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  1. Does anybody have any experience of Northfield Garage in Birmingham please? They advertise as a Jaguar specialist. Any information / views greatly appreciated thanks
  2. I know it's the attitude of a dinosaur but I LIKE being able to see the water temperature gauge and on the X250 it isn't there. Has anybody seen a neat and inconspicuous version of those OBD 2 displays that will do the job without violating the interior please?
  3. Hold the handbrake button down then switch engine off.
  4. Switch the ignition on and search for Bluetooth with your phone. If you find "Jaguar" you have the kit. If not it can easily be retrofitted.
  5. The metal they're made from is extremely reactive with water and corrodes rapidly. Standard routine is to squirt WD40 into the rotating joint and gradually start working the mirror backwards and forwards, adding more wd40 then oil, until they move freely. Once you can move them by hand, if they are powered, they will work from the switch.
  6. Thank you Andy, and welcome to the club 🙂
  7. Presumably this is a diesel?
  8. I have to say that the Bowers and Wilkins is a superb system in my view and one of the most worthwhile retrofits I've ever done. You are welcome to call in and hear the difference between your setup and mine if you need convincing 🙂 If you already have the mid range system, the physical installation of the retrofit is reasonably simple. Even if upgrading from the base system there's not a great deal more to do. CCF puzzled me for a while until I saw it done by a very kind chap who, unfortunately no longer drives a Jaguar. It is also, with hindsight, a simple procedure. Let me know if I can help. I notice you are not far from Wolverhampton if you decide you'd like some moral support for the CCF editing phase 🙂 You do , in my experience, need a high quality battery support unit as well as SDD, to avoid bricking your car. Jaguar dealers are not allowed to carry out the CCF edit as it officially "can't be done" and to be fair, they have never been shown / told how to. The offer of assisting, of course, assumes the cessation of the recent restrictions of movement. Both my wife and I are considered vulnerable persons and are therefore hiding behind a mine-field and machine gun emplacement at the moment 😉
  9. I have a litle device which plugs into the OBD port and keeps the system live while the battery is changed. Cost a few quid from ebay. On an XF, youm should update the car's system using jaguar Diagnostics. To be fair though I've never heard of any problems if you don't do so.
  10. I have a complete SDD / IDS setup for sale if anybody is interested. Based upon a Samsung P560 laptop running Windows 7, correctly installed Jaguar diagnostics SDD / IDS software and a Mongoose Pro adaptor to link the laptop to the car. Anybody interested for £200 inc courier delivery or pick up from my house and see it working.
  11. Anybody with access to a 3D printer who could make me a hex bit holder please? Something like this:- If so please can you PM me a price?