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  1. My present XF is on 78000 and is running like a dream (3.0 V6) My previous XF was on 158000 and was running perfectly when I sold it. (3.0 V6) These cars need care and attention and will repay you in reliability. Don't maintain them and you'll pay through the nose. 2016 @ 86K sounds like a motorway cruiser so all should be well if you get proof of regualr servicing in my view.
  2. There are times when a black car looks good 🙂 video-1622797074.mp4 video-1622797089.mp4
  3. I've just been going through my "As built" list and came across "Theater Lighting". Can anybody tell me what this is please?
  4. The towbar on my XF is for sale... but you'd have to remove it yourself. Anybody interested? £50
  5. Well, thanks to the unstinting help and patience of Reg Graham, I now have heated steering wheel and voice on L10. Nice and toasty and now a bit of a learning curve to make best advantage of the improved voice control in the facelift
  6. All set to code the Voice and heated steering wheel using SDD. However, my new chariot doesn't appear to have an as-built CCF at Topix. It doesn't recognise the VIN number. Same problem for VIN decoder sites etc. However, VIN is recognised by DVLA and by SDD as being correct. Any idea what's going on anybody? Luckily, Reg Graham is going to produce one from the specification of my car.
  7. Here is the latest incarnation of Lima One-Zero:-
  8. The "S" badge on my bootlid looks decidedly past its best. I've bought an OEM replacement so it's clear the badge is held on by adhesive and not bolted through. How can I remove the old badge without causing damage please. Being a black car it will show the slightest mark. Thanks.
  9. Your question was answered in your other post.
  10. Please be aware that modifying your CCF can render your car immobilized. Therefore the information provided is to be used at your own risk. All I am doing is telling you what I did to my car. Assuming yours is a facelift X250, search the CCF for "Voice Control" and open the parameters. Choose "Advanced Voice Control" and save the CCF then upload it to your car. Let us know how you get on 🙂
  11. OK, will accept £50 but buyers collects or pays postage.
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