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  1. Not premium Alex. Mid range Every time i install a 6cd unit it freezes installing one cd and doesn't show the 6 positions. Tried all that seemed appropriate in CCF
  2. Very easy to retrofit the later Jaguar bluetooth unit if you wanted to go that way. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-X-Type-Bluetooth-Module-7W93-10D893-AB/202755928832?hash=item2f3531f300:g:P1UAAOSwvFZW7Sku Other than that you need a fakra aerial for about a fiver
  3. The software is available for nothing all over the internet and it is simple to install on any low powered old Windows XP laptop so personally, I'd only buy the cable. I've installed the setup for several people without any problem so far without charge.
  4. Three of the plugs go to the seat climate control module. The other three should be the same as your old ones
  5. The float in the coolant reservoir becomes absorbant with age, giving a false indication. Replacement of the reservoir is indicated.
  6. Try a window reset first. Raise the window until fully closed, then press and hold the UP switch for a few seconds. If it needs a reset that will sort it out Each windows needs doing.
  7. Spray around the air intake path in stages from air filter box to inlet manifold / cylinder head with Bradex Easy Start. If the engine idle speed changes you have found your leak.
  8. Does anybody know the difference between 6CD head units with codes 6CDX and 6CDI please?
  9. Pleased to have been of help :) Since changing my car I've run down my D2B cables in favour of MOST but I think I have enough to make one up for you. I'll get back to you
  10. OK. Problem solved. The cause? The nut behind the wheel 😉 I misread the handbook and assumed that the "on / off" button on the climate page of the touchscreen controlled the A/C which, in fact it doesn't Once I realized that the A/C button operated independently, the problem was solved. Richard Head, my wife called me 😉 Thanks to all who offered advice 🙂
  11. Thanks 🙂 I've had the car on diagnostics recently and there were no associated DTCs. Hoping to have a look at a colleague's car today and see what the difference is.
  12. Yes but again, that's not the thrust of my argument. Even with the vents open there is still no airflow unless AC is on.
  13. The point is that when the AC is off the vents close
  14. As soon as you switch A/C off on my car there is no airflow through the vents. Ideas please?