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  1. Jagnumpty

    Coil pack or ... ?

    New plugs arrived, but I'm considering getting a coil pack to see what happens when I swap one or more in/out. However, after resetting the error codes several times, I have ascertained that things only go square shaped if the revs hit just under 3K. That's when the misfire hits and the EML goes on. If I keep the revs under that self imposed limit the car runs relatively sweetly. The only problem otherwise is that the car doesn't feel like a Jag. Nothing i can put my finger on, but ... y'know ... 🤥
  2. Jagnumpty

    Coil pack or ... ?

    Thanks. I'll give that a go. I'll pick up a set of Iridium plugs. Might even use my Halfords discount.
  3. Jagnumpty

    Vehicle run sluggish

    Does the engine light come on? If it does you need to 'interrogate' the OBD system. You can do it yourself with the right equipment or go to most garages who will be able do it for you. This will detect virtually all common problems and most less common ones. If you already have a smart Android phone you can get a Bluetooth OBDII scanner for the same price, or less, than a professional will charge for one scan. Then you can do as many as you want for the single outlay. How much better their equipment may be I couldn't say.
  4. Jagnumpty

    Coil pack or ... ?

    The other day the EML light came on and the engine went into ultra limp mode. I wasn't far from my self styled Jag 'expert', so I popped in and he plugged in his OBD system. He reported that the trouble was the coil pack on cylinder 5 and reset the error code. That was enough to almost get me the 2/3 mile home when it happened again. Since my previous bluetooth OBD was acting up I bought a replacement and connected it to the 'Torque' app on my phone. This reported that Bank 1 was running lean and that there were other 'potential problems'. Does that sound like a coil pack to anyone? I'm too used to real coils serving multiple cylinders rather than a mini one for each, so it's all Greek to me.
  5. Jagnumpty

    3.0 x type 10w-40 oil 2003 170,000

    As a long term owner of all types of cars I've found that most multigrade oils (excluding EP gear oils) will be fine. Alternatively there's little if any financial advantage in not using the recommended 5W 30 fully synthetic. However I snaffled up 14 gallons of the stuff from my local ASDA late last year when they were flogging a lot of it off at half price. *Smugface* If, as you surmise, the engine is showing signs of wear and is using oil then it's reasonable to go for something a bit thicker. Or would be if 10W 40 was thicker when warm; which it isn't. I can hear the howls of anguish as I type this, but if you have to go thicker, then go thicker. By that I mean 20W 50. But only if you're seeing a significant loss from one change to the next. If not, stick to 5W 30 and maybe chuck in a bottle of Slick 50. I've been using it for decades with no detectable harm in many Jags and other makes.
  6. Jagnumpty

    Another AWD Question

    I've been speaking to my local self described Jag mechanic and he claims that the AWD system on the X-Type is an all-or-nothing thing. Disconnect the rear drive shaft or knacker the rear diff and you get lose all drive to all wheels. Although the cost of supplying and fitting a warrantied used transfer box is ... acceptable I'd rather not spend that money at this moment. Has anyone had any experience of isolating the transfer box and running just on the front wheels? Ta very glad.
  7. Jagnumpty

    Retrofitting Xenon headlights 2006 S-Type

    Nothing has happened yet, but there's an outline plan to outlaw the legality, at MOT time, of fitting after market HID lamps to cars not fitted with them from the factory. Whether it will happen remains to be seen, but it's not the best idea to go ahead with this modification until it'd made clear as to what IS going to happen.
  8. Jagnumpty

    Transfer Box.

    Thanks, Cubist. It appears to be the one I thought, although a smaller indent than it seemed. At least I've got all the socket driver handle sizes from 1/4" to 1" to play with. Fingers crossed for no overnight rain and a successful outcome to fresh oil.
  9. Jagnumpty

    Transfer Box.

    So I've got it up in the air, but the only filler plug I can see (1/2" female square drive) seems too low to be a filler plug. Is there anyone out there that can confirm or deny that there's another plug higher up the side of the box?
  10. Jagnumpty

    Transfer Box.

    I've read a few threads about this bit of marvelous (Yeah. Right) technology and I'm slightly relieved that, having probably only lost fluid, mine might come back to life with a dollop of the fresh stuff. However, failing that, would it be seriously out of order to just disconnect the front prop shaft and run the car on rear wheel drive only for a while? I know it's possible on a wide range of AWD drive cars, but I'm not sure if it's universally true. Any ideas, chums? Ta very glad.
  11. Jagnumpty

    Summat and Nowt.

    I have a need for all the basic specs of every model of Jag produced since (or even before) the company stopped being the Swallow Sidecar Company. Any idea if such a database exists and, especially, where might i find it? Ta very glad old buddies and buddettes.
  12. Jagnumpty

    Technical Abbreviations

    You missed RTFI As in: If all else fails ...
  13. Jagnumpty

    Transfer Box

    Pretty much overnight the TB on my Jag has started to make a noise like a Griffon trying to scratch it's way out of a solid steel cage. The local expert reckons it needs replacing, but I have a sneaking feeling that it may have just run out of fluid which now needs replacing. As is usual these days, the fluid isn't just EP this, or SAE that, but Jaguar gold and platinum infused M2C192A. Before I go all the way to the other side of Sheffield is there a simpler alternative that is likely to be available at Bullseyes? £850 for a new box? Someone is taking the wee-wee.
  14. Jagnumpty


    From personal experience I've found that you can get much the same results by squirting a fine mist of tap water into the engine while it's running.
  15. Jagnumpty

    XType stationary

    Shudda gone to AWD.