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  1. Raistlin


    RF adaptors are plentiful on fleabay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/iSimple-IS31-Universal-Car-Stereo-FM-Modulator-Aux-Adapter-with-On-Off-Switch/252186114342?hash=item3ab776b926:g:jtQAAOSwZrtaw~L2:rk:2:pf:0 ACM are like rocking horse teeth but will usually be found on fleabay
  2. Raistlin


    RF link to a radio channel (Cheap - poor audio quality) or Audio Connectivity Module (Excellent audio quality - expensive)
  3. Raistlin

    Sound System

    There are four bolts holding the electronics rack to the floor of the car Richard, from memory 10mm socket and extension required to get at the back ones. The whole cradle will then slide away sufficiently to get at the connectors or, indeed, to remove the amp. From your further description I am of the opinion that the connectors need to be checked for security and if they are satisfactory, I would try another amp. It's unfortunate that you are some distance from Wolverhampton otherwise you could have turned up at my house and I would be able to fit another amp for confirmation of the fault and my friend Denis could probably locate a permanent replacement if it was required. If you're passing this way (less than 10 minutes from M6 J10a) at all I'd be happy to take a look for you. Alternatively, maybe somebody you know locally might be prepared to let you swap out the amp. Those are my thoiughts as things stand. Let me know if I can help.
  4. Raistlin

    Sound System

    unplug and refit the largest connector at the amplifier (Top of the electronics stack left hand side of boot space). If no better suspect amp. Are you getting any sound from the sat nav or voice (if fitted)?
  5. Raistlin

    Battery Charging / Access ??

    You only need to connect the power under the bonnet for a second and press the boot release button, Then you can get to thew battery direct.
  6. Does anybody have a recommendation for a DAB+ / FM aerial splitter which works with the amplified aerials fitted in S-Type, X-Type XJ etc. please?
  7. Raistlin

    2002 S Type Auto V6

    I've seen steering lock failure several times. There isn't a code as far as I'm aware. However, the problem can usually be fixed by a quick reset on the Jaguar diagnostics. If not then the steering lock module is faulty and needs to be replaced. DO you get any indication of a steering lock error on the drivers display or, as I said, do you hear the relay clunk when you insert the key?
  8. Raistlin

    2002 S Type Auto V6

    Do you hear the steering lock solenoid operating when you put the key in to the ignition?
  9. This is your pre heater running. It may have a damaged exhaust, being merely a flexible corrugated pipe but even with a serviceable pipe you still get the fumes and smell. Nothing to worry about, all it does is bring the engine coolant to temperature more quickly than otherwise. You could pull the fuse if you wanted to do without it.
  10. Raistlin

    Non OEM LED main beams and MOT

    Thanks Trevor. That's a good start. Would appreciate any update.
  11. Following the new MOT regulations earlier this year there appears to be some anecdotal confusion regarding LED bulbs in main beam lights. Has anybody with non standard LED main beam bulbs managed to get an MOT pass please?
  12. Raistlin

    Audio Connectivity Module

    This will help if you don't know much about the ACM http://www.jimrothe.com/jaguar/acm-bluetooth/acm.html
  13. Hi.

    You could try selling it on jaguarforum.com as their have been members looking for the ACM on this forum, i have it in my x type sovereign.

    Regards Tom.

  14. I'm upgrading to Jagdroid in my S-Type so my ACM kit is up for grabs if anybody wants it? This will be the complete kit and if required I can fit it for you. If you are not sure, it allows you to connect USB, Ipod, Iphone MP3 player and any RCA device to the car's audio system. No longer available from Jaguar I understand. Anybody interested? £300 ono