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  1. They realised their stupidity and sent another toner.
  2. Does anybody know if there is an OEM option for DRL on the x250 model please?
  3. OK Alex. Mine doesn't have a forward mounted camera.
  4. Raistlin

    Boot release

    In my case, always having one hand encumbered with my walking stick, itcan be a real assistance 🙂
  5. Raistlin

    Boot release

    I too used replkacement hydraulic lifters which I specified to be, IIRC, 25N greater than standard. They worked perfectly but I became concerned that the final flip of the boot lid might not be good for the metalwork and replaced them with original lifters. If all the joints and hinges are suitably lubricated, even standard lifters can raise the boot lid fully. There is a video on Youtube which demonstrates a method of achieving the same goal by usinig a screw on each side of the mechanism to modify the geometry.. I suspect this may well reduce the capabilities of the pedestrian protection system and is not something I'd use myself.
  6. Thank you. Well... you learn something new aboput these cars every day. I don't think it is mentioned in the handbook.
  7. I've just discovered what I think is a hidden function. I was using ACC at a steady 40 mph with nothing in front of me and as I approached a light controlled junction, when the light went to red the ACC started slowing me down. That was a surprise. Am I right about this being a function or was it a glitch on the ACC? It has happened several times now but only with certain traffic lights.
  8. Not premium Alex. Mid range Every time i install a 6cd unit it freezes installing one cd and doesn't show the 6 positions. Tried all that seemed appropriate in CCF
  9. Very easy to retrofit the later Jaguar bluetooth unit if you wanted to go that way. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-X-Type-Bluetooth-Module-7W93-10D893-AB/202755928832?hash=item2f3531f300:g:P1UAAOSwvFZW7Sku Other than that you need a fakra aerial for about a fiver
  10. The software is available for nothing all over the internet and it is simple to install on any low powered old Windows XP laptop so personally, I'd only buy the cable. I've installed the setup for several people without any problem so far without charge.
  11. Three of the plugs go to the seat climate control module. The other three should be the same as your old ones
  12. The float in the coolant reservoir becomes absorbant with age, giving a false indication. Replacement of the reservoir is indicated.
  13. Try a window reset first. Raise the window until fully closed, then press and hold the UP switch for a few seconds. If it needs a reset that will sort it out Each windows needs doing.