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  1. Hi John I fell for this, after jabbing away for ages, it turned out the voice control is not fitted on my car. (or maybe it just doesn't like my bad language 🙂 ) Regards Phil
  2. Hi, Thanks Joe I was quite impressed when I saw them, thinking that those Jag boys think of everything. 🙂 Wrong! Regards Phil
  3. Well ! That was a quick search. 4pcs Universal Car Wireless LED Door Opened Warning Signal Light Safety Set Sale. Ebay
  4. Thanks for the replies. So, my little red disco lights are not standard, pity, it's the thing everyone notices when they get in. Ah well! it will make an interesting Goole search. I was going to add a picture but it's started to rain, so maybe tomorrow. All the best Phil
  5. Hi, I don't know if these light are standard or not as I cannot find information on them. On the edge of my doors are small, red, round spinning lights which operate when the door is opened. The front two work fine but the rear ones don't work and one of the covers is missing. Any information would be most welcome. Thanks LB
  6. Yep! there was a yellow block in the filler. Getting the reset tool from the boot I was greeted with a one prong missing tool. So I shan't be going very far until the replacement urns up from that famous buying site. Phil
  7. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I shall investigate immediately. Regards Phil.
  8. Okay, stupid question time. Twice I've gone to fill up the tank and both times the pump kept clicking off, so much so I was left fairly dribbling the diesel into it. I've tried shoving the nozzle in as far it would go, at an angle up down and sideways and with the nozzle right on the rim. this was on two different pumps. So is there a special way of doing it, apart from drinking it and peeing it in? Phil
  9. Hi Jon, Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated. Yes, I think I'm trying to fix a problem that, at the moment, doesn't exist. I'm so pleased with the car that I don't want anything to spoil the fun. Like you, all I'm doing is going to the supermarket once a week, I'm looking forward to the relaxation of restrictions because the Boss and I want to do a couple of weeks touring. Regards Phil
  10. Well thanks for that, something for me to mull over while I'm raising my driveway, my new car bottoms out at the moment 😱
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Is there only one version of CTEK charger as I've seen them at various prices? I also read that the charger should not be connected to both terminals the negative should be at least a meter away from the battery, is this true, and if so, is there a handy connection point? Phil
  12. Hello. I just bought this car, and have read about needing to keep the battery charged when not used for some time. The handbook says not to charge the battery while connected, I've heard that there is a trickle charger that you can use on battery while connected. Is this true, and if so, is it a special make of charger ? Thanks for any advice in advance, Regards LB
  13. Hello, after years of dreaming I finally bought my first Jaguar. It's a 2011 XF 3Lt Diesel in wonderful {I hope !) condition. I'm looking forward for some pleasant motoring, and hope to learn and possibly help on this forum. Regards LB
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