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  1. Chelskitel

    Seat Refurbishing.

    Lovely job Peter,when can i bring mine up.
  2. Chelskitel

    Windscreen wipers won't stop..

    It sounds more like the park switch but this shows the location of the relay.
  3. Chelskitel

    Whats your location ?

  4. Chelskitel

    Windscreen wipers won't stop..

    If you access the wiper motor there should be a park switch attached to it.Give it a good clean ,try disconnecting it and see if he motor stops turning immediately, I believe there is also a stop relay under the bonnet.
  5. Chelskitel

    XF going to power save while watching DVD

    Surely if they had an "accessory" setting rather than leaving the ignition on it would use less power.
  6. Chelskitel

    Satnav display

    I guess I have been spoiled with the Tom Tom but the XF system does the job also has traffic warnings and gives alternative routes to avoid delays etc. I tend to just use the voice guidance which works well and lessens the distraction of looking at the display. Just used to like the route options on the Tom Tom ,if not in a hurry I would use the shortest route option which would use all the country lanes and often roads I wouldn't think of taking without it.Found some lovely roads and villages using it. The other function I miss is the lane guidance which gives useful information in complicated junctions and intersections,there is a pop up view on the xf but it just clutters up the screen and causes confusion. The car is far too much fun to worry about the "toys " anyhow. Terry.
  7. Chelskitel

    Satnav display

    Try changing the scale,it might help. I am not too impressed with the sat nav display either.First car I have had with a built in system.Although it's one of the best systems still comes nowhere near the info. and options on My Tom Tom live.
  8. Chelskitel

    Newbie in Cornwall

    Hello All,Just acquired My XF 4.2 Premium luxury 2008. There are a lot of XF's in My area but had to travel 150 miles to find a petrol model but well worth the effort.