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  1. Think more or less everyone has had this. I've not notified it being especially related to temperature. Just sometimes it happens, then it can run for months on end with no issues and then suddenly it happens almost daily for a period. Not bothered me enough to do any serious troubleshooting.
  2. I believe it is to jump start/charge the car. It is directly connected to the battery in the boot. You connect the positive connector to the one under the red cap and the negative to somewhere on the engine/chassis. More convenient access than getting to the battery in the boot.
  3. I have an openended emac service plan at £32 a month, which I can cancel at any point for a small fee, I am not locked into any length and it will coiver my yearly sevice and provide discount on spares and mot. It should be possible on all 3+ XFs (mine is a 61 3.0D S faceliftwith 115,000 miles). Probably can find it cheaper at independents, but I can't find a jag specialist that I can get to an from without spending hours in public transport. The main dealer isn't near either, but they provide a load car included in the monthly pay, so I can make it in half an hour from and to them. Service has to be done each year even if you only do 5000.