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  1. Are there any members on the forum who are willing to let me have a peek at their CCF file on their car , if the following are satisfactory? Live within a reasonable distance of Malvern, Worcestershire ( I will drive to you) Have an X351 2012 - 2014.1 that has Adaptive Cruise control as a factory option Would not mind me taking a peek under the passenger side plastic cowl panel to get the part numbers from the ABS Plug Laptop in to read the car CCF file? All the above are non invasive and completely safe, but i do recognise the twitch that could ensue from a completely idiotic stranger from violating their pride and joy... I am in the last stages of retro fitting Adaptive cruise but need the CCF settings and a definitive part number from the ABS module in order to complete. Anyone that can assist, please drop me a message or reply here... Many THanks Alex
  2. Finally, after much deliberation and research (good & not so good), I have completed the Tyre Pressure Monitor Retrofit... For reference on anyone else mad enough to attempt this, albeit with minimal cost now I know the parts work... 4 x TPMS Sensors - Genuine JLR - RC Automotive (Ebay) - £61 4 x TPMS Initiators - Jag X350, X351, X250, X260 or Mondeo MK5 - £30 for 4 - Prices do vary but the same initiators were fitted to JLR & Ford, so shop around 1 x TPMS Receiver - X351, X250, X260 or Mondeo MK5, Focus MK5 - Above Console - £10 average 4 x Initiator plugs - Available on most Mk5 upwards Mondeo, X350, XK, X250, X260, Ford Focus - Maybe other marques such as Volvo, that is to be confirmed. Additional wiring patched in - £20 for materials - This consists of 2 pairs of twisted wires into the rear bumper loom and the same with the front. Rear Bumper needs to be removed (not as scary as it sounds) as the loom goes into a rubber grommet in the rear panel then into a 16way connector in the spare wheel well. Front - Just remove the passenger side wheel and liner to access the connector for the front bumper - Harness side wiring will already be there, you just need to patch in the wiring for the Initiators. CCF Settings.. For Clarity - I use V130 SDD and 'Softwaredownload.html' to access the main CCF adjustment screen - You have the option of Normal, Validation or Engineering Mode I tend to use Engineering mode, but for anyone who is unsure, please seek advice as you can do more harm than good if you start clicking stuff like a teenager! - Vehicle MUST have an adequate battery support unit attached also, to maintain a constant voltage whilst programming. Tyre Pressure system set to 'Fitted' Tyre Pressure Monitor set to ' TPMS with WBL, WT, No HSPA, No DLS Tyre Pressure Frequency- set to 413Hz (Euro) In 'Set Up Applications' (or similar) Select Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Code in sensors to car (may not be necessary, but I had the option) Run the installation program confirm test - leave car off for 13 minutes, (this then puts the sensors into 'Park' mode - take for drive above 15mph constant for about 5 minutes All is now complete, error has gone, confirmed once back by letting 10psi out of back right Tyre and restarting car... low pressure indicated. If anyone does need any more information or assistance, I am more than happy to share - Please E Mail me at awhvehicle@btinternet.com Alex
  3. Does anyone have a wiring loom for the rear bumper cover for a 2010 - 2013 XJ that had Blind Spot Monitoring please? Just need the loom, no modules, sensors or switches.? Please message if you have one.. Thanks
  4. I am currently having somewhat of a nightmare trying to configure 'Auto High Beam' to my 2011 XJ. Keep getting fault code U2101 which is a compatibility issue. Wiring from Topix does not show Headlamp Module B (the sensor bolted to the rear view mirror) Any owners out there with an XJ WITH Auto High Beam but WITHOUT Adaptive Front headlamps, would you be so gracious as to let me have the last 8 digits from your chassis number so i can cross reference build data from my own car... Thanks in Advance Alex
  5. In the process of retrofitting Dual View to my car and progress so far is all good.. Screen Fitted CCF Modified to show Dual View Engineering Mode via Touchscreen accessed to confirm correct installation The only stumbling block i now have is that i need a climate control / radio front panel with the Dual View hard key.. If anyone has one spare, please give me a shout. Thanks, Alex
  6. I didn't think it would be long before this issue raised its ugly head, but behold, split cam covers and throttle body strike again... I posted this previously in the XF section before i drowned her, and now the XJ has the same... A word for the wise.. A replacement paper air filter from JLR is £25, do not be tempted to go for a K&N reusable filter thinking that you can save on the annual cost of a throw away item... its contaminated my MAF sensor, Bank 1, throwing up fault codes and RP every day, although the underlying issue of the split cam covers is yet unresolved. A quote from JLR that is akin to selling a kidney, however from experience it is not a hard job to do if you don't mind a little obscure modification to the fuel rail bracket in order to get the last remaining cam cover bolt off... All in all, the last outing took me 4 hours (with fastidious cleaning included) and cost me the price of the Bank 1 cover @ £218 and 3 injector seals at £2. For anyone experiencing the same, tell tale signs of imminent or actual failure are Restricted Performance on the dash, the above mentioned error codes and a build up of oil under the throttle body housing, directly above the coolant pipe assy between the banks. You cannot fix the issue as its a poorly made (probably part French) plastic welded part. The older more susceptible parts start with 4S7Q part numbers, whereas the revised later part starts with a 9. I am contemplating taking the failed part to my local engineering guy and getting him to build me an aluminium 'cap' to replace the plastic version - This would simply clip on with a large rubber O ring and hopefully stop any repetition. Cam covers are now on their 11th revision and are visibly different on the top section as opposed to the factory fitted 2009 - 2012 versions. New Cam covers come with the required gaskets. Injector removal requires a little dexterity and patience and contrary to popular belief, the high pressure lines can be reused once , saving another £145 from any potential bill. Oil residue between the banks was dealt with a liberal spraying of Gunk (in a spray bottle) - Aerosols tend to spray everything everywhere you do not want it. Then removed the resulting sludge with the wife's brand new Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner. I can safely report back that i shared my success with her, and she has appointed her solicitor as a result and i have forgotten just how soft the Sofa is to sleep on...
  7. TV module is confirmed as being in the loadspace, LH side... Weirdly, XF's came with all the necessary wiring taped up ready for most retrofit installs or factory requests.. The XJ has 3 different rear loom sections dependant on what options were selected at build. So.,. the quest continues to find an un molested but being broken XJ with the necessary loom🙄
  8. Can anyone shed any light on where the TV module is located on a 2010 XJ please? The workshop manual i have is for a 2012, which shows its location in the boot area, LH side. However, on inspection there is no taped up wiring there, which i would have expected to find. Is it feasible that it could be in a different location on the 2010? On my 2009 XF, the connections were all present so it was just a case of fitting the hardware and modifying the CCF. I would be surprised if Jag did not fit a generic loom to the X351 to make all options available? Can anyone help? Thanks, Alex
  9. I have the following parts for sale - All to fit Jaguar XF (X250) Headlamps - Both Sides - Fitted with Hids4U Xenon upgrade kit Parcel Shelf - Grey - With B&W Speakers - XKRS Chrome Speaker Grilles - Electric Sunblind - With console buttons included - Plug & Play - Wiring should be in place behind the rear seat bolsters Boot Sub woofer - Replacement Unit - Not flood damaged! B&W Rear Amplifier Illuminated front Tread plates - DS has scratch on fascia - Can be polished out at machine shop X250 TV module (Analogue & DTV) & Correct Antennas (Both Single & Triple) - This is an easy install, all wiring should be present in your car behind the C Pillars - Will require SDD to enable Bluetooth Modules x 2 Black heated steering wheel - VGC - Cleaned & treated with the correct product Adaptive Cruise Steering wheel buttons Adaptive Cruise / Forward Alert lower dash switch pack No reasonable offers refused - Postage at cost or collection in person Pictures to follow when i can upload them
  10. The new car isn't without its issues, most of which i have sorted out now (no thanks to the dealer) but there is one i cant seem to shift... There was a horrific smell of burnt oil coming through the vents in the first week, which i put down to oil spillage / leakage in between the banks by the oil filter. Since then i have had the throttle body off, cleaned most of the oil off and rinsed through with some industrial goo and water to sort that out (all over a catch tank for the environmentalists among us!) What i think this could be is down to a couple of reasons, - Over tightening of the oil filter housing or under (whichever) , a poor or not replaced seal and a cracked throttle body (which is what i had on my old XF). However, just like Google doctor, the internet is throwing up all manner of woeful tales about cracked flex joints in the exhaust and doom and gloom.. Has anyone else had anything similar and if so, what was the cure? I love the car, and the colour and the interior spec (black leather with carbon style trim) but i am really starting to contemplate sending it back and going with my second option of a silver XJ with more toys in Leicester... Can anyone shed any light on the fumes issue? Thanks in advance
  11. Are there any alternatives to the 4kg keyfob that i got with my new XJ at all? Having that in my pocket is against Trade Description as far as ladies are concerned not to mention the amount of calories i burn having to lug it around. Jaguar Backpack at all perhaps? Any thoughts please?
  12. All sorted... Take delivery of this beast in a couple of days.... Will miss my first Jag, now commonly known as Dad's XtraFlooded.. my kids have a cruel sense of humour...
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