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  1. On my 2015 sport brake, the boot opens all the way. I don't see the point in the boot only opening a little way.
  2. This topic has come up a few times on the forum so do a search and see if you can find the thread. As i recall, if you order an update from Jaguar you will need to arrange a new mortgage. There are quite a few people selling updates on the likes of eBay, but seem to remember someone saying that it took forever to download and was not as satisfactory an experience as was hoped for. Would be interested to know if you do manage to resolve the update and look forward to hearing from you in the future. Good luck.
  3. Just for clarity - you are discussing problems with an XE but your profile states you have an XF. Is this just a mistake on your profile ?
  4. I've just looked on the internet and searched Jaguar 2012 XF boot gas struts and it came up with loads of them. I can't believe that they cannot be supplied for a 2012 XF. Can you find the part number of your existing struts?
  5. I don't know of any garages in your area but I personally would prefer a Jag indy for the service. A google search should identify a suitable indy in your area I should imagine.
  6. Just looked on eBay, seem to be quite a few on there. Good luck !
  7. Hi John, thanks for your suggestions. There is a facility to disable the alarm sensors via the touch screen, but in so doing you get a warning message flash up to refer to the hand book. I don't really want to keep clearing the warning message every time i start the car plus I'm not sure if I'm comfortable disabling any alarm sensors anyway. I think a dealer visit is my only option, apart from putting up with the beeps that is. Appreciate you trying to help. PS. I did try locking , unlocking and slamming the doors but that didn't do anything apart from soliciting strange looks
  8. Hmmm, That's a bit naughty in my book !! What else isn't he telling you I wonder?
  9. I don't think he is picking it up until the end of the month Jon
  10. Hi John Just to be clear, I get the 2 beeps on unlocking, either by handle or fob. When I double lock the car I get 1 beep which is what it should be. I have just check the fuel flap and that is correctly locked with the rest of the car, so the mystery continues. Interestingly I do not get the beeps when I open the boot. I have been reading some other forums recently and it appears the 2 beeps on unlocking is not uncommon but nobody has come up with a single definitive reason why this happens. I am going to have to go back to the main dealer so they can run their
  11. i'm not here to burst your bubble Steven but I strongly believe that the seller wants to sell more than you want to buy. Like you, I always want the best deal I can get and the dealer will not let you walk away for the sake of a few quid. If they won't back down over a small discount ( although i firmly believe they would rather than lose the sale) insist on something like a full tank of diesel/petrol etc. I know it's a bit late now as you have agreed the price, but if you are in the market for a new vehicle in the future - go in hard with a silly discount and they will probably give yo
  12. I'm surprised you couldn't get a discount of some sort as I presume you are a cash buyer and not part exchanging. Iv'e always pretended to walk away unless they sweetened the deal ! I'm afraid I'm old school and would not buy a car unseen as you are doing. If there are any problems during the warranty period, it's a hell of a long way to take it back to the dealer !!
  13. Well I'm sorry to say that the double beep on door opening is back. Does anyone know if the £20 - 30 code readers that are freely available on the likes of eBay will tell me which door lock (if any ) is causing the problem ?
  14. All handbooks seem to recommend removing battery for charging but I know of no body that ever does it. When I first got my XF I asked the main dealer if it was necessary to remove the battery before charging and they said definitely not. Its just the manufacturers covering their respective arses ! As to chargers you need one that will properly maintain the battery and capable of handling AGM batteries ( if that is what you have ) I use a C-TEK with no problems.
  15. Is this when ignition on and engine running whilst stationary or when the car is in motion ? Either way it's a new one on me !
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