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  1. Hi all My 2016 Jaguar XF Portfolio, has soft close on doors, however on rear drivers side door this does not work, does not even try Anyone had any experience of Soft close and how it works, or had similar issue and had it fixed, or may has some documentation on it. Regards Repairman
  2. Hi Peter a known issue with Blue tooth, is name you give phone, if it has a name with odd character in, such as Peter's IPhone, Bluetooth devices struggle with connection. just change it to Peters IPhone Roy
  3. Well, what can I say love this car, thought I would have misgivings after owning an ST220 for the last 14 years but apart from an Aircon not working hitch, new condenser to be fitted next week, I can say this car brings a smile to my face. Has a few weird idosynocies that are taken me a while to get my head around, the auto stop/start seems random, probably me, related to this, sometimes when you come to a complete stop, and put the handbrake on, the car shuts down without pressing the button, hence if you press button while foot on brake, you actually restart the car, I have no doubt once I get used to it, I will not think about what I am doing. Early days yet! And the Radio, staying on for only 5 mins, can't see the point if all you are going to do is override it. But if this is all I have to whinge about, I shall stay very happy. Hope photo's ok, I am no David Bailey Roy
  4. Hi All, currently awaiting delivery of an SE-Rsport 2.0l in Italian Racing Red, 2016 model Am looking forward to it, haven't found to many negative reviews yet, and as someone once said to me, Happy users don't usually post, I will try an buck that trend Regards Roy
  5. Hi Mike, look forward to seeing you around town, I am waiting for my SE -Sport in Italin Red to arrive with much anticipation, after 14 years driving an ST220, it will be interesting Regards Roy