve b22

    Merry Christmas all

    Seasons greetings IMG_4942.HEIC
  5. Steve b22


    Had to be done really 😊
  6. Steve b22

    XF going to power save while watching DVD

    I wonder if manufacturers will start thinking about a leisure battery, like a boat for example, a bit over the top some may think, but it wouldn't have to be big just to run radio & 12v sockets......perhaps they have🤔
  7. Steve b22

    Service interval

    Thanks for your info folks, if she don't start moaning soon, I'll sort one anyway
  8. Steve b22

    Service interval

    Good day all Ive had my xf sports brake now for almost 12 months and well chuffed with it. I've done some 13.5k miles on it. (Don't know where Ive been, its my pleasure only vehicle not work). Any way my question is, is there a service due indicator on it, if not what is the interval is the service? I would expect it any minute. Thanks in anticipation
  9. Steve b22

    A tick on my bucket list

    Good choice, missed out on one of those a while ago, I do like the xf estate though🙂
  10. I thought I'd share my near extreemly high bill escape. Whilst getting out of my works van with some items for a customer, I heard a "ting" as something fell to the ground, checking my items I found I had everything and thought it must have been something else I heard. Moving swiftly on to getting home 2 hours later and hanging the keys up, to my horror the emergency key cover was missing....along with the key! So I drove back the 10 miles to the address, and after a few moments I spotted the cover, in the middle of the road, slightly sctatched, it had been driven over at least once, but in one piece, alas no sign of the key, I checked coat pocket, no joy, and lo and behold on the foot well of the van there it was. I think I might keep it on a seperate ring now.
  11. Steve b22

    Winter Tyres

    But I'll keep an eye on the thread
  12. Steve b22

    Winter Tyres

    I've never given it a thought Marc, perhaps I'll use my van if it gets that risky😊
  13. Steve b22

    XF Sportsbrake rear screen washer jet

    We're a rare breed in my neck of the woods, only seen one and that was black. enjoy!👍
  14. Steve b22

    XF Sportsbrake rear screen washer jet

    Hi Marc it is at the top of the window, above the midle of the blade...ish, I dont know if it has its own tank though.....only had mine 3 weeks, not looked yet!
  15. Steve b22

    Sports brake luggage fittings

    Cheers Dave