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  1. Welcome to the club John. It's interesting to see how many Rover 75 / MGZT owners move up to Jaguars.
  2. Pleased to havw been of help Håvard. Have you got the training and vocabulary documents for Voice? What will your next retrofit be?
  3. The corect location is beside the phone module on the Kaiser panel. There will be three square holes which will accept clips but you can just use nuts and bolts.
  4. Håvard, Have a look at this document. It applies to X S and XJ Please let me know if it helps 🙂 D2B Fibre Optic Splicing.pdf
  5. Håvard, What you have there is a complete D2B loom for a specific level of equipment. Personally, I would just inset another connector in your present D2B loom where convenient. Contrary to popular opinion it doesn't matter which order the modules are connected. Another alternative is to use a splitter which you could make out of the loom you've bought, so ou would unplug one module and use the splitter to reconnect to that module and also your voice module. You could change the whole loom for the one you've bought but seems unneccessary. Splicing a connector into your present loom would be easy and I can send you instructions when I get home from work if you want. You can visualise the D2B loom as a big circle with each module linked serially but always in the same direction. Paul
  6. Håvard The Voice module mounts on the back of the Kaiser panel ( a metal ribbed panel which can be seen once you remove the DVD stack). The connector will be in the loom there. It will have a grey spongy covering. You will find that the plug does not completely fill the socket in the module.
  7. Håvard , Have you got a microphone fitted next to the overhead console? Also, please can you add a picture of the D2B cable you have bought?
  8. If you can get over to Wolverhampton / Stafford, we can fit it for you
  9. You don't have a voice module fitted I'd suspect. They're dead simple to fit though.
  10. RF adaptors are plentiful on fleabay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/iSimple-IS31-Universal-Car-Stereo-FM-Modulator-Aux-Adapter-with-On-Off-Switch/252186114342?hash=item3ab776b926:g:jtQAAOSwZrtaw~L2:rk:2:pf:0 ACM are like rocking horse teeth but will usually be found on fleabay
  11. RF link to a radio channel (Cheap - poor audio quality) or Audio Connectivity Module (Excellent audio quality - expensive)
  12. There are four bolts holding the electronics rack to the floor of the car Richard, from memory 10mm socket and extension required to get at the back ones. The whole cradle will then slide away sufficiently to get at the connectors or, indeed, to remove the amp. From your further description I am of the opinion that the connectors need to be checked for security and if they are satisfactory, I would try another amp. It's unfortunate that you are some distance from Wolverhampton otherwise you could have turned up at my house and I would be able to fit another amp for confirmation of the fault and my friend Denis could probably locate a permanent replacement if it was required. If you're passing this way (less than 10 minutes from M6 J10a) at all I'd be happy to take a look for you. Alternatively, maybe somebody you know locally might be prepared to let you swap out the amp. Those are my thoiughts as things stand. Let me know if I can help.