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  1. Either i am not looking correctly or there is not a definitive post on here that explains how to get into the Engineering Test Mode of the Pre Facelift XF's. Probably would also work on the Facelifts but i cannot comment on that at present. Press and Hold the 'Trip' button on the light switch stalk Press and hold the 'Start' button (foot OFF Brake) whilst still holding in Trip Button Count 5 Seconds, release 'Trip' button whilst still holding start Foot on Brake, Engine will start, cluster will display 'Engineering Test Mode' Cycle through screens using the Trip button for Gauge tests, Battery, Fuel etc etc information Stop engine to clear test mode. Link attatched to You Tube video - Not my work, only shows the relevant screens but not the sequence to engage it so i added it up above.
  2. This company is spot on for prices and quality parts. Dont be led by the nose on replacing with Genuine Jag parts, these Brembo parts are fully coated and i have had no issues with quality so far. WIth regards to the rear discs and pads, from my tinkering on the Web prior to buying my XF, it was suggested that the friction material on the rear pads is softer than normal to accomodate for the EPB. There have been instances in the States whereby the EPB would be applied after a run, hot discs, hard material, discs cool down, run you over... Hence the change to the softer compound. Sure enough, on my inspection yesterday, the rear pads are down to 50% of their originally fitted thickness after 10 months, but at £24 a set, i am really not complaining.. They are easy enough to fit without any special tools or SDD.
  3. 2009 XF Heated Steering wheel - In Black - Listed on Ebay at present Please click link for details..
  4. I have that part and the 2 storage compartment trim pieces in my hand RIGHT NOW.. lol.. I may be persuaded to part with them (as i am in the process of amassing parts for an interior change) Alex
  5. DIsabled in the CCF i think Rob... I have various Audio modules at home from a B&W equipped car, as well as 2 spare Sub Woofers. I am in Malvern too, so not far from you if you fancy a trip over! Alex
  6. From what i have discovered during my RP issue over the last 3 weeks, start looking at the following... Remove undertray, check that the valve operating the airflow from the intercooler, via its hoses is operating correctly. There is a name for this widget, but it escapes me at the moment. Remove and check the MAP sensor on the throttle body housing, its a small rectangular sensor at the rear of the unit, held in by one torx screw. NB... DO NOT use electrical cleaner to clean out the contacts, nor carb cleaner as it destroyed mine. Look for any signs of oil contamination over the injectors on the OS cylinder head cover (remove main engine cover and carefully peel back the injector sound proofing to view) Check for oil leaks around the bottom hose going to the intercooler NSF, check for the same on the OSF inter cooler. Check for any oil leaks around the base of the throttle body housing, near to the oil filter and coolant housing, this would indicate a split at the rear. Hopefully, this will put you on the path to enlightenment, i started off with a similar MAF sensor issue, which turned out to be a cracked cam cover, thankfully replaced before i even started replacing sensors like a mad man.... I am sure there will be more additions from members who have suffered similar issues...
  7. Rear sensor cable is on the OSR, Front sensor cable is on the NSF...
  8. Found the issue... Wiring break in the plug, not visible at first...
  9. Can someone please confirm if the 'Low Washer Fluid' warning is an information centre message or a pre determined light on the cluster please. I have the sensor wiring in place, connected now to a new level sensor when i fitted the headlamp washers, but nothing appears on the dash nor the message centre when its low. I would not suspect a wiring fault at present as it looks (suprisingly) factory fresh under the front drivers wing. All help appreciated. Alex
  10. Update now... Brand new re designed cam cover is in place, went in without any real inherant issues as i have removed most of the pipework, brackets etc to get it sit correctly on installation. New seals on the injectors, didnt replace the High Pressure lines as per workshop manual as the shop that sold me the washers hinted that it wasnt necessary. No leaks from the High pressure circuit which is good. Primed the system as per manual, a little difficult to start at present, therefore i will prime it again (manual says 4 times cycle ignition with a 15 second wait time between cycle) . Pretty confident that there may be a little more air in the system so bleeding will get that sorted. Just got to re assemble all the other bits now like the bulkhead panels etc, stick on SDD to see if there are any errors then road test it.. Fingers crossed!
  11. Its all apart except for 1 bolt... According to the Jag tech bulletins, the steering rack, Aux belt, timing belt cover and rad pack have to come off, not so... Thats about 1.5 - 2 hours labour saved at a dealer then... The bolts holding the diesel rail where a pig, but by unbolting the EGR motor on the drivers side, access is a piece of cake. The bolt closest to the firewall will have its head ground down by 1.5mm to facilitate an easier re assembly... The only remaining bolt is under a cast steel bracket that holds the EGR valve onto the side of the block. By drilling 3 8mm holes and nibbling out the remainder (still leaving the bracket intact with no obvious structural b*astardisation, i should be able to get a small 10mm socket in there and undo it. If not, it will force a removal of the EGR which by the looks of it, also isnt easy... So... what i have deduced so far is this... Car had a new intercooler 3 years ago, last owner started having issues with the MAP sensor and its resulting codes, split cam cover, split throttle housing and a couple of other issues.. Which then begs the question, as i have tried to explain to the wife, just HOW far do you go when buying a used car. Subsequently, it has been into the now defunkt Stratstone dealer in Cheltenham for 2 services and 2 x 128 point checks, both of which have failed to flag up an issue. I havent been taking pics as i go along, however i will start snapping away tomorrow after i have scoured the country for a new cover on same day delivery....
  12. Soooo... Quick update... Took her out... RP came back... Started a more indepth investigation only to find the dreaded split induction cover on the drivers side... Spanners out.. Kettle on... Wallet empty.. 😞
  13. As the title says... What a week of issues... Intercooler burst with its last owner, replaced by an Indy somewhere in Gloucestershire (who did a shocking job of putting things back together) 3 years ago... Now its gone again - Replaced with a secondhand unit from an S Type, which is physically the same, and on the surface, a lot better engineered from the plastic welding side of things... Contacted Jaguar regarding the shoddy workmanship on a 3 year old part, only to be politely told to Foxtrot Oscar... Then i got 'Restricted Performance' again on Monday. Limped the car home, hooked up the SDD, P006-A error code - Manifold Pressure - 0 Volts at the MAP sensor, sourced a replacement from an S Type (Again) complete with the Throttle body housing, which turned out to be a good move as the original had a split in the end where it branches off into the respective inlet manifolds. Noted that the MAP sensor has been superceeded by a differently designed part . That would explain the oil slick by the filter then which i thought at first was from over zealous tightening of the filter top.... Anyway... All sorted now hopefully, sadly i have no faith in the XF now until she proves herself again when i take it out later... Could it be that i am finding Peugeot / Citroen parts in the engine bay? Probably.... I have a distinct hatred of French car parts... They need to stick to what they are good at like Garlic & fine wine... FoMoco parts i can live with as i have had Fords for years, without any inherant issues, despite the stigma around the F.O.R.D ancronym.... and i am currently working on an alternative supply list of parts that bear the FoMoco branding that will bolt straight on to save the stress of visiting a main dealer. I will post some pictures up later of the offending parts, i am sure that anyone who has suffered the same will be aware of it anyway, but the power of the masses to assist other owners should not be underestimated.. Hence the great information on Owners forums
  14. Just to resurface this topic... I've just completed the activation of Jaguar Voice on my 2010 XF. Used v130 SDD & SoftwareDownload.HTM file, edited the parameters to enable the microphone and a couple of other parameters, uploaded the CCF file and lo & behold... COMMS now appears on the home screen . No additional modules required as i first thought, i am trying the same routine on a lower spec XF at the weekend and if i remember to do so, will upload the results of that session when i have finished.
  15. One year and 4 months after my first post... Finally got Jaguar Voice enabled on my XF. Massive thankyou to Reg Graham who has been offering advice and direction via E Mail (probably at his wits end now) and pointing me in the right direction with regards to the correct kit and programs to use. I've temporarily lost Bluetooth, which i remember i had an issue connecting to when i first bought the car, but more than likely its a little bit of over excitement when uploading the new CCF file this evening...