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  1. There was some obvious corrosion in the area of the fuse box / distribution panel, one of which was a power connection to the parking aid module.
  2. Solved 🙂 It was the result of corrosion on a contact in the boot fusebox.
  3. Is that standard OBC code reader or SDD John?
  4. Would you believe it? Everything has returned to normal this morning. I hope the fault has registered for diagnostics purposes because my techy is on the way now to have a look.
  5. Thanks John Both batteries are fine. Stop / start works... unfortunately 😉 I can't get to the OBC connector these days so I'll get my friendly ex JLR techy to take a look.
  6. Thanks Jim 🙂 Boot is bone dry and I replaced the boot loom a few months ago.
  7. The last few days, when the ignition is switched on, there is a high pitched warning sound and the message "Cameras not available refer to dealer" Along with the lack of parking camera I have also lost the parking sensors. No fault codes 😞 Any ideas please?
  8. Personally, I entrusted mine to a ZF agent. Some garages don't understand the fluid required and the procedure. They charged me £385 in total. That was 8 months ago.
  9. Just wondering if a club member who knows their way around Synology NAS and lives close to Wolverhampton might be prepared to set mine up properly please. It is a model DS1815+ It was previously setup by a numpty (that'll be me then) and there's no way I'm going to attempt to re-configure it on my own because I haven't got a clue what to do. Thanks in advance
  10. All's well that ends well 🙂 Perfectly functioning instrument cluster. Turnround time less than 48 hours. And the lights work properly again.
  11. I get my instrument cluster back tomorrow so hoping this fault will sort itself out 🙂
  12. I forgot to mention, the instrument cluster is out for LED replacements. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  13. 2013 XF-S V6 I just noticed this morning that although the car was switched off, some of the rear lights were on. The DRLs are also on. Any ideas please?
  14. You can buy an appropriate lead from fleabay or make one up if you've a stock of cables / connectors. You need a D2B connection for Voice.
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