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  1. Hi, I've just had my gearbox 'megaflushed' and oil change (130,000 Miles), and was told that the oil was very dirty. When I said I was following the recommended time (10 years or 150,000 miles), I was told to forget recommended time, all automatic gearboxes should have an oil change at 60,000 miles, as he said, "you wouldn't leave your engine oil in that long". Is this generally known, or am I playing catch-up as usual ?
  2. Hi. When I returned to my car in a car park, some nice person had parked so close that I could not get into my seat ( I'm not the thinnest OAP in the world). After faffing about on the passenger side and with the use of a brolly to press on the brake pedal, I manged to start the car and edge it forward enough to get in. My question is, is there a way to release the brake and get the car in neutral without putting on a grand display to passing crowds? Second: I was north bound on the M5 yesterday, the normal 40 min trip took just over 3 hours. In that time I noticed that the handbrake lever was getting hotter and hotter, although later it cooled down. Was this just a by product of the starting and crawling and stopping of the trip or something to check on? Regards
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a go.
  4. Just a quick question, can you reach the aircon top up valve behind the nearside front wheel without removing the wheel? Regards
  5. Yeah ! Thanks for that, after a good blast of silicon spray, a silent wheel.
  6. Thank you for that, I'll give it a try. I was a bit wary of ruining something electrical.
  7. Hi Recently, when the steering wheel moves into place when I start the car, it does so with a scrapie/groaning sound. I was wondering if it's rubbing against something as it moves into place or is there some sort of gearing that need lubricating? An help would be appreciated as my wife gives me a funny look when it happens and I swear it's not me or my backside.
  8. For the small price of a new battery, is it worth it?
  9. I had this problem when I bought my car, unfortunately the little yellow tool had a tooth broken off and did not work, got a new one off of Ebay.
  10. Hi, better late than never. I had this problem, and with a search of YouTube found the answer. You remove the cover under the offside rear seat, remove the lid and, floating loose inside the tank, is a two wire connector. Give this a clean, reassemble and problem gone. I'd never done it before and the whole job was done in under an hour.
  11. Okay, silly question time. When You open the boot from the key fob should the lid just pop open a shade or fully open? Ever since I've owned this car the boot has just pop open a crack, but over the last few weeks, it now opens fully. I'm just curious as to which, if any, is the correct operation. (Maybe it's the heat and the hot air's trying to get out :) )
  12. According to their website their oil match all the standards required, you just enter your reg number and full details are given.
  13. Has anyone any knowledge of this oil? https://www.carlube.co.uk/ It's amazingly cheap on Ebay
  14. Thanks for that, I hope it helps.
  15. Well ! Thanks to Youtube, I fixed the problem. it appears that there's a two pin connector actually in the fuel tank. I removed the rear seat, lifted the plastic diaphragm, disconnected the two fuel lines, opened the locking ring, lifted the unit and cleaned the little connector. For someone who was on a voyage of discovery, it took from lifting seat to replacing seat just under an hour. No low fuel warning and no £££ to a garage. * Feeling smug* I hope it lasts.
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