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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-5-way-Optical-link-lead-harness-X-type-S-type-XJ/201840098190?hash=item2efe9b7b8e:g:2F4AAOSw2GlXImZu Perfect for your needs. No modification required. Plug and play
  2. OK. If you can find a 1 to 4 cable assembly that would be best
  3. That looks OK 🙂 Once the modules arrive you'll find associated connectors tucked in to the loom. You will need a 1 to 4 D2B cable as well. You might have to get a couple of smaller ones and splice them to what you want. This I can do and post to you if required.
  4. Those were only examples .🙂 OK, while waiting, please check your electronics stack (boot, left side) looking for a D2B cable. Either plugged in or terminated. Have you got sat nav? I'm guessing you'll need a 1 to 3 D2B link but I'll need this info before committing to buy the D2B. If you can take pictures of the area around the stack with the trim removed it would help. If you were driving down the M6 in the near future, I'd sort it all out for you but it's a long way to drive, even in a Jaguar 😉 The image shows typical D2B cable
  5. No worries, I'll brief you as required. Are you able to splice optical cables or would you prefer a plug and play solution?
  6. Here you go:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-X-TYPE-2008-2010-BLUETOOTH-MODULE-7W93-10D893-AB/174414497178?hash=item289bea059a:g:BnMAAOSwjPtfS3oV https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MICROPHONE-IN-CAR-TELEPHONE-HANDSFREE-Jaguar-X-Type-S-Type-XJ-X350/401817829990?hash=item5d8e358266:g:5SIAAOSwS4ddLfJH https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-S-TYPE-2007-2-7-DIESEL-VOICE-ACTIVATION-CONTROL-MODULE/274457045481?fits=Car+Make%3AJaguar&hash=item3fe6ea29e9:g:Le4AAOSwUDhfM~OC https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-CD-PLAYER-UNIT-6-CD-MULTICHANGER-WITH-CARTRIDGE-Jaguar-X-Type-S-Type-XJ-350/233711430170?epid=0&hash=item366a496a1a:g:8XAAAOSwi~dfXOPd https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fakra-Stick-On-car-radio-stereo-aerial-Antenna-Audi-Skoda-Vw-Seat-Mercedes/143359415236?hash=item2160e313c4:g:eP8AAOSwFgNdWaSV You would need a bit of D2B cable as well, depending upon what was already in your car
  7. Later model Bluetooth module Fakra aerial CDC Voice module Microphone D2B modifications as required I have the part numbers somewhere but haven't time to dig them out this evening. If you're keen to go ahead, let me know.
  8. Use your phone's bluetooth to look for "Jaguar". If it doesn't appear you don't have the kit fitted. Easy and cheap to do. Likewise, CDC is easy and cheap to fit, as is Voice control. You'd need to code them in using the Jaguar diagnostics but that's a simple procedure taking no more than 20 minutes. The wiring is almost certainly built in. I've been doing these mods on S and X and XJ for years and never yet found an X-type without the wiring. You'll have to add / extend the fibre optics but again, dead easy. All parts readily available. Let me know If I can be of help
  9. The part number is 4X43-15K866. There will be two further digits which need.t be considered.
  10. More details please, exactly what does or doesn't happen 🙂 And welcome to the club 🙂
  11. Latest versions of SDD work fine on Windows native up to Windows 10. 32-bit is best because the Drewtech 64-bit drivers are not the best with the cloned Mongoose cables. Plus later versions require wifi connection as they have to talk to JLR during use. SDD/IDS works fast and stable if you know what you're doing but I'd still use a dedicated laptop so you can have TIS and JEPC on the same machine. JLR have a few sneaky hidden security checks so you need to run a modifier every time JLR downloads updates etc. You need to obtain JLR seed codes to allow you connection to TopIx which can be bought in bundles from ebay sellers or from other websites you can get a couple of seed codes everyday for free. Hope this makes sense. Use of a battery conditioner is, in my view vital. A high power battery charger can be used but you run a risk as the output is not clean. Again, this is only my opinion. As previously mentioned. Do NOT crash out of the program and always close session properly.
  12. Cost me £600 including fitting.
  13. Had it fitted to my S-type and can recommend it unreservedly Alan.