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  1. You have to go through a fault diagnosis procedure in SDD. It will then allow you the option of resetting the module.
  2. If you have the SDD both can be done at the same time
  3. You'll need SDD to configure the car. Also beware of SRS warning light as occupancy sensors will need matching.
  4. I think it's one of the options in the security section of the touchscreen.
  5. Normally I use SDD for most things but it can be a pain in the rear setting up and so, for more routine stuff, I've just acquired an ICarSoft LR V3.0 Does anybody know what the differences are between that and the V2.0 model please?
  6. Done it once or twice but it's a pain in the !Removed! so wouldn't want to take it on again.
  7. My XF (X250) is having the boot to body cable loom blues so I can't open the boot electronically. I can't use the mechanical key either as the boot lid has been replaced without changing the mechanical lock barrel SO... is there any way to get into the boot without causing damage please?
  8. I did all of those retrofits and more on the S-Types. Let me know if I can help. I also use the Jaguar diagnostics and can set it up (properly) on a laptop if you decide to go that way. What was your username on 75 zt club? I
  9. Hello Chris. Which R75 forum did you frequent? Have fun with the S-Type. Lots of easy retrofits
  10. OK Dean, using the modules, locate the connectors in the luggage area loom.You will find that the voice module will not be fully populated. Install the modules where required on the Kaiser panel. This is the large sliver coloured plate which is bolted to the side if the luggage panel. I'll see if I can find some helpful pictures. Disconnect the D2B connector from the NAV unit and plug it into the extra portion of D2B cable. Connect D2B to each module, there is no specific order. Mount the CDC in the rack and make sure each module has a power cable and D2B attached. Connect
  11. Nope. Nothing doing from my usual sources. Back to fleabay I think
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