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  1. Raistlin

    Audio Connectivity Module

    This will help if you don't know much about the ACM http://www.jimrothe.com/jaguar/acm-bluetooth/acm.html
  2. Hi.

    You could try selling it on jaguarforum.com as their have been members looking for the ACM on this forum, i have it in my x type sovereign.

    Regards Tom.

  3. I'm upgrading to Jagdroid in my S-Type so my ACM kit is up for grabs if anybody wants it? This will be the complete kit and if required I can fit it for you. If you are not sure, it allows you to connect USB, Ipod, Iphone MP3 player and any RCA device to the car's audio system. No longer available from Jaguar I understand. Anybody interested? £300 ono
  4. Raistlin

    S-Type cruise control

    If it comes to changing the switchpack, all that is required is to remove the air bag module, and the switchpack is immediately visible and held in place by two small screws.
  5. Raistlin

    New engine

    OK, would have been my second choice. Sorry to hear the news.
  6. Raistlin

    New engine

    Don't tell me - let me guess... V6 2.7 diesel?
  7. Raistlin

    EML Light keeps coming on.

    I regularly get the MIL on in my car and it's always P0137 and P0157. I've changed the sensors, checked the wiring etc but still the same fault indications come back. No perceptible effect on the car's performance though. At first I thought it was just when running on gas but sometimes happens on petrol as well. Just can't solve it.
  8. Raistlin

    S Type Bluetooth connection

    Yes :L)
  9. Raistlin

    A useful little modification

    Hi John, No specific 12 socket. Anyone of those on ebay will suffice. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-Motorbike-Boat-12V-120W-Waterproof-Power-Car-Cigarette-Lighter-Socket-Plug/263726394767?epid=1553687721&hash=item3d67516d8f:g:P6kAAOSwN2VbD43e for example.
  10. SO pleased I have them. I was reversing out of my drive this morning at 06:30. As you can imagine it was fairly dark. Well, I reverse VERY slowly out of my drive because my house is on the apex of a bend and I have 1 metre high walls around the garden. Anyway, I spotted a woman about level with our front gate, that is to say some 20 metres away from the drive entrance and as I always do I stopped to let her pass, pedestrians were here before Jaguar owners after all. Anyway, she didn't attempt to move and just sort of smiled at me. I waited another few seconds but she made no attempt to go past the drive so I put the car back into reverse and as soon as I did so the rear parking sensors started kicking off, although I could see nothing there in my mirrors and the woman was still 20 metres away I moved no more than a few inches and, having the driver's window open, I heard a faint whimpering sound so I had to stop, get out, being no easy task as my legs aren't the best, and see what the problem was. The stupid cow had no less than FIVE small dogs on retractable leads and all five were right behind the car's rear bumper, she, as I have said was some 20 metres away. If I hadn't had rear parking sensors I would have committed multiple "canicide" because there was no way anybody could have been aware of them from within the car. So, she had stood there, smiling away, for over a minute, with her five dogs in imminent danger of death and she was surprised when I reacted angrily.
  11. Raistlin

    Spark plugs

    Try swapping the coil packs around and see if the faults change cylinders or not. That will tell you coil packs or plugs.
  12. Raistlin

    S type battery problem need help

    Either will do the job. All you need is a small current for a fraction of a second while you press the button. However, I would rather use a battery charger because the power from a set of jump leads can be dangerous.
  13. Raistlin

    S type battery problem need help

    The manual key-hole is on the extreme left underneath the plinth.
  14. Raistlin

    Air Con

    I'll say. I have one of those Bluetooth battery state monitors fitted to my S-Type that signals to an app on my phone and every morning the battery is down to approximately 90%