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  1. UPDATE So, after 10 days of thorough investigation and testing it would appear the issue is a failing HP Fuel Pump. Seems the pump was only operating to a max 500 psi so could cope with day to day poodling about but when requiring more fuel to overtake or motorway driving it couldn't reach the 1200 psi it might need. Good to finally resolve and have renewed trust, not so good for the pocket!
  2. Clive, thanks fella, I shall pass along. The chap / friend I use is an ex Jag service manager, I'm sure he'd get to that eventually but anything that shortens the journey is appreciated. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. 2013 xf 3.0d S 107k miles. 4 weeks ago whilst overtaking on motorway at 70+mph engine died in outside lane with no fault lights. No error codes on diagnosis, water found in fuel filter so assumed contaminated fuel. New fuel filter, tank, pipes etc cleaned. Car drove fine but on way home having had 24 hours of road test died again when overtaking at 60 mph. System recleaned and all seemed OK until yesterday on the motorway it died again in outside lane. Again no fault codes, fuel pumps seem OK. Car had been driven at same speed, revs etc since fix. Jag specialist has been working on it. Id
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