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  1. I did all of those retrofits and more on the S-Types. Let me know if I can help. I also use the Jaguar diagnostics and can set it up (properly) on a laptop if you decide to go that way. What was your username on 75 zt club? I
  2. Hello Chris. Which R75 forum did you frequent? Have fun with the S-Type. Lots of easy retrofits
  3. OK Dean, using the modules, locate the connectors in the luggage area loom.You will find that the voice module will not be fully populated. Install the modules where required on the Kaiser panel. This is the large sliver coloured plate which is bolted to the side if the luggage panel. I'll see if I can find some helpful pictures. Disconnect the D2B connector from the NAV unit and plug it into the extra portion of D2B cable. Connect D2B to each module, there is no specific order. Mount the CDC in the rack and make sure each module has a power cable and D2B attached. Connect the aerial to the bluetooth module and locate the aerial at waist level in the trim so it can't be seen. That should be you ready to go 🙂 I've just googled "X-type voice" and "X-type bluetooth" and there are loads of pictures you'll find useful. PM me your e-mail address and I'll see if I can find some detailed instructions.
  4. Nope. Nothing doing from my usual sources. Back to fleabay I think
  5. OK. When you're ready I can give you a briefing if you find yourself getting lost.
  6. You need an Audio Connectivity Module. That will fully integrate, RCA, USB and iPod into your audio system. This was the part supplied by Jaguar. I can't see any on fleabay at the moment but expect to pay approx £250. Installation takes roughly 45 minutes. I had one in my S Types. Best mod I ever did.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-5-way-Optical-link-lead-harness-X-type-S-type-XJ/201840098190?hash=item2efe9b7b8e:g:2F4AAOSw2GlXImZu Perfect for your needs. No modification required. Plug and play
  8. OK. If you can find a 1 to 4 cable assembly that would be best
  9. That looks OK 🙂 Once the modules arrive you'll find associated connectors tucked in to the loom. You will need a 1 to 4 D2B cable as well. You might have to get a couple of smaller ones and splice them to what you want. This I can do and post to you if required.
  10. Those were only examples .🙂 OK, while waiting, please check your electronics stack (boot, left side) looking for a D2B cable. Either plugged in or terminated. Have you got sat nav? I'm guessing you'll need a 1 to 3 D2B link but I'll need this info before committing to buy the D2B. If you can take pictures of the area around the stack with the trim removed it would help. If you were driving down the M6 in the near future, I'd sort it all out for you but it's a long way to drive, even in a Jaguar 😉 The image shows typical D2B cable