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  1. Make sure you have properly replaced the D2B connector on the CDC first.
  2. Got a spare 6CD unit Alex, but thanks anyway Heated steering wheel and cooled seats are my next targets I think. Or maybe the B & W.
  3. So, thanks to Alex Ward and a bit of research on the interweb, I now have Jaguar Voice enabled. The process is ridiculously easy as well, notwithstanding the fact that a mistake could brick the car. Have to say that the Voice isn't as useful as that on my S-Type (No climate control functions) Next retrofit is the six CD player. Already tried a straight swap and no go Having had a good poke around in the CCF though I spied a function where the type of CD player could be defined. That, I think will be the next retrofit. CCF editing is so much simpler than using the legacy SDD
  4. Voice now works 🙂 Thank to Alex Ward and a little research in the interweb. The procedure is ridiculously easy as well, notwithstanding the fact that a mistake could brick the car. While I was looking at the CCF I noticed an entry to change the value of the CD player to one disk, Six disk. That will be my next retrofit.
  5. Do you have the rest of the premium sound system?
  6. Yes. I put some in the system on my Rover 75 years ago. Stopped the leak immediately. Wrecked the compressor just as quick 😞
  7. It's a standard audio / video switching unit of the XF Joe
  8. Thanks Alex. I found the part number. It does seem to be a sort of auidio switching device. Did you get my text regarding Voice?
  9. Thanks Joe but this is an XF mate
  10. All the filters were changed when I bought the car Trevor.
  11. When I set temperature to "Lo", I get nice cold air from the passenger's vent but barely cool from the Driver's side. Air con was serviced rencetly and is perfect. I worked out that the driver's side temperature blend flap might be stuck in one position but observing the servo motor when changing temperature settings over the full range shows it to be moving end to end as it should do. Anything else I should be considering please?
  12. Thanks Trevor. I'm now in contact with Alex Ward who has managed to do exactly what I need to do.
  13. I was using Softwaredownload.htm in SDD but was unable to be sure how to open edit and save the CCF. Can anybody assist please?
  14. There is a small black module attached to the underside of the multi CD player. does amybody know what it ks please?