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  1. My XF was in dock this week for a repair to bodywork damage. I had a new Vauxhall Corsa as a courtesy car and I have to say tht it was a perfectly competant form of transport but oh my days, what a difference compared to the XF. I never realizde just how good the XF was in terms of performance, gadgets, luxury and so forth, basically just everything. She came home looking pristine again last evening and I admit to just wasting fuel in going for a drive for no other reason than to enjoy the car. I guess this just serves to reinforce why I like the Jaguar 🙂
  2. As subject, does anybody have a Draco 20" wheel for sale please? Doesn't need to have a tyre
  3. Thanks James, what are the diameters of the brake disks please?
  4. Craig, I've just found out that Redstuff pads are in fact ceramic. Sorry if I misinterpreted your earlier answer 🙂
  5. Returning to the original intention of my thread 😉 Nobody knows about Ceramic brake pads for the XF then?
  6. Thanks very much Craig. I'm not a fast driver (mostly) but I'm hacked off with permanent brake dust coated wheels and as well as being superb friction material. 🙂
  7. Does anybody know if Ceramic Brake Pads are available for the XF (2013 X250 3.0 Portfolio) please?
  8. "Anyhow, I'm still waiting for the code reader to arrive (by the way, where's the plug point for it?)" The OBD2 connector is under the fascia where your right knee would be when driving.
  9. The ICarSoft LR2 or 3 is very popular with Jaguar owners. Sort of a half way house between a bog standard code reader and the Jaguar OEM diagnostics.
  10. Absolutely right of course John. But in this case I was speaking from very recent experience 😉
  11. Possibly a small crack in one of the intercooler end casings. Only opens during acceleration (high turbo pressure).
  12. Finally they gave in and the car has a nice new genuine intercooler. Also had the front grille "S" badge installed while the bumper was off. 🙂
  13. No problem. Auto protect. The warranty came with the car so no opportunity to change.
  14. My XF's intercooler gave up the ghost, splitting at the metal / plastic joint. Warranty company refused to pay, saying that my car has been modified...owing to my private plate. Well, I've won, but it took a statement from the Association of British Insurers, stating that they saw a private plate as an identifier and not a modification. Warranty suppliers seem to consider paying out as a failure rather than a service that the customer has paid for. Mind you, they insisted on photos of the car with old and new plates fitted, whatever that proves. Anyways. Car should be fixed this coming week, with a genuine intercooler as well 🙂
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