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  1. Taurian


    I would imagine only live when ignition on but very easy to check - just plug something like a phone charger in and see the result.
  2. Peter, The OP said that he had replaced the bulbs to no avail.
  3. Thanks for the info - look forward to hearing about the results when you've had it done.
  4. Hi Anthony, i also own a 2015 XF 2.2d. What sort of cost is involved in a stage 1 remap and what improvement in mpg is envisaged ? Regards Ian
  5. Hi Dom, I agree - the later models are not as nice in my opinion. I don't think the trim is as good quality as the earlier models. Mine is 2.2d (200) Premium Luxury in midnight blue. Yes, I'd like an I-Pace, but they are going to have to be cheaper than £63 k for me to be interested !! Regards Ian
  6. Hi Dom, thanks for your reply. I had just found the nozzle under the roof spoiler ! I'm hoping its just a blocked nozzle as it might be quite a job to trace the water tube run. Regards Ian
  7. The spray action on my 2015 Sportbrake has recently stopped working. I can hear the pump working but there is no water going onto the screen. I can't find where the water comes from for the rear wiper. Is it incorporated into the rear wiper arm ? The front wash works perfectly so there is sufficient liquid in the bottle. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi Trevor, When I bought my 2015 Sportbrake I found the Stop/Start didn't work. I wasn't overly worried by this as I didn't think I would use it very often. However, I was experiencing an unexplained slight battery drain which meant that sometimes when starting the car, the vents did not open and the start button was not illuminated. On checking the battery with a multimeter, I found the level was about only 12 volts. I got the car booked into the dealer and they found that there was a problem with something called a gateway which was replaced and I have now got full stop/start function and no battery drain. If you bought from a dealer, get it booked in and get them to sort it under warranty. If not you are going to have to bite the bullet and spend some money to get it rectified ! As to the climate control, if it is not being activated by pressing the "auto" button on the dashboard, you obviously have a fault there. That setting should remain active until you manually turn off the air con What happens when you press your auto button ? Cant advise on re-map. I get about 35mpg around town and about 50 on a long run which I'm quite happy with.
  9. I cannot compete with the mileage achieved by bmcl6. I typically get 35 mpg around town and recently achieved 50 mpg on a trip to Devon and back - some 550 miles.
  10. I think you may have been right when you suggested the possibility of a lazy alternator Jon. I bought one of those volt meters that plug into the cigar lighter socket and gives a constant voltage reading. On the last few trips it has shown 12.5v, 13.2v and 14.7v. Clearly the alternator is not charging the battery all the time. The car has a 2 year warranty so I will be contacting Granges service dept. next week and get them to rectify the problem.
  11. I've checked the alternator Jon and its charging at 14.7 - 14.8 so I don't think it's an alternator problem. Anyone else got any suggestions ??
  12. Have you looked at car breakers ? There are a number that you can do a parts search on line and they will email you if they have the part you need and give you a price inc postage.
  13. Thanks for your reply Jon. That's interesting. I'll get the alternator checked out when I get my next service.
  14. I've had my 2015 XF for 5 month now and am generally very pleased with it - with exception to the performance of the battery. It is true that I make daily round trip journies of less than 10 miles, but if I dont use the car for a day, the battery level is such that the pulsating start button is not illuminated and the heating vents do not open. This tells me that there is insufficient power left in the battery to operate these functions. I know there are a shed load of electronics in use in the car but I would prefer not to have to put the battery on charge a couple of time a week. The vehicle came with a brand new battery when I bought the car so do not suspect a faulty battery. Clearly the problems are more apparent in the winter months with there being more drain on the battery than in summer months. Does any other XF owner have this problem or is it solely down to the lack of miles i complete ?
  15. My stop/start has never worked since I bought the car back in August ! I know it's not the battery as a new one was fitted prior to collection. To be honest, I'm not too worried about it as there are enough electronics in the vehicle taxing the battery already and it would just be an additional drain.