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  1. Brake servo and master cylinder from a 2011 XF breaker cost me £30 and was a direct replacement for the one on my 2.7 S-Type. However, if you are seeing loss of vacuum, have you ruled out the vacuum pump?
  2. If you want, I can look out for you. What colour parcel shelf?
  3. Amp, door speaker, parcel shelf with subs. a D2B cable
  4. If you do choose to have one fitted, BEWARE, the rear lights on the S-Type are negative switched so unless your fitter knows what he is doing, at best the trailer electrics will not work. At worst you have various parallel paths and your car lights will do all sorts of weird things.
  5. Used one in a 2.0 X-type. It went very well and never had a problem.
  6. hi paul i am going to be doing the sat nav upgrade i have the head unit the sat nav  and every thing else i need apart from the wiring loom that goes from the head unit to the boot.the the head unit and sat nav came with  the plugs they just cut the wires so can you let me have the how to on making up the loom it would be very   appreciated thank you  

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    2. pat19581


      is this the same for the s type as that is what i am doing

    3. Raistlin
    4. pat19581


      ok thank you

  7. First thing I'd do is disconnect your battery for 15 minutes. Usually does the trick 🙂 If not let me know and can go through m ore detailed diagnostics
  8. Yes. Difficult to remove a bonded screen from a donor car without damaging the wiring though.